*The sun beats down upon the black pavement, so much that to the plain eye, waves of heat seem to radiate upwards, giving off a sort of illusion. Jecht, still walking along the road, perseveres though, wobbling a bit from heat exhaustion, among other things assumingly enough. In the distance a convenient store is seen, signaling the beginning of the outskirts of Oklahoma City, apparently as more and more buildings are seen creeping up in the farther distance.*

*Having made it to the store, Jecht pulls open the door with a jerk. The clerk jumps in a startled motion thinking it was someone of aggression until he sees Jecht practically limping through as a look of concern and worry fills his face.*

"Are you ok mister? What happened to you?"

*Jecht stops, looking up at the clerk as blood begins to trickle a bit from the bigger gash in his forehead as he strains to keep himself on his own two feet. Letting go of the door to allow it to shut, Jecht seems to fall in a huge heap as he goes unconscience as the clerk rushes over to help.*

^*^Jecht stands in a dimly lit room, as he looks around in confusion as to where he is now. As he looks to the left of him, a figure startles him as it looks to be only him and this other person. This other person stands approximately the same height as Jecht does, only nothing else distinguishable can be seen, as the other person is encompassed in the darkness.^*^

"Where am I?"

^I dont really know. Who are you?^

"Im not sure, exactly. Call me Jecht. And you are?"

^*^The man tries to answer, only to grow muffled and low as he disappears. Jecht looks around vigorously to try and find the disappearing man only to hear a loud thud noise. Jecht looks up, as a bright white light shines down from above, obscuring his ability to see as he covers his eyes.^*^

*Jecht eyes start to flutter open, with his face totally surounded in bandages, with a bright overhead light shining into his face. Pushing the light out of the way, Jecht begins to look around as he notices his surroundings have obviously changed. Jecht sits up, startled, seeing he is inside a hospital room. From outside, a nurse sees him stirring around and calls for the doctor as she goes in to tend to him.*

"How are you sir? Feeling better I hope?"

"Yeah, where are my things? What is today?"

"Your things, sir, are on the table next to you. Today is Saturday April 27th. Now lay back down, the doctor is coming and he doesnt want you to be making any sudden movements."

*Jecht looks to his left, seeing his mask and shreds of clothes laying on the table as the nurse had said. Laying back, Jecht grabs ahold of his head, which throbs in enormous pain.*

"Whats your name anyways? We couldnt find any id on you, and your face......what happened to you? Its just cut up and scarred all over the place. We couldnt even try to figure out who you are if we tried!"

*Jecht sighs, shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders. At the same time, the doctor walks in overhearing the whole conversation.*

"So you have amnesia, I presume?"

"I guess so. But I need to get going, Im not too late to be in Charlotte. So if you dont mind....I'll be leaving now."

*Jecht goes to get up when the doctor pushes him back down onto the bed. Jecht looks at the doctor with an angry glare as the doctor shakes his head.*

"I dont advice you leaving now, nor anytime soon. Your injuries a pretty bad, not to meantion you have no recollection of how this was done to you or who you are for that matter."

"Look, doc, I dont need you, nor anyone else, telling me what to do. I had a note telling me to be there, and dammit Im gonna be there. Either you can get out of my way, or be forced out of my way. You choose."

*Jecht goes to get up again, the doctor going to push him back down on the bed again. Jecht grabs the doctors arm, twisting it around behind the doctor, placing his knee into the arm and pushes on it while pulling it towards him as a crack sound is heard. The nurse stands there wide eyed and amazed as Jecht pushes the doctor to the ground. The nurse runs out in fear as Jecht grabs his things, dashing out of the room leaving the doctor screaming in pure pain.*