*Ruffhouse has just ended, Smoke Dawg is about to leave backstage. A knock is heard at the door, as Smoke Dawg goes to open the door. Wafer, gear in hand, stands in the doorway. Smoke Dawg nods as he moves out of the way, allowing Wafer to walk in. Smoke Dawg continues to pack his bags as Wafer begins to speak.*

"You sure about this one man? Ring Wars, its all on the line. All I know is I want to make sure Triple X's team doesnt win the first half, or else that means we wont get to face off in the second."

*Smoke Dawg looks up at Wafer, who has a look of concern on his face. Smoke Dawg stops packing his things and grabs the Intercontinental Title that lays beside his bag. Tossing it at Wafer, Wafter catches it, as he looks down at it. The IC title, freshly polished as always, gleams in the light as Wafer sees his image in it. Wafer looks up as Smoke Dawg points at the title.*

"See that title? That title will mean absolutely nothing after Ring Wars. Nothing more than the gold and strapping it was made with. Do you really think I would put together a team that couldnt collaborate together? Trust B-Pac.....we go as far back as me and you. After yours and his match was over those weeks ago, and he was attacked....I felt the need to check on him, at the hospital. And you know something Wafer....no Elite were in sight, nowhere. Shows how much they care about their running mates, huh?"

"Well yeah...you are right. The ORS is an even stronger force than ever. Adding B-Pac to the awesomeness that we have....The Elite is practically finished."

*Wafer hands Smoke Dawg his title, as Smoke Dawg packs it with the rest of his things. Another knock is heard at the door, as Smoke Dawg goes to open the door. This time, Ralph Lillard is standing there. Smoke Dawg shakes his head, as Wafer laughs.*

"Let me guess....an interview with me, right?"

"Yes please....if I may."

"Them damn reporters....always bugging. Man, I'll be outside waiting, just try not to make this thing too long."

"Do I ever?"

*Wafer gets up as he goes to get by Lillard. Lillard totally moves out of the way, as if scared a bit, as Wafer walks by laughing. Lillard makes his way into the room as Smoke Dawg closes the door behind him. Smoke Dawg goes back to his bag, zipping it up as Lillard starts his interview.*

"I think the first thing we all wanna know is.....why B-Pac? You and Justin Payne go way back, and he is a great addition to your team."

"First things first Lillard, if you are gonna bug me for an interview, make it relevant about the match at hand. Is Justin Payne in my match? No. I'll address him and everything he says when the time comes. Make sure the next one has some relevance."

"Well then just B-Pac...how did that come about? You and B-Pac havent been on the best of terms here in the WoW."

"Does the whole world revolve around how two people are to each other in the WoW? No. He is a friend from my past, as he and I were both trained by the same man. Every match between me and him always leaves us at the brink of destruction yet we always come back for more. After what happened to him backstage at Malice, I went to go see how he was. I checked on him for the little bit of time he was there, and not one damn time did an Elite member go see how he was. The last time I called when he was in the hospital, about to leave....he said to me that he didnt want that to be his last match, talking like a man that had no future. He has all the future in the world here. He said he was done with the Elite, I told him I'd give him a try with the ORS, that we needed someone great like him to watch our back....to be apart of Team IC at Ring Wars."

"What about the opposing team? Triple X is the current World Champion and half of the Tag Team Champions, SAM is the Brutality Champion, and Sweet Cheapshots who has held many a title here as well."

"Should I be worried about them? Triple X won his match on surprise. The whole arena believed Triple X was dead.....everyone except myself. Was I out there moaping, saying "Why did he have to die?" No, I went about my way, making sure Chandra Desdemona knew she was not only losing her match, but the man that put her in the match. Hell, even Nester DeFranco was needed to put Richard Gazinya down."

"SAM.....Ichabod....whatever he'll call himself next week has already been shown the losers way in a match against me. Hell, I wasnt even sure who I was in that match and still defeated him. So what if he believes he is being controlled or whatever kiddy game he is playing with himself....I dont care. Triple X screwed up picking someone that believes they are someone else, I know thats for sure."

"And before you even ask 'Well what about Cheapshots?'.....let me ask you this, what has he actually done lately? Been injured? Not been seen hardly at all? Hell, the man was scheduled to face me not even two weeks ago on Malice, and he ran, he ran as fast as he could away. That shows how much balls he has, doesnt it?"

"You are aware that you will have to face Wafer and B-Pac in the case that Team IC is victorious in the first portion of the match, correct?"

*Smoke Dawg looks at Lillard with confused look, as if he couldnt believe Lillard even spoke those words.*

"Lillard, are you aware that every time you interview me, you not only get more idiotic in the questions you ask, but you are getting one step closer to finding your head up your ass?"

*Lillard's eyes widen as he takes a couple of steps back away from Smoke Dawg. Lillard begins to nod his head as Smoke Dawg laughs a bit.*

"Yes dammit, I know I will have to face both Wafer and B-Pac. But, I know we will all do our part to make sure we are the ones with the chance at the Undisputed title, that will be what binds us more than just being in The ORS. After Ring Wars, the Intercontinental Title that I hold and the World Title Triple X holds will be nothign more than Gold, and Im not about to allow Triple X nor any of his team for that matter to walk away with that damn Undisputed Title. I dont care what I have to do. Chairs, tables, glass pitches, fish tanks.....I will make damn sure both titles hang over Team IC's ring."

"Triple X has Sweet Cheapshots by his side already, so no Elite there to help him make the numbers be four on one like the last time he defeated me. Adam Lax will be in the arena, but nothing has been heard out of him in months....Im not surprised if his announcement will be just to announce he is still alive. The ORS will be there none the less, making sure to put all the energy we have in our bodies to make damn sure we cause Team World to walk out of the arena empty handed."

"What are you going to do with the Intercontinental Title after Ring Wars?"

*Smoke Dawg gets a look of anger in his face, as Lillard asked yet another nonrelevant question. Lillard moves back even farther as he gets worried.*

"Maybe I should nail you over the head with it? Maybe then you'll get better questions to ask."

*Lillard goes to say something, as Smoke Dawg just ignores it picking up his bags off the bench and beginning to walk away. Lillard grabs at Smoke Dawg's bag to try and convince him to stay, as Smoke Dawg rares back to hit Lillard. Lillard backs off, as Smoke Dawg opens the door, walking out of the locker room slamming the door behind him leaving Lillard alone in the room.*

"Geez man, it was only a question, sorry!"