*Rain pounds on the pavement as cars drive along the road, slinging water about from the puddles they form near the curb. Smoke Dawg walks down the sidewalk, trenchcoat shielding him from the downpour and splashing. Taking a glance at his watch, Smoke Dawg stops in front of a local Cafe De Moca, as he peers through the window. Inside, Smoke Dawg can see B-Pac and Wafer sitting at a round table, already busy talking and sipping on whatever drinks they already ordered. Smoke Dawg nods to himself as he starts to make his way into the Cafe.*

*The glass door slowly shuts behind him as music is playing through out the Cafe. Smoke Dawg hangs his trenchcoat on the coat hanger as he takes his shades of sliding them into one of the trenchcoat's side pockets. Smoke Dawg makes his way towards Wafer and B-Pac, taking a seat next to them. A waitress comes by, note pad in hand.*

"What would you like to drink sir?"

"Expresso, please. That'll be all, thanks."

"Coming right up sir."

*The waitress walks off, as Smoke Dawg turns his attention to Wafer and B-Pac*

"Expresso? What has you so amped up?"

"Tell me you guys seen that thing Triple X calls a threat, him dressed like some sort of Army general."

"What the hell was that anyways? Him fullfilling his wet dreams being he isnt man enough to make it in the Army?"

"Apparently so, him and Cheapshots found it rather funny. Though I did too, honestly."

"Same here.....funny he thought what he said was worth two shits."

"I see hes up to his 'Oh yeah, you're gay!' ways as usual."

"Why doesnt him and Cheapshots just finally come out of the closet anyways? Its weird as hell they are the only two that rely on gay duo jokes, played out shit."

"He didnt call me gay did he?"

*Smoke Dawg and B-Pac look at Wafer, then at each other, then back at Wafer with a 'what the hell' look on their face. Wafer looks around confused, not knowing what the problem is as the waitress returns with Smoke Dawg's drink.*

"Also looks as if Ichabod isnt so confused no that his buddies are all trying to help rid him of SAM....Sam, Samantha, whatever the hell it is."

"Yeah, seems he remember that I made him look like a total idiot at Malice. I saved him the total humiliation of losing to someone that didnt know for sure who he was.....just like how we will make sure that doesnt happen this week. Ichabod, SAM, whoever he is at Ring Wars....I see him as apart of The Elite, no more, no less."

"The Elite sucks anyways. Look at 'em, bunch of punk ass bitches that think calling someone a sissy is something great and awesome. Maybe we should call them sissies back, they seem to love saying it so much."

"I can just see it now. Little Triple X walking around in his dipers at age 10 saying 'X be damned, you sissies!' and from behind Little Triple X came Little Cheapshots following his butt buddy 'You're funny X, and smart too!'. Little Ichasam walks up talking some stupid smack about 'Im Ichabod, no Im SAM!' Then Little Smoke Dawg comes in, smacks the hell out of all of them because the only thing they talk is complete shit as Little Smoke Dawg says 'Shut the hell up, tired of hearing the same old shit'"

*Wafer and B-Pac look at Smoke Dawg confused as hell as Smoke Dawg takes a sip of his Expresso.*

"What in the flying fuck was that shit all about?"

"Lay off the expresso man. You just crossed the line of ok and what the fuck was that."

*Smoke Dawg shakes his head, as he takes another sip of his Expresso.*

"Sorry man. Just Triple X and Cheapshots just get on my nerves, ya know? Look at them now, trying to say I want to overcast my shadow on you guys. Yet....they say Im nothing to worry about. Cant they get their story straight? I'll give them a manual on story writing if they really need it."

"Dont worry about that shit dude. We know we are gonna work together. Noone trying to hog anything. I hear 'em over there ragging and tagging. Triple X saying I was being played. Cheapshots saying I had their respect. Where were they though? They only care for themselves."

"And Im gonna kick their damn dog. Damn right!"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Long story.....Wafer says the Elite have a new dog supposedly."

*Smoke Dawg shakes his head as Wafer gets a good laugh. Wafer lights a Newport up, taking a couple of puffs.*

"Out of the two teams, we've proven the most over time. Triple X has yet to win a World Title without help much less defend the damn thing. Hell, I dont recall him ever defending it, thats something to brag about in holding it twice.....something I've already done, basically. Sweet Cheapshots, the only titles I've ever seen him hold, have been given to him on a silver platter from Prez Darren. Ichabod....well.....hes held the World Title once. At least he won the Brutality Title on his own, something neither of his teammates have yet to do with a title here before."

"And they always rag on someone about how they win or lose....tisk tisk."

"Ichabod is causing alot of doubt in Team World as it is anyways. Someone that cant seem to break the control of whatever imaginary friend he has. I'll be sure to care about it all after Ring Wars."

"Ichabod is in it for himself. Only someone that isnt would throw the comments his is around. I've already been the top of the WoW before, longer than anyone here, longer than Richard Gazinya himself. I'll tell you two, right here, right now. I want to make damn well sure neither Triple X, nor Sweet Cheapshots wins. When we go one on one on one.....then good luck to us all, but I dont care about that. I can win the title another day, in a match that is just one on one, with respect."

*The three nod in agreement, all knowing the ORS must work together to even have a shot at winning the Undisputed Title, something Team World comprised of The Elite and Ichasam have yet to come to terms with, apparently. They continue their conversation, as The scene fades out....*