*A theatre is pretty much empty, except for the current Intercontinental Champion Smoke Dawg. Sitting in the middle of the whole theatre, Smoke Dawg has his feet kicked up on the seats in front of him as he looks towards the camera, a smile upon his face. After a quiet laugh or two, Smoke Dawg begins to get a more serious look on his face.*

"Triple X.....you surprise me. No, not with something stupid as usual, but something....something actually entertaining. King X the Third.....Lord Shots Of Cheaply.....Sir Dawg.....Wafero? Thats some imagination you got there. You seem to be a film critque...right? Take a look at something I, myself, have thrown together. Maybe you may find mine as yours was.....amusing."

*The lights inside the theatre dim down as a film of sorts begins to play on the screen. The film, thrown together by Smoke Dawg, goes as follows....*

Announcer Guy On Video - "Coming this September 9th, to a pay per view near you.....Ring Wars, battle of the champions. Six men, two champions, one undisputed title. Every man going for the prize of the Worldwide Online Wrestling Federation. The Staples Arena, in Los Angeles, California is the setting for it all. Starring David Draiman as Ichabod/SAM."

*Shots of David Draiman as Ichabod are shown, with 'Ichabod' losing to Smoke Dawg, as well as being beaten about by B-Pac. Various other shots are shown, with him also being beaten about by Draven.*

David Draiman (Ichabod) - "Dammit, what is this same shit about? If I broke it down easily, noone would understand it, not even myself! Yeah, not even I could understand it! What the? Shut up. No you shut up!"

Announcer Guy Again - "Christian from the World Wrestling Entertainment as Sweet Cheapshots!"

*Shots of Cheapshots getting beaten about in one of his last matches for the Tag Title. Then shots of Cheapshots looking at the card that was scheduled for him to face Smoke Dawg for the title, with Cheapshots peeing his pants and a worried look on his face.*

Christian (Cheapshots) - "Oh man oh man. Darren gave me the European Title, next hes gonna give me the Intercontinental Title....wait, Smoke Dawg has it. Crap!"

Christian (More of Cheapshots) - "Oh yeah B-Pac, you are in Smoke Dawg shadow! You wont mean a thing when it comes time, he doesnt care about you. You'll always be in someone's shadow bitch!"

Announcer Guy - "Edge also from the WWE as World Champion Triple X."

*Shots of Triple X are shown. Him along with the three other members of Elite winning the World Title the first time around. His first title defense in which he was a no show. Him winning the World Title yet again first having the Jecht mask on, then the help of Nester DeFranco. Triple X then is standing infront of a bunch of cut outs as he was in his first promo.*

Edge (Triple X) - "This is what we are gonna do fellas. We gonna call 'em gay. They may not be gay, but we want 'em gay. We like 'em gay. We love 'em gay. We want to grab their butts so badly we want 'em gay!"

Christian (Cheapshots) - "You wont leave me alone afterwards, will you buddy?"

Edge (Triple X) - "Bitch, get back behind me. You suck major shit, why else do you think I picked you.....I need to be able to have someone to beat after the people I hired to help me win the first half."

Christian (Cheapshots) - "Sorry, I'll get back in your shadow sir."

Announcer - "These three men are pitted against perhaps the most dominate force in WoW's hisroty.....The ORS. Brad Pitt as Smoke Dawg, Vin Diesel as B-Pac, and Eminem as Wafer."

*Shots are shown, with B-Pac winning the IC title twice over, without needing tons of other people to help at his demand. Shots of Smoke Dawg winning the World Title, as well as defending it against many opponents before losing it to a group of four men though only one scheduled to be wrestling. Wafer and Smoke Dawg are shown taking The Elite out, as well as having the Tag Title match well in hand as Ichabod ruins their chance at Tag Title fame.*

Brad Pitt (Smoke Dawg) - "We've proven time and time again we can wipe the floor with you guys....do we need to say more?"

Announcer Guy yet again - "Team World versus Team ORS, one built in mistrust, the other built to ensure their shot and the other's demise. The story will unfold like a bat out of hell.....catch it all LIVE Monday on Pay Per View! Call your local satallite/cable provider for more details!"

*The screen goes black as the lights come back on. Smoke Dawg shaking his head.*

"You know something.....those guys look awfully like you three, you know that? I mean....it didnt turn out as faboulous as I thought, but the point....the point is still made."

"Cheapshots, you have alot of balls to tell someone to step up, be a man. If I remember, your sorry ass got titles handed to you.....for what? For you to lose them at the first glance towards you? What have you actually done in the WoW that makes you so great anyways? No, you know what, get back behind Triple X's shadow, because thats all you have to gloat about, being behind the biggest sack of crap's shadow......what a load of shit you spit out."

Ichabod....SAM.....Street Bum, whoever you are gonna be when Ring Wars rolls around, you didnt get the point we made about you and whoever the hell you think you are? We dont care. What is this? One moment, you know who you are, the next you dont, then again you know because Draven beat your ass......man. You should have known who you were back when I defeated you to eliminate you from King Karnage.....even afterwards when B-Pac tossed you about like a little rag doll. But...apparently, it takes a special ass kicking for you to remember who you are.....I'll be sure to remember that at Ring Wars....you just be sure to remember who you are afterwards, alright? You really think Cheapshots and Triple X are going to trust you? After what The ORS just pulled on them? Yeah, right. You spoke of easily being able to get into the ORS if you wanted. Ichabod....I thought I told you to forget about that? We didnt want that coming out until after you screwed them over. Or were we talking to SAM? Hmmm......"

"Triple X.....the man that seemingly cannot do a thing by himself. You better hope you put together the best team possible, because it seems as if you only got one man to rely on, with the other playing peekaboo with himself trying to find out who he is. You spend more time thing to make us feel threatened by laughter rather than actually caring about the match. What is it, you were busy reading up on Romeo and Juliet? Sad Romeo died huh? To put it in your terms, sissies like him, like you, never amount to shit. You've never won a title on your own here, needing people to help. You cannot even defend your titles successfully, and you call yourself a Champion? You ran away from Brimstone and Draven....Brimstone was then crowned the World Champion, you ran just like Cheapshots. Then, the tag titles, The ORS was ready to capture the titles when Ichabod saved you...."

*Smoke Dawg walks from his seat, up the aisle a bit as he reaches the doorway.*

"Just do me a favor you three...lets keep it this way....three on three. Each one of you have seemingly done something to get in my way of a fair match lately, so no reason this shouldnt be just a straight match through and through. Whether I win the title, or whether I lose to one of my team mates.....none of Team World is walking out of the arena with the title, not if I can help it....."

*With those words, the theatre lights go back off, leaving Smoke Dawg at the doorway in the dark, as he exits....*