*The whole surroundings are dark as black, with no detail to them at all. A light shines where ever it is located. Nothing of signifigance can be seen other than Smoke Dawg standing, just barely being able to be seen in the light.*

"Triple X, Sweet Cheapshots, Ichabod.....Im going to make this as simple, as basic as it possibly can be. Apparently, being anything near complex makes the thought process in your collective brains stall out from sheer overload."

"I'll start with the lesser important one of the three....Ichabod. Now we all know that you are going through rough times, being played like a little girl by some brain in a bottle or what the hell ever SAM is. Most guys get played by bitching women, but you get played by a....by a.....whatever the hell it is. But even that isnt the worst of it Ichabod. So far, basically every day.....you've been struggling to actually say things yourself. What is it, you need to put mine and the rest of The ORS as well as The Elite's promos straight into yours to make just one promo from you? Are you having problems thinking of things to say, thinking of things to do?"

"Apparently you do, as you've been driving around in the few moments that DOESN'T consist of all of our promos. I never knew a monster truck got that great of gas milege. You surprise me every day Ichabod. Thinking you can defeat the man you lost to not even a month ago. Use the same excuse that B-Pac helped, its the same ol' tired line. I never asked for his help, I never ask for anyone's help. B-Pac came down on his own agenda. Whether it be to just be there to kick your ass when you looked like you were already getting it kicked, or just to hurry the inevitable up, and rid the rest of the crowd, the world watching on hand of a match that was over before it started."

"You even...you even resorted to pulling out an old skit from the Jerky Boys, whoever did it. The whole 'Kerpal, you kicked my damn dog' thing....damn man, you are really need to come up with more things to say. Remember to give me credit when you record this and make it a part of yours Ichy.....it took my effort to give you an effort. Maybe you need to check if the Jerky Boy skit is copyrighted too.....or did the other you forget to think of that?"

*Smoke Dawg shakes his head and laughs as he continues.*

"On to Sweet Cheapshots, the bastard hiding behind the bitch. Who knows what you are going through now. What is it....you too need to go to some insane asylum too? Dreaming the sick dreams you dream.....you know what? Im gonna stay out of them....they have absolutely nothing to do with the match at all, yet you still feel the need to have them relate to the match. Maybe....maybe you need to get your head out of your ass before you decide to say something, it'll mean more."

"You start to try to make sense though, saying the attack me and Wafer put on you and Triple X put you out of action. What, are you that much of a 'sissy' that you couldnt take it? I didnt see Triple X running to the doctor to get an excuse slip for himself...but apparently, Sweet Cheapshots cant take what he gives. Hell....I recall a couple of water pitchers being smashed over a certain wrester's head numerous weeks in a row. Did you see him crying to the doctor after the first one? Hell no....he tried harder until it was ordered he take time off. What a weakling Cheapy.....I thought The Great One....wait, I mean The Cheap One would have been tougher than this. Ya know....I always get you and The Rock confused on those catch phrases.....is someone lacking innovative ideas on himself? Perhaps...."

"Why do you think I didnt choose you on my team Cheapy? I mean, you would have been alright enough to maybe....maybe get us past the first half, and I could easily shove the loss down your throat the second half. Would have made it easy for me. But no....I knew Triple X would want you, because he needs you, like you need him. Neither of you can do a thing alone....I mean, name me a title....or any accomplishment you've done here that you did alone? I cant think of one damn thing."

"Cheapy.....you forget that X basically laid down to B-Pac, what kind of showing was that at Malice? Pretty pathetic if you ask me. And the name alone doesnt give two cents of a penny towards Triple X the wrestler, you are living in your 'I have special feelings for him' fantasy again....maybe you should go get that looked at while you are....well...where ever you are."

*Smoke Dawg laughs a bit, as he continues.*

"And lastly....only because I wanted the 'World Champ' to hear me the most....we have Triple X. The man that cant win alone. The man that sticks by his friends....just a little too close for comfort. What is it X, dont want to show B-Pac or me the special feelings you have for us too? We are only going to see a Wafer X? Or are my boots too big to fill, or are they already too far up your ass? Either way, its a played out gimmick, and I finally figured out why you did it. You got hurt, and thought about it, and decided not to follow through, so you pulled out, and decided to spew somewhere else. And no no X, dont take those words the way you wanna take them, because we all know when you think of The ORS, you think of stiff competition....in more ways than one."

"Whats that I hear from you X? I need to stop talking in homosexual lingo? Hell man, only you would take it that way, you and Cheapshots anyways. Its weird that out of the whole WoW only you and Cheapshots say what me and The ORS say is gay talk....but we'll leave that one up in the air."

"But I see you found ol' Edge and Christian, good of you. Whats funny though, is you went and sent Cheapy a message about meeting them, telling him they are good looking, and not to get any ideas. Whats the matter X? Dont want Cheapy to think you're cheatin' on him? Its just three guys going out in Canada, cruising the strip for chicks....or so they said. You are right though, the Canadian broads you went out looking for did look pretty bad, considering you, Edge, and Christian went to the 'drag' strip of sorts. Men dressed like women do look pretty sickening in my opinion, but hey maybe you go for those types of things, so you went with Edge and Christian, and you had your fun. Did you have enough fun? Hope that ass of yours isnt too sore, because Im going to kick it from one side of the arena to the other this Monday at Ring Wars."

"I mean, I tried to make sure the little skit I put together was so 'true to life' on how we all acted and looked, and you wanna go talking about Brad Pitt, in the middle of talking about me. Do you think of him as much as you do of me? Are we gonna get to see a Pitt X? I hope not.....wouldnt wanna see that flick."

"But, no, we got to watch X talking to Morty about Morty taking everyone's nuts, even X's. Eek gads man, keep that to yourself would ya? The whole WoW doesnt want to know the little things you and your bag boy does at night when he turns into sack boy."

"And all it ever is out of you X is sissy this, X be damned that.....are we supposed to be threatened by a three year old jabbering at us? I've never seen a grown man say sissy before...well...before you. And I thought Cheapshots was bad about contradicting himself. But here you are X shouting to well, noone, "FINALLY THE X HAS COME BACK TO THE HOTEL ROOM".....let me go take a crap to show my utter joy, dont want to miss X ripping off even more material from an already established wrestler from another fed....contracdiction I tell you."

*Smoke Dawg goes to say something else but stops himself before he does. Thinking for a moment, he shakes his head.*

"No, Im done for now, dont want to over load any of you. Next I'll hear you three contradicting yourselves over and over, riding around in monster trucks over and over, while I keep trying to tell you over and over that none of you would be worth the effort if it wasnt for the Undisputed Title. I make you three look good, which makes me look better. Kind of ironic, isnt it?"

*Smoke Dawg smiles cockily as he begins to laugh. The light in the room goes out, with Smoke Dawg's laughing still being heard until the promo feed ends.....*

Promo Playing Guy That Ichy Called - "And that was Smoke Dawg's latest promo.....we've been getting alot of hits for that one folks, people cant get enough of Smoke Dawg. Everyone just keeps saying hes too damn good. Now we have Ichabod requesting for his promo to be played again....making it the ONLY person to wanna see it, thats just plain funny!"