*Its late at night as Smoke Dawg's '02 Saleen S7 pulls up into the Kemper Arena parking lot, with raing pouring down heavily. Smoke Dawg shakes his head, as how he actually hates the rain. Turning the car off, he turns the key to the accessory as he listens to 'Fight Music' by D-12. The rain beats upon the car as the rain begins to come down even harder.*

*The Saleen's headlights still on, reaching out towards the arena show three men standing in the rain. One man being some no name reporter along with his camera man as always, and the other Smoke Dawg's stable mate Wafer. Its apparent an interview is taking place, as Smoke Dawg just waits until they are done.*

"Why does it always seem to have to rain when theres a place I gotta be or I gotta go to? Seriously, this is really getting on my nerves....a hell of alot more than the no name mystery man. This fool seriously thinks after a week of listening to him go on and on about his ski mask its gonna get on my nerves. Can we say hearing aid anyone...because Im sure I've said this numerous times."

"Questioning what it is exactly Im worried about....well, if I wasnt worried about winning my match, what kind of fight would I put up? Probably not a good one, but the man seems to think I need to worry about stocks and bonds, something other than my match apparently. And yeah, thats right. I guaranteed winning my match, but he wants to think Im contradicting myself. Ok, news flash for the masked and dumb, you worry about your match so that you are focused on your match....and I guaranteed victory because Im not worried about losing to the man. Is that so hard to come to grips with? The first part of him talking perplexed me a bit though, as he said "oh know I am so insecure I cant even think straight, I must make up my mind"....oh know? Do you mean no? Do you mean now? Who the hell knows?"

"Believing its eats inside me, tears away at my insides wondering who he is, and his background, and his face, and whatever. Even believing I think about it, mull over it all day long. Yeah...I did think and wonder about who it might be wearing the ski mask.....for about five minutes. Then I thought to myself, this guy cant be serious. He wants to follow me around, then after he finds out he failed in it, hes always seen somewhere in the grass, our a park letting the pine tree's smell fill his nose with the smell of hope.....why dont he go out, and maybe...maybe wash that ski mask thats probably dirty as hell by now? Havent seen him take it off yet, probably smells like damp baby diapers by now."

*Smoke Dawg shakes his head, as in the distance he sees Wafer lighting up a cigarette in the middle of pouring rain as the interview seems to continue.*

"The mystery guy goes on, making up an excuse to why he cannot list any accomplishments, saying that it would just 'give' it all away.....give what away? That he has none? Taking it all one step further he says 'the reason I don't go I tore through this person and that person, is well that would give it all away to who I am and I want to keep you on your toes and I know that I am' and and and what? All I see is alot of ands. You just are worried because Im going to beat you Monday and you cannot do a thing about it and when the match is over and you are laying on the ground and I am victorious and you figure out that the whole mask plot was just plain out corny and and and.....like...cut it off after so many ands man. You're gonna put me to sleep!"

"Following up with that, talking about how its apparently wrong to think you are the best. Tell me something Mystery man.....when you began wrestling, did you start because you wanted to be the crappiest wrestler in the world? No...didnt think so, you wanted to be the best, and you believed you were the best, and before every match, you say to yourself 'Im going to win this match, Im better than him. Yet....for your case, you suck. You say all those, and you continue to lose. You lose so horrifically that you thought to face me with a mask, so that you may stand a chance, and that you could better me. Tell me, Im correct right? Go ahead, nod behind that black ski mask of yours."

"And wha...what is this anyways? You watch what I say and do over and over and reply to it all in a list fashion? What the hell? You repeated yourself man, twice in the span of a couple of minutes! You 'preach' about how Im repeating myself and the 'zero' effect its having on you. Get ahold of yourself man! You're doing it multiple times in your own promos! I dropped you some names so you could blabber on about how you arent any of them....didnt you want me to tell you who I thought you were? Oh wait....you forgot that didnt you? In all your stupidity you forgot. So you tried to clear that off by saying Im an alcoholic.....you didnt say that did you, no wait, you did."

*Smoke Dawg laughs at the thought of being an alcoholic, as he reaches for his usually customary bottle of Aquafina bottled water, taking a couple of sips of it. In the distance, Wafer's interview seems to be wrapping up as he takes his shades off and looks up at the sky. Smoke Dawg turns the car completely off, as he puts the hood of his trench coat over his head exiting his car.*

"To call me an alcoholic was something purely stupid. You say you know me, so you should know for the most part, bottled water is my usual drink if not the 'Dew' Moutain Dew....what is it now something wrong to do just to have a drink to pass time? Get ahold of yourself man, you're making yourself out to be a total idiot comapared to me, compared to well anyone for that matter. Phuze, Ti Konflict, Selena, Boy Wonder, yadda yadda.....Im allowed to talk about them. I've faced them in the squared circle, numerous times some of them perhaps. I paid my dues with them and they paid theirs to me. You should learn to watch what you say....Im not around you at the moment.....you are, in essence talking about me behind my back, arent you? Wait...its different right? Stop being so hypocritical and just make sense.....please. You are really making me think this match is going to be too easy to be even a title defense."

*Smoke Dawg laughs under his breathe as he shows a smile as usual. Making his way towards Wafer, Wafer puts his shades back on and meets Smoke Dawg half way.*

"What the hell are you doing man? Im going inside."

"Well damn Mr. High and Mighty, just thought I'd be nice instead of making your sorry ass walk towards me just watching at you laughing."

"You just didnt want me to kick your ass in the middle of the rain thats all."

"What....what did you say? Shut your pie hole! I am..."

"You are awesome....we know, trust me...we know!"

*The two have already begun making their way towards the backstage entrance to the arena as Wafer gives Smoke Dawg a smirkish smile.*

"Damn right I am awesome! Dont you ever forget that boy!"

*Smoke Dawg just shakes his head and laughs as the two walk through the doorway entering the Kemper Arena.*