*The roaring of a car blasting by in the darkness, as a black Mustang Cobra passes by, the noise of the engine and dual mufflers creating an echo through out the night. Lightning strikes as Smoke Dawg can be seen standing just infront of the doorway of the building, watching the Mustang Cobra go by. Shaking his head, Smoke Dawg smiles as he begins to walk the opposite direction.*

*Getting a few feet down the street, rain begins to pour down, as Smoke Dawg shakes his head once again, obviously not coming prepared for rain. Smoke Dawg turns back around, as he jogs back to where he was, as he gets under an overhang by the building as he shakes what rain water he can off. Smoke Dawg stands there, the rain coming down, the Mustang Cobra holding the mystery guy way down the street. Smoke Dawg blows into his hands, warming them up a bit.*

"So....Mystery man, you watched me so closely that you lost sight of me, didnt you? I mean seriously, you said all that following you stuff, and you think I wouldnt test it? You did exactly what I wanted, just like a little puppy dog, just like everyone else. That, my friend, is why I know Im the best there is."

"Mystery man....tell me something, how does it feel to be played like the idiot you are? This is going to go on and on until Monday at Malice. You can try to play it off though, saying you just did what you did....then add "Well well I turned around, I knew you were there"....oh ya did did ya? Thats why you flew by here like a bat out of hell. Oh...ok, just wanted to check and see how much of a fool you could be played for, thanks for showing me."

*A bolt of lightning comes down, as Smoke Dawg just watches it. The area around him becomes illuminated for a few moments, Smoke Dawg seeing not a person around.*

"Mystery, I'll mock you all I wish. What will you do about it? Show me an angry face through your ski mask? Flip me off and tell me how wrong I am? No, you will do nothing. Not a thing. I care not if you are new to the WoW or even a veteran to the WoW, the fact of the matter is I hold what you are going for. The problem is, you have to beat me for it. I dont necessarily have to beat you to keep it, but I will. And you are so right, names are just names. But those names hold talent, talent you cannot boast about beating. I have taken down the greats of WoW past and present, what have you done? You have done nothing except wear a mask for all I know, for all I care."

"You say you have accomplishments.....what kind of accomplishments do you have? Accomplished the best looking ski mask thus far? Accomplished the quickest following of someone who hasnt even actually left? Accomplished making me wish I had an opponent that was brave enough to face me straight up rather than hiding like a coward? Who cares, right? You always make it sound like everyword I speak is worthless, but I back my word. Week in and week out, I push my opponent to the brink of breakdown, while I rise to the occasion and arise victorious."

"You see yourself beating me into the ring steps....ripping me to shreds. How about this one.....street fight, no ring, no rules, no anything. Just me, you, and the cold hard reality of the street. If you are half the man you believe you are, you'll accept knowing that your fate was just sealed with the very words of saying "I accept". We'll see just who beats who limb from limb. I wont care who you are either. Friend or foe, you should know how that goes. No matter if you are an allie...wait, I mean an ally, learn your grammar fool."

"Try and attempt to nitpick me apart for all its worth, its worthless. Come collect the air that I breathe now if you can figure out where I am. Or maybe every once...no wait, every ounce of sweat that I sweat, because when you attempt to do what I do best, you'll find yourself getting your game shoved back into your mouth two fold, idiot."

"You wanna take my cocky smile, my perfect attitude? Come get it, I want you to, please do. You said it yourself, you may not be the Worldwide Online Wrestling Federation's next World Champion, but I am. I have been that man before, and still standing at the one man that was the longest. My title was stolen from me by four men that thought they were something great. It took four men to defeat me, do you think one man with a mask is gonna scare me? If you answer yes, then you truly are an idiot."

*The rain has finally started to ease up, Smoke Dawg deciding to try his luck at walking to his car again. Walking, Smoke Dawg thinks how someone who knows so much about him followed a car that only looked remotely like Smoke Dawg's. Shaking his head, Smoke Dawg wonders how someone with that lack of intelligence could possibly think of playing the same game Smoke Dawg himself plays.*

*Smoke Dawg presses his alarm button on his key chain as his car comes to life. The car automatically cranks up as Smoke Dawg opens the door. Standing in the doorway, Smoke Dawg shakes his head, shutting the door back, the engine still running, as Smoke Dawg continues his rants and raves.*

"Mystery man, your right. I dont have the World Title. Im glad you dont need glasses, but you see....I didnt get to use my name recognition to win the Intercontinental Title, I used my actual skills. Something some really dont do around here anymore."

"I wanna see what you know though....I find it weird, you say you've been waiting to get me into the ring for so long.....how long eh? Tell me some info you 'believe' you know on me? Lets even stretch this as far as out of the WoW, tell me about my past, or where all I've been. You wanna talk tough, and talk smart, show me. If not, you are just talk, nothing more."

"Mystery man....the bottom line is Monday approaches us faster than you should wish it too. Im the best of the best, and you should know that. Monday will be a practice test for me, to up my game for Ring Wars, merely a step to greatness. Dont feel bad though...be happy. Not everyone has this honor....and well you are the next on the list!"

*Smoke Dawg smiles cockily, knowing how much it pisses off mystery man as he laughs a bit. Openning his door again, Smoke Dawg gets in as he pulls off into the opposite direction of the guy as rain starts to slightly fall again.*