*Malice is coming to a close, as all hell breaks loose in the middle of the arena. Backstage, on the other hand, is a different story. Ralph Lillard is looking around for the amnesia wrestler known as Jecht, as he approaches his designated locker room only to find the door kicked in. Ralph Lillard looks around to see if anyone is around, before he rushes in to see Jecht out cold on the floor....*

^*^A match is taking place. The two superstars are shrouded in their own shadows as they go at it, Jecht watching this go on from a distance standing beside the usual shadowed man. Meanwhile, one superstar looks to have the advantage on the other when another comes out onto the entrance ramp and watches the match taking place. The wrestler in control of the match at the moment stops, seeing the wrestler on the entrance ramp, letting go of the beaten wrestler as them two enter into a stare down. Jecht turns to the shadow man standing next to him, only the man points back at the match. Jecht turns back to see the wrestler that was controling the match now laying on the mat being pinned as the other wrestler wins.^*^

"I dont understand, what does this have to do with anything?"

^Only you know the answer to that. All I can get from this is this is your past.......your past.....your past.....^

^*^The man's last words echo upon end as Jecht tries to figure it all out. Jecht then takes a look at the ring, as the loser of the match is standing up holding his head in disappointment, then turns to the shadow man standing next to him only finding him not there anymore. Jecht smiles as he closes his eyes.....^*^

"I get it now....I get it."

*Jecht begins to stir on the ground as Ralph Lillard goes to get help. Holding his head, Jecht adjusts the black and blue mask still covering his scarred up face, as he looks around to see yet another broken bat. Trying to remember what exactly happened, Jecht can only recall the colors black and green. Jecht shakes his head as he walks out of the locker room, the gear that was given to him by the WoW staff in hand, as he makes his way outside. Ralph Lillard, on the other hand, returns with paramedics only to find an empty locker room!*

*The double doors for the exit open up, as Jecht walks through. Taking in a breathe of fresh air, Jecht shakes off the shot he was delivered some moments ago.*

^You think you figured it out, eh?^

*Jecht turns around after hearing the other voice, to see who it is only to find noone there. Jecht then looks all around, trying to find whoever it was that just spoke, still not finding anyone else around. Jecht shakes his head, then rubs it, believing it must just be the bump on his head as he continues on.*

^Didnt expect this to happen, huh?^

"Show yourself! Stop being such a puss!"

*Jecht drops his gear on the ground, and tries to amp on whoever it is that is antagonizing him. Jecht hears a noise come from behind one of the pillars of the arena, he runs over only to find...nothing. Jecht looks around, still not seeing anyone, as he grabs his gear and begins to take off running. About the same time, a limo pulls up infront of him and stops. Jecht opens the door, finding noone inside. The driver of the limo steps out as Jecht grabs him by the shirt and holds him in the air.*

"Who sent you dammit! Who sent you!"

"Ichabod! He asked me to come pick you up, said you deserved a better treatment for the show you put on!"

"Dont lie to me dammit!"

"I swear it Jecht, I swear it!"

*Jecht shakes his head, putting the man down. Jecht gets into the limo as the man goes back to the driver seat doing what hes paid to do.....drive! Jecht pulls out the WoW Magazine that Ichabod had given him, as he decides to read up on some of the WoW superstars.*

"Justin Payne, the first ever WoW Heavyweight Champion, The first co-holder of the WoW Tag Team Championship, and extreme hardkore legend, has returned to his old stomping grounds. Justin Payne made his debut in WoW when the WoW was a fresh new upstart organization. Making his way through all of the talent, Payne went on to become the WoW Heavyweight Champion in a grouling Tournament. After many battles and fueds, Payne had reached his goals and decided to move on making room for the new talent to take over. Payne is now back to prove once and for all that is the greatest of the greats......so what does that mean? Just because someone made it to the top once doesnt mean they will again. That name though...for some reason I want to say it sound familiar, but why? Why?"

^Maybe if someone would remember, then we would....^

*Jecht looks up and looks around really quick. Jecht shakes his head, thinking he just heard something and continues on to the next page.*

"B-Pac hails from Augusta, Georgia. This IC Champion was on the road to the World Title when him, along with Smoke Dawg, decided to dethrone the power hungry Prez Darren, sending him straight to the hopsital after their huge confrontation during Gladiator. B-Pac then sold all of his stock to Smoke Dawg and decided to go to the WCHW where he found World Title fame. Now having returned to the WoW....blah blah blah. Sounds more like a soap opera to me. All this moving around, makes me wonder about him. And this Smoke Dawg character....hmmm...."

*Jecht starts to flip through the pages, looking for a page on Smoke Dawg. Finding it, he looks it over before he begins to read.*

"Smoke Dawg, aka Marcus Cullum, has been through more adversity than one his age should have. Losing his family and mentor, Smoke Dawg has fought against all odds to become the most respected WoW World Champion ever. Holding the title for record length, he lost and later became owner of the WoW. In recent times, Smoke Dawg has seemingly went missing, with noone knowing his where abouts......I bet hes hiding. He did this to me. I'll spend everyday, every match trying to get him to come out of hiding!"

*Jecht rips the page out of the magazine, shredding it to pieces. Then, Jecht starts to flip through more of the pages before seeing his next opponents picture, Desiree. Jecht takes a double look, as if not understanding he has to fight a woman. Shaking his head, Jecht begins to read.*

"Desiree got tired of the dildo-making business.....what the hell? You go from dildos to wrestling? Thats a little f'ed up. She needed a new swerve in her life, so she decided to spend a few years in India learning the tricks of the fakirs, and the ability to use pain as a spiritual experience. On the plane trip back, the plane crashed, but she survived floating in the ocean, until she came to an island where she was greeted by the smiling face of a potato man....ok, what the hell does that have to do with anything? You see a potato man and decide to become a wrestler? Strange...It was actually a plastic Mr. Potato Head toy that had been left on the beach, but it freaked her out so bad she set adrift again before she could find out what kind of weirdo lived on this island. The crash had warped her head so bad that she ended up becoming a little psychotic, spearing fish with her fingernails for food. She landed back in the states after four years of floating on the waves like a mermaid, and she immediatly had a taste for blood and raw fish. Knowing that only one business in the world would accept her psychotic, warped, undeveloped, demented, sick ways, she decided to become a professional wrestler. She went to the first one she came to, WoW. Ok, so that explains alot. I have to not only fight a woman, but a psychotic, enraged, pms'ing woman.....sounds like a challenge."

"If she can focus on just me, and not what she is gonna wear to the match, then she just might stand a chance. But, I can't allow it, not with everyone watching, Smoke Dawg possibly watching, seeing that his efforts were failed. But what if its not him....well still, the person that did this has to be watching. Desiree will just fall victim to me just as Konner did. Nothing will stand in my way of finding out who I am, including a psychotic, enraged, pms'ing woman!"

^You think you know it all dont you?^

*Jecht looks around, thinking that he heard something, only to shake his head in disbelief. Jecht returns to reading the magazine as the limo continues on towards the airport.*