*A television sits illuminated, showing the Malice that took place a mere two weeks ago. Jecht's music hits as he comes from the backstage as pyro rains down from the ceiling. Standing on the entry ramp for a moment, he eyes down the arena before charging into the ring. The arena blacks out and as "Cold" begins to play. Blue pyro pours from the WoWtron and blue flames appear down the walk way for B-Pac to follow. B-Pac walks to ring slowly with head held down with the IC title around his waist.. As B-Pac enters the ring, an explosion causes all of the lights to come back on and he climbs to top turnbuckle and beats his chest. He then raises both arms and the gold in the air and looks towards the sky before jumping down.*

Hank - "These two almost killed eachother at King Karnage, it's amazing they're still standing."

*The bell rings and immediatly both men slide outside the ring and begin to look for things to use in their match. B-Pac pulls out a trash can, satallite dish and a bag of marbles and tosses them into the ring. On the other side, Jecht pulls out a street sign, a cookie sheet and a tool box which he all tosses into the ring. B-Pac tosses the steel steps in while Jecht tosses a couple chairs inside.*

Hank - "I don't think this is going to be much of a wrestling match Michael."

Michael D - "You think?"

*Both men get in the ring and grab a weapon. Jecht picks up the street sign and charges at B-Pac who lets out all the marbles in front of him. Jecht slips on the small round objects and lands on his back with the sign on top of him. B-Pac leaps in the air and splashes Jecht with the sign between them. The sign dents around Jecht's form from the impact. B-Pac gets back to his feet and pulls Jecht up and attempts a suplex but Jecht blocks it and reverses into a suplex of his own causing B-Pac to land on the steel steps hurting his back. Jecht picks up the trash can and sticks it between the middle and top turnbuckles and tosses B-Pac into it, denting the can.*

Hank - "The champion is in trouble!"

*B-Pac lays crumpled in the corner while Jecht grabs the cookie sheet. He charges at B-Pac swinging the metal pan but B-Pac kicks back into Jecht's face knocking him back. B-Pac pulls the trash can out of the corner and smashes it over Jecht's head knocking him to the mat. B-Pac goes for the cover....1.....2....kickout by Jecht. Jecht is pulled to his feet and irish whipped to the ropes. B-Pac hits him with a drop toe hold onto the steel stairs. B-Pac spots the satellite dish, grabs it and climbs to the top rope with Jecht still laying on the steps. B-Pac flies off the top with the saucer but Jecht moves and B-Pac slams into the steel steps with the satallite slamming into his face. Jecht goes for a cover....1.....2....kickout by B-Pac.*

Michael D - "These two are insane!"

*Just then, the Nasty Dick Experience stand on the stage along with the Little Dick Experience, Shorty X and Mini C-Shots with chairs. The 4 make their way to the ring while the match contiues inside. B-Pac is being pulled to his feet by Jecht who doesn't spot B-Pac grab a chair by his feet. B-Pac applies the chair vertically between Jecht's legs stunning him. He the tosses him outside the ring. B-Pac is about to persue him when the NDE and LDE jump into the ring and begin to attack B-Pac. The NDE hold B-Pac down on the mat while the LDE deliver a con-chairto to B-Pac. Suddenly, Jecht's music begins to play as the crowd looks stunned at the entrance way as JECHT appears on the top of the ramp with a sledgehammer.*

Hank - "What the heck?? There's two of them!!!"

*Jecht charges down the aisle with the hammer and the 4 attackers in the ring flee through the crowd, knowing their damage has been done. Jecht stands over B-Pac as he watches the NDE escape through the fans. He then turns and looks down at B-Pac and smashes the sledgehammer into his stomach.*

Michael D - "Looks like no one likes B-Pac."

*The original Jecht on the outside is up and sees his counterpart. Just then, the Jecht in the ring removes his mask to reveal....SMOKE DAWG!! The fans begin to cheer. The Jecht on the outside removes his mask as well to reveal....BIGG WAFER!*

Hank - "It's Wafer! He has been the one helping Smoke Dawg all along!"

Michael D - "Can you spell ORS?"

*Wafer gives Smoke Dawg the thumbs up and leaves the arena. A fresh Smoke Dawg looks over B-Pac and goes for the cover....1.....2.....kickout by B-Pac!! Smoke Dawg pulls him to his feet and throws him outside the ring. B-Pac reaches under the ring while Smoke Dawg approaches. Next thing, a fire extinguisher sprays in the face of Smoke Dawg courtsy of B-Pac. B-Pac gets up and tosses Smoke Dawg into the security wall. The two men battle up the ramp and to the backstage area. B-Pac gets the upper hand and slams Smoke Dawg into a wall and then picks up hot coffee off of a snack table and splashes it all over him. Smoke Dawg screams as it burns his skin.*

Micheal D - "Would you like sugar and milk with that?"

