"So you wanna tell me you are the brave one? The one that cant just face the facts, that Im running circles around you, foiling the game plan you had set out. Just take the mask off....at least you'll have a better chance. I know its still not the best chance in the world, but still, its a better chance."

*Smoke Dawg still stands on the metal grating scaffold, continuing his ranting and raving.*

"Mystery...with all the childish remarks of balls this and bend over to kiss my ass that, it amazes me how you think you can handle the game I take into the ring every night Im in it. My game, my ego....they will be at Malice, and I want you to attempt to take it down. I want you to try and do what few have been able to do. Ti Konflict and Phuze....they were both the same man, someone great. Stuck on himself far more than necessary, but still great. You, you are not that. You lack the skills to become what he was. You show that you at least want to try and impress me though....accepting my street fight. Do you really think I need someone to help me win? I will go on record here...right now, saying Wafer will not be involved in my match. Anyone else that does, is not my responsibility, as you should know, I dont work together with just anyone."

"Ichabod attacked Triple X on his own agenda, not mine, so dont even try to spew those words at me. Nothing will satisfy me more than defeating your masked ass by myself, proving to you that every mystery opponent to ever enter the WoW has been a total and complete failure. And you, you will be no different."

*Smoke Dawg stops for a moment, hearing another plop noise as he sees yet another bird 'poop' nearby his other foot. Smoke Dawg shakes his head, as he walks back inside.*

*Now on the boat back to the main island of Manhattan, Smoke Dawg makes sure he doesnt have any bird poo on him before he continues.*

"Mystery, you are a coward. You sit there, you attempt to follow me, it fails. You attempt to scare me by wearing a ski mask, that failed. You fail at everything, so I tell you to just face the facts and come forth, and you run. You run like a coward that you have been the coward that you are, the coward that you will always be. And in knowing who you are, you need the help of others, others to attempt to even the odds. What, are you worried that you cannot do it yourself? Be sure on Malice, you bring every son of a bitch you need to help you win."

"Because Triple X showed just why it takes four men to finish me off, because its not easy any other way. B-Pac was the last man to notch a loss on my record, and I let him so he could perhaps get a push. Me and him go farther back than you. And he took it for what it was worth and accepted it. So it will take a group to take me down, to take this title away from me, so I challenge you to do that, please do."

"Mystery...do you need to keep calling me God? God himself will have his way with you if you continue that, but thats your wishes. I know Im not invincible, that Im not God himself, but you feel the need to keep on about it. Stop being repetitive and get the point through your head, aight?"

"You can keep on talking of the past days, I could as well. I knew a man that played with himself, and then apparently I must have beat his ass like the little man he loved on himself. So some time passes, and he decided to try and come back at me, this time wearing a ski mask and trying to stalk me...but his efforts will fail...your efforts will fail. You said to yourself you 'see me and numero uno, the top dog, the big cheese'.....who is this numero uno, this top dog you paired me with? Oh wait.....I get it....you meant to say you that was me, right? You were just talking so much crap out of your mouth that you couldnt notice the error of your ways, right?"

*The horn on the boat honks, alerting the passengers that the main land is close upon them. Smoke Dawg looks back for a moment, before turning back around.*

"Mystery...the bottom line is, I dont care if Im wrong, I dont care if Im right. I only want to shove every single word you think made a difference back down your throat, because its people like you that make people like me have to be that much better. Everything you have done to this point has failed miserably, and I have had to show you how its done correctly. One more reason why I was a main player in making the Worldwide Online Wrestling federation the place for sports entertainment it is today. Just do me a favor....instead of saying I'll be bitching and moaning....remember this. When you are looking up at the stars in the sky, each one twirling in its own little way, as I hold the Intercontinental title over your falen body.....remember you brought it all upon yourself, attempting to out do the best damn thing to ever happen to the WoW!"

*The boat shakes a bit, as it has reached the main land. Smoke Dawg makes his way off of the boat, as he puts the Intercontinental Title back around his waist. Pausing for a moment to plan out his next move, Smoke Dawg begins to walk away from the shoreline and closer to Malice.*