*The bar tender nods his head in approval as he leaves to grab another drink for Smoke Dawg. The two old men conversate between each other, at least at the moment not arguing, but as seen before, that can very easily change. Smoke Dawg turns back around, grinning and shaking his head as the bar tender has returned with his drink.....*

"I wonder what kind of drinks this mystery guy drinks...I mean, you can tell alot by what a guy drinks."

"Must drink something that makes him hallucinate a great deal. He dreams up that Im sitting in my room, with my head between my hands with worry surrounding everything I do, I say. That I nearly commit suicide? What the? Tells me alot about this guy....that he must drink wine coolers getting a major buzz off them and dreaming up distorted fantasies about things that never truly happen!"

"Wine coolers are for women man!"

*Smoke Dawg looks at the old man, who seems to finally understand what Smoke Dawg meant. The two old men laugh, as Smoke Dawg turns back around continuing on.*

"Not able to speak clearly enough to make out what he says is this guys excuse for his mistakes. Maybe if he took the mask off and stopped spending so much time running, he may make just a tad more sense. And the black hole comment.....Im not the one spending my time trying to follow someone around since I have nothing of actual importance to do. And when that failed, I dont go play Insect Planet in the wet grass at night, whatever thats supposed to be about."

"He wants to see what I think hes planning on doing next. What I want him to plan on doing next is hopefully stop having crap for promos and actually start making some sense, because its hard to put forth something great towards someone pathetic. My talents far surpass this little runt of a guy, even though he believes my talents are limited."

"You know what man....whoever it is isnt important. Whether it be Selena with her always leaving after her first match because she lost, or Ichabod who doesnt know who he is. Whether its Justin Payne still sore about his defeat, Boy Wonder because he still thinks he has one more left in him, Ti Konflict or Phuze for that matter because they have beaten me before but are worried that they cant anymore. Just maybe even Zero who comes around once in a while, and noone cares about the huge entrance he felt he had so he leaves crying like the chunky little bitch that he is. Reverend that preaches the word of 'I love the cock' obviously peeing his pants knowing that Im better than himself. B-Pac....what about him? He knows alot more about me than anyone here, and he knows how stupid it is to come in being a mystery and wearing a mask....so cannot be him. The fact of the matter is whoever it is, I dont give a wet shit about who the hell he is."

"And he'll go ahead, and believe hes gotten under my skin. Far from it. It doesnt bother me that he went to his house late at night, found a picture of me that he idolizes and scribbled a mask on it with his little crayons. Believing that Jecht really left, that it was all just a play. Thinking that I'll run away like the girl he actually is....the fact of the matter, to you old man, you old Johnny John, and bar tender Billy..."

*As each is called, they look at Smoke Dawg wondering what the hell he is talking about. Bar tender Billy is said, as they laugh a bit, the bar tender shaking his head laughing as well.*

"Come Monday at Malice, the man wont have anywhere else to hide. That whether he feels the pain of the 'Smoke Out' or the agony of 'The Jecht Shot', the mystery man will be down and out after Monday, and all his little wishes and dreams will come crashing down on his shoulders, leaving him wondering what to do next!"

"Nicely said Smoke Dawg.....but theres one problem with it."

"Problem....what problem?"

"My names not Billy....its Barbara!"

*Smoke Dawg and the two old men look at the bar tender with a look of disgust on their face. The two old men dart out the door quickly as Smoke Dawg back tracks as well.*

"What the hell!?!....I...I knew that!"

*Smoke Dawg darts out the door as well, leaving Barbara alone to wipe the counter down.*