*Smoke Dawg and Wafer are still in the ring, Wafer leaning up against the ropes as Smoke Dawg overlooks the massive amounts of empty seats. The same seats that will be filled with thousands upon thousdands of cheering fans. The television cameras already set up that will broadcast the signal throughout the entire world.*

*Smoke Dawg climbs on the second turnbuckle as he takes a breathe of air in. Wafer looks up at Smoke Dawg with a curious look upon his face.*

"Dude...what the hell is your deal man? All laid back and shit. You got an important match too! Its up to you to get us into Ring Wars, and you dunno who the hell it is you're facing!"

*Smoke Dawg looks back at Wafer, seeing the look on his face. Smoke Dawg shakes his head laughing, smiling cockily as he hops down from the top rope.*

"Im already looking towards Ring Wars actually. The whole mystery man deal is over with come Monday. I could shut up right here, right now, and know in my head, in my heart that I could defeat him, even if my guess of who it is is incorrect."

"Bullshit dude, you dunno who the hell it is. They got on a mask! Alot of people know stuff about you."

"Perhaps....but only a select few know about the IPWF, the same thing we are trying to bring to a resolution this week, you that is. Think about it....who all was in the IPWF?"

"Well me of course, because I am awesome. Then you, but you suck so who cares."

"Did I ask for any commentary on the wrestlers? Just name 'em dammit!"

*Wafer glares at Smoke Dawg, who laughs back at Wafer.*

"Ichabod, Justin Payne, Reverend, Zero, other than that.....for the most part, arent heard out of I believe though it really doesnt matter, who knows?"

"Alright....and out of all the wrestlers in the IPWF....did they not all fear me and my talents?"

"Well...besides me, yeah. Even that Chris Conner push over....what a dick."

"True....but that means, if he knows about the IPWF deal.....hes one of the rest. Which means, he knows what I can do, my talent, my abilities. Thats why the mask is there...to hide his fears, his worries. Why else is it there?"

"Because hes ugly!"

*Smoke Dawg and Wafer laugh.*

"Well probably that too, who knows. The fact of the whole matter is, Monday, Malice, mere two days away...just fourty-eight hours away I will defend my Intercontinental Title in this very ring....you will go after the Brutality Title in this very ring. The thousands upon thousands of fans screaming for the ORS to continue its domination on the rest. You can see it right Wafer? Look at the Elite, all but declared dead."

"Hell yeah, I mean....sorry for Triple X, I wanted to kick his ass one more time, but the way he went down wasnt necessary."

"Even before that though, they were slowly dieing away, they knew the ORS had arrived and nothing could stop us. The first to fall was B-Pac, Sweet Cheapshots saw it all and ran for the hills. Triple X was part of our victory last week."

"That damn Ichabod....ruined our victory. He'll pay for that shit this week. I dont care if hes not who he really is...whatever the hell its all about."

"So it looks like Richard Gazinya gets a bye this week after all.....figures. I will make damn sure to put together the best damn team to ensure he cannot hold onto the title anymore. He wont have anyone to choose, it'll be pathetic."

*In the distance, Smoke Dawg and Wafer hear some yelling. They look at the WoWTron as the same WoW reporter sees the two superstars in the middle of the ring yelling for them to stay there. Wafer shakes his head.*

"Dude, I've already had to put up with that reporter once today....Im outta here. See you later man."

*Wafer leaves the ring the opposite direction as the reporter enters the ring. Smoke Dawg laughs at Wafer's comments as he gets ready to hear the ramblings of a reporter.*

"Smoke Dawg...can I ask you just a few questions?"

"Go ahead."

"First off....who do you think your oppponent is this Malice?"

"Is that all you wanna ask? I'll put it like this, I really dont care. Whoever they are, they will be losing at Malice. Ask something else besides that will ya?"

"Have you heard word about Triple X's last promo and his death? Sad news for the WoW I tell you."

*Smoke Dawg looks at the reporter with an angry look. The reporter gets worried and a little scared as he backs away from Smoke Dawg a tad bit.*

"Should I be sad? Down in the dumps over this? I feel sorry for the guy, but Im not gonna go around saying 'Pour a drink for X' and all that nonsense. He knew his place in the WoW, and that was below me. I feel sorry that I never got the chance to show him his place, but thats about it. He was a 'sissy' boy anyways. The Elite is gone, and thats all that matters. I'll be the first to go to his grave...look down at it in sorrow.....then, I'll need to relieve that sorrow on his grave."

"What the? Are you serious Smoke Dawg?"

"Serious as ever. The little X-man wants to have more dumb catchphrases than his man Morty could count to, wanted to steal the World Title from me....then thats what he deserves, nothing more, nothing less."

*The reporter goes to make a comment as Smoke Dawg turns away, following the direction Wafer did moments ago. The reporter stands there, mouth wide open at the remarks Smoke Dawg had towards Triple X's death and departure...but what more would you expect Smoke Dawg to say to a sorry bitch like Triple X.*