*B-Pac whips Smoke Dawg into some fencing set aside for concerts but Smoke Dawg reverses and B-Pac flies into the fencing and springs back out just like he was coming off the ropes in the ring. Smoke Dawg ducks and back body drops B-Pac right trough the snack table breaking it half and sending food everywhere. Smoke Dawg goes for the cover....1......2....kickout by B-Pac.*

*Just then, PKA walks into the picture seeing both men laying in all the food. He spots a cupcake on B-Pacs stomach and picks it up and takes a bite. He just shrugs and continues on his way as the fans can be heard laughing in the arena.*

*Jecht pulls B-Pac out of the food and throws him through a doorway that leads into the parking area. They battle out amongst the parked cars, vans and trucks. B-Pac rakes the eyes of Smoke Dawg and tosses him into the side of his own car denting the passenger side door.*

Michael D - "Smoke Dawg won't be to happy about that."

*B-Pac finds some rope on the ground and begins to choke SD out with it before using it to whip him back onto the hood of his car. B-Pac climbs ontop of the car with him and attempts a jackhammer but Smoke Dawg breaks free and hits B-Pac with the "Smoke Out" on top of his car! Smoke Dawg goes for the cover....1....2.....3!!! The referee hands Smoke Dawg the Intercontinental title declaring him the winner.*

*Hank is cut off as the squeel of a black pick up truck is heard. The camera turns to see it stop to a hault. Smoke Dawg looks on confused as "STONE COLD" Steve Austin jumps out of the truck and kicks a shocked Smoke Dawg in the stomach and delivers a "Stone Cold Stunner" to him knocking him out. B-Pac gets up and spots Steve. Austin helps B-Pac up and the two shake hands.*

Austin - "So... Am I in or not?"

B-Pac- "Oh, you're in alright... you're definately in."

Austin - "Hell yeah, thats exactly what Stone Cold wanted to hear. Now, let's go and get you a beer, you deserve it after the hell you been through with this son of a bitch tonight."

*SCSA and B-Pac shake hands and laugh together. B-Pac spots the IC title belt and picks it up to take a look at it. He grins and drops it on he chest of Smoke Dawg. He then gives SD the finger as they hop in Austin's truck and take off.*

*With this....the television turns off....*

*Smoke Dawg climbs up a flight of stairs. One foot in front of the other he goes, as he looks up at the stairs seem to reach on just a little ways more. Looking down, however, the stairs seem almost endless. Smoke Dawg shakes his head, continuing up until reaching a doorway.*

*Smoke Dawg takes a moment, catches a breathe, before openning the door unto a vast emptiness of sky. Smoke Dawg steps out onto the small scaffold as he takes a look around. Smoke Dawg smiles, as he has reached the top of The Statue Of Liberty, as he stands upon the tiara of the lady of liberty. Smoke Dawg takes the Intercontinental Title from around his waist as he places it upon his shoulders.*

"Mystery man....hows it going in ol' Kansas City buddy? Apparently your following me plan didnt go as smoothly as it looked on paper, eh? I wonder, could this perhaps be a precursor to Monday? I've out smarted you, I've proven to have better grammar skills than yourself.....what exactly have you proven anyways....that you are able to be an easy prey for me?"

"See the thing is with Mystery opponents, they cannot be themselves.....thats why they always lose. Now I dont know being God's gift or anything of that sort, but I know I can be myself...what about you? Can you talk without a mask on? Can you walk without having to hide who you are? No...you cant. Thats your problem, thats your lack of foresight my friend."

"And you ask why...why...why didnt I remove my mask until Malice? Why not when I knew who I was? You should know best...drama is best played out to its fullest. Perhaps you knew....but then...who cares about a guy in a ski mask? The fact of the matter is I won my match. Im not totally proud of the way it was done, as your little helper Prez Darren tried to remove me from the building when my match was to start, thats where Wafer came in. He filled in until I came back....and I did....and I won the match. I hold the Intercontinental Title, and I proved Im still the best in the business by beating the guy that was the best first, Justin Payne. Have you done that one? From what I recall....I doubt you have."

*Smoke Dawg puts a cocky smile on his face. He takes in a deep breathe of air as birds fly overhead.*

"Oh yes....you let far too much information out, just as I thought you would my friend. I now know who you are.....which took away your only advantage you had over me....or was it even really a disadvantage? To know the things you know, and not know the things most would know....you proved to me who you are. Another dumb mistake chalked up in your book, eh? You've s...s...studdered your way through every 'once' of sweat as you call it....you've tried to even call yourself an 'allie' as you call it....and now you've told too much. And you talk about me with the pea sized brain? Need a mirror to see who you should be talking to?"

"You've given yourself so much credit too...believing you of all people could get under my skin? Funny stuff there buddy. Would a man aggrevated with things trick his opponent at the game the opponent tried to play? Would a man aggrevated with things, with you under his skin, be so calm...collected, as I am? Sure you dont need a dictionary, because apparently you dont know jack."

"Mystery....as I said to Triple X last week...perhaps you need to go look at the WoW Archives, because Wafer didnt win the title, I did. Go ahead, say Im repeating myself, but with the way you think, things need to be said twice to make a difference. I even attatched the match to the beginning of this 'promo' for you, just so you can watch it...."

*Smoke Dawg looks around, after hearing a splat noise hit the metal grating. He looks down beside his feet, seeing bird 'poo' that just hit. Looking back up at the birds, Smoke Dawg shakes his head, as he attempts to sway them away....but obviously his efforts fail.*