*Local bar in New York City seems pretty busy. The locals are all just drinking down their sorrows, conversating, the normal sort. The door swings open, as Smoke Dawg walks through. Deciding to grab himself a couple of drinks before heading out to Kansas City. Smoke Dawg sits down, as he orders himself a drink.*

*Sitting on both sides of him are two gentleman, both mid-fifties perhaps, as they down more Budweiser than one can imagine. The two, obviously friends, decide to have a word with Smoke Dawg.*

"You're that Smoke Dawg feller arent you? Yes...yes I think I recognize you."

"Oh shut your mouth....you recognize everyone now a days. You with that shit worth of a memory...."

"Shut your face! I dont recognize that ski mask feller."

*The two old men, obviously from the south, start to yell at each other back and forth. The bar tender returns with Smoke Dawg's drink as Smoke Dawg glups it down quickly.*

"You are Smoke Dawg, right? I know I recognize you, just dont wanna 'cause a scene', ya know?"

*Smoke Dawg nods his head as the old man that said he recognized Smoke Dawg starts to laugh and nod as the other old man just shrugs it off. The bar tender laughs, as Smoke Dawg follows.*

"Its alright fellas, just thought I'd grab some drinks before heading to Kansas City."

"I just couldn't believe you stopped by here....you are usually so content on winner yer matches. Whats the deal?"

"Well look who the boy is facing....some guy that hides himself with a mask."

*Smoke Dawg looks at the guy as he finishes his comment. Feeling he said something wrong, he looks back down at his drink, taking another glup down. The bar tender returns with another drink as Smoke Dawg nods in approval.*
"May wanna watch the mask comments, Smoke Dawg was a masked man himself for a while."

"Its not because I wanted to be though. It wasnt seen as fun or a joke as this mystery man has found it to be. I was Jecht because....because I didnt know who I was. Ichabod.....Sweet Cheapshots.....Prez. Darren, they all felt the need to attack me and put me out of the game, trying to put me out of life itself, but it didnt work. Whoever this mystery man is...he doesnt seem to realize that. A face that was severely injured beyond recognition for well over a month or two."

"Damn man....and you still came back? Thats tough there, real tough."

"I told you he was tough dammit! You always think my memory is failing me Tom!"

"The names John, dumbass!"

*The mistaken memory man shakes his head, downing another beer. Smoke Dawg laughs at the two that continously argue.*

"This guy you're up against....hes pretty cocky isnt he?"

"Yeah, its ironic. He speaks so much on me being cocky, yet hes being far more hypocritical than meets the eye. Believing that I have no idea who he is, and that all Im worried about is the mask...."

"Well...is it?"

"Hell no. Im worried about one thing, and one thing only, beating the hell out of him, continuing on towards Ring Wars, where my title awaits me, my destiny. This guy....whoever he is, his destiny is to continue to lose to me. He has so much pent anger inside, that his words never come across correctly, his actions never come across the way he wishes him to. It doesnt matter if I was confined to a mask. It doesnt matter if I was only using the mask to hide brutality that was caused to my face. It doesnt matter if this guy thinks Im some sort of drama queen. Actions speak louder than words, and my actions are all over the place. I've tricked this man, I've left him in the cold, and come Monday I'll end his masked reign with a Smoke Out, that much is clear."

"I love that move! Just....pow!"

"Shut the hell up, you damn redneck!"

"You're a redneck too dumbass!"

*Smoke Dawg and the bar tender turn back around after watching yet another argument burst out from the two old men, as they both shake their head. The bar tender brings Smoke Dawg yet another drink, as Smoke Dawg begins to work on it.*

"This mystery guy....he sure likes to rip through the accomplishments you've stacked up thus far."

"I think its because the guy has none to list of his own. Jealous maybe? I mean, he treats it as if beating Justin Payne, Boy Wonder, surpassing both Foxes, and many others arent exactly noteworthy? News flash for the mystery man...those were, and always will be big names in the WoW. To actually take part in defeating the Foxes to the punch for the tag titles is something in its own, as they were big as a tag team...but thats not important to the mystery man. Hiding with crickets and nealing to smell the grass apparently are the new thing to do. What is he, Mr. Nature or something?"

"My winning the World Title and defending it was mine and mine alone. Taking it away was up to four people. And yeah, hes correct. The Intercontinental Title match didnt go as I had planned. Wafer filled in for me as he had recieved word of my removal from the building. Gazinya.....who the hell knows what he was spewing, apparently something far more idiotic than one can guess. B-Pac wasnt all innocent either, as he had Stone Cold Steve Austin by the way side....but who cares. Obviously this guy doesnt."

"If the mystery man can hear....I want him to know, I guarantee that he will not walk out with the Intercontinental Title, that he will not win this match. That he will go the way of every masked man has thus far in the history of the WoW."

"Guarantee? Strong words Smoke Dawg..."

"It is fact.....things I have guaranteed happening happen, and this will happen. The same as with my guaranteeing victory over Boy Wonder, guaranteeing victory over Thomas A. Anderson....what I say will happen, I am sure of it!"

*The bar tender nods his head in approval as he leaves to grab another drink for Smoke Dawg. The two old men conversate between each other, at least at the moment not arguing, but as seen before, that can very easily change. Smoke Dawg turns back around, grinning and shaking his head as the bar tender has returned with his drink.....*