*With the television turned on to MTV, Smoke Dawg sits in his lazy chair kicked back, relaxing for the time being. In the distance, his cell phone rings, as Smoke Dwag turns to look in its general direction. The cell phone rings again, as Smoke Dawg decides to get up to answer it.*

"Hello?.......Hey man, whats up?.......Just laying around, thought I'd take it a bit easy today, ya know?.....Meet you? Now?......Why?......Ok dammit, ok. Give me the address......yeah, yeah, alright got it.....I dont need to repeat the thing I got it!.....ok, meet you there. Later."

*Smoke Dawg clicks end on his cell phone as he takes a look at the address Wafer just gave him on the piece of paper. Taking a look at the clock, Smoke Dawg grabs his keys, cell phone, and the address and heads out of the door.*

*Cars are heard going past just behind Smoke Dawg, as he looks down at the address he had written down. Looking back up from it, he looks at what seems to be a Pentacostal Church of some sort. Smoke Dawg looks upon it confusingly as he shakes his head walking towards the building.*

"Out of all the places he wants to meet....he wants to meet here? Why here? I'll never understand that dumbass...."

*Smoke Dawg continues on, as he opens the front door and walks in. As soon as he walks in, he is greeted by a couple of the church members, shaking his hand, trying to make him feel welcome. Smoke Dawg returns the favor. Smoke Dawg keeps walking forward, trying to look for Wafer as service seems to be beginning. Smoke Dawg decides the best course of action is to just take a seat at the back and wait for Wafer, so as not to start a scene by just walking out.*

*Smoke Dawg walks to the back, taking a seat in the back as he planned, but to his avail, the church is pretty packed, as people sit all about him.*

*The preacher steps up behind the pew as he begins preaching. On both sides of Smoke Dawg sit old women, both who every now and then eye Smoke Dawg. One finally breaks the silence between the three.*

"I've never seen you around here sonny.....what are you doing here?"


*Before Smoke Dawg can even get his answer spoke from his mouth, the other old lady cuts in.*

"Did you not hear her ask you a question? You kids these days....thinking its ok to disgrace us elderly folk for no reason. You have no business here, leave! Leave I say!"

*Smoke Dawg looks at one lady, then the other shaking his head. His face turns a bit angry as the old women attempt to continue, only to be interrupted this time by Smoke Dawg himself.*

"You two need to let someone answer, dammit! Im waiting for a friend. What is it, you dont recognize me? Smoke Dawg from the WoW, I live here you know, sheesh!"

*The old ladies move their glasses down to the tip of their nose, looking Smoke Dawg over before bringing the glasses back up to their eyes, each smiling.*

"It is you....sorry about that. I guess I got a little memory loss."

"Yes, sorry. We just dont like outsiders here, they dont understand what goes on here."

"Its alright, I dont mean to intrude, but a friend gave me this address to meet him at, I didnt want to create a scene."

*As this goes on, the preacher watches from afar listening in on the three that dont seem to notice he has stopped. Clearing his throat very loudly, Smoke Dawg and the two old women look up at him surprisingly.*

"What is this we have here? People not paying attention to the sermon? Is everything ok back there?"

*The three nod their head as the preacher smiles. Before he can speak again though, he drops to the floor and begins to speak in 'tongues' for a moment before getting to his feet, regaining composure. Smoke Dawg shakes his head, never having understood what the hell goes on in a place like this.*

"It seems we have someone with alot of worries in himself tonight. Smoke Dawg, local wrestling hero.....worried about your match this Monday? C'mon up son....I'll help you through the worries."

"Worries? What the? You alright or something, didnt hit your head too hard did you?"

*The rest of the congregation stares at Smoke Dawg with mean eyes, as the preacher continues to wave for him to come up. Smoke Dawg takes in a breathe, letting it out in a sigh as he decides to just go along with it all.*

*Making his way up to the pew, Smoke Dawg stops a couple of feet from the preacher, as the preacher continues.*

"Now Smoke Dawg.....we all in this congregation here....we know whats going through your mind right now. You're thinking....oh what am I going to do? Triple X, Sweet Cheapshots, and Ichabod are all against me......they are going to put me in my place if I dont watch out. You are worried Smoke Dawg....worried about it all."

"No Im not....what the crap are you talking about?"

"That uh....that Triple X is busy making fun of where you and your ORS meet....that its merely a joke to him....to meet in a coffee shop."

"Dude, its just a coffee shop, not some fireside chat where one can grope about the wantings of chivalry men placing himself as the king only by his story telling, because his rants include some gay reference of some sort, same goes for Cheapshots though."

"That you are just tempted to give it all up, because he says....yes he says, that you only have more achievements here because you have been there, yes you've been there, forever upon an ever!"

"What? Dude, I cant help that he cheated to win the title both times, and has yet to prove he can retain the title. History speaks for itself. Maybe he should job to the guys in that CSW federation he seemed to be so great in supposedly.....what with all the competition he had against himself....all zero of them, he can build an ego that eclipses the size of his mouth. And the WoW was closed for who knows how long....and I dont even count that time as reigning as champion. Just like he doesnt claim running like the sissy bitch he is."

*The preacher looks at Smoke Dawg with wide eyes, not believing what he just heard.*

"You have let him get to you.....Triple X...the devil himself!"

"The devil? Maybe she devil. I dont get what Triple X is thinking. Because he has a guy that has yet to accomplish jack himself, and another that has already claimed he can become part of the ORS and yet doesnt know who he is except when he gets his ass handed to him, Triple X believes he has the team of the century. There was another team that was about as lost as them, the damn Bills. And they lost time and time again when the game counted, just like Triple X and Team World will. Claiming those that are in the ORS are contradictions, when he himself and Cheapshots are hypocrites and contradictions. Every time you see one, you see the other. It takes both men to do one mans job....however sick that can be taken...."

*One of the old ladies in the back stands up throwing her arms in the air.*

"Smoke Dawg can you feel him? Can you feel him running all along side of you, inside of you!?!?"

*Smoke Dawg looks at the old like with a 'What the hell' look on his face.*

"Do I look like Cheapshots to you? No I dont feel Triple X like that....what are you, some sick freak?!? No wait, thats Triple X when he decides to dress up as his opponents and really get the groove for who they really are. Its ok though, I understand he does it because it gives him that.....special feeling between his legs. Thinking it'll give him a better chance to get into his opponent's pants, in more ways than one."

"Demon, get out of this young man. Repent and be saved my child!"

*The preacher hits Smoke Dawg on the forehead with his palm. Smoke Dawg is pushed back a couple of inches, as he looks at the preacher with a pissed off look on his face.*

"Ok man....Im glad you felt the need to show me how powerful Team World can be, enough to push me back only a couple of inches. But what I really want to know is....what in the hell do you think you are doing?"

*The preacher looks around confused. As he repeats what he just did. Smoke Dawg gets pissed off, as he rares back and punches the preacher's lights out as the preacher falls flat on his back. The congregation jumps to their feet, grabbing their chairs deciding to charge at Smoke Dawg. Smoke Dawg bolts for the back door exit.*

*Slamming the door behind him, Smoke Dawg pushes the dumpster up against the doorway, stopping the congregation from getting at him. Running for a couple of blocks, Smoke Dawg throws that address away as he continues to walk away from the church.*

"Guess I did get that address wrong. Oh well.....one last thing to say. Triple X.....Cheapshots......Ichabod. Do you guys know if it wasnt for this match, none of you would be good enough to meantion? Think on that when you guys are in that little pow-wow trying to make a triangular connection....."

*Smoke Dawg smiles as he continues to walk down the road along the sidewalk.*