*The room was dark, extremely dark, with yet only a small candle lit setting on a table in the middle of the massive room. A breeze somehow snuck into the room, cold seemingly like ice, a breathe cloud rolls over the candle. The flame sways with the breathe before settling back out on top of the candle. A body, person steps forward.*

*The person, Smoke Dawg, lingers over the flame, giving his face an omnious look. Smoke Dawg smiles a bit, laughing just a tad, as he takes in a deep breathe before exhaling it in the same fashion as before.*

"Watching me. Watch. Me. Watch me practically defeat the tag team champions, only having the full win stolen from me by the incompetent Ichabod, for God knows what purpose, but that....is ok. For see, Prez Darren has felt the need to pit me against some mystery oppponent, one that seems to want to hide in the shadows, and watch me, supposedly. So, I felt the need to go where he goes, the dark recesses of it all."

"But this isnt a normal mystery opponent, oh no. This one says he 'knows my past'. The problem with this is.....wouldnt everyone know my past? Because see, what this guy doesnt realize is he is in the federation I helped build. In the federation I put my blood, sweat, and tears into. Anyone who pays attention to wrestling at all would know my past, so what makes this guy so special.....any different?"

"But this opponent, this mystery guy...he has everything wrong. I dont think I am better than everyone in the Worldwide Online Wrestling Federation....I know I am. Take a look at the people I have dominated over my career here, and it shows easily through. Boy Wonder, Mastermind, Justin Payne, B-Pac, Ichabod, Selena, and we can now add Triple X and Nester DeFranco to that list upon the many more names, and one has to wonder.....why does this guy believe Im only thinking Im the best? Mystery man is just plain dumb, not seeing the obvious. Pay attention Mystery man, or else your ass will schooled."

*Smoke Dawg looks back, as if to supposedly hear a noise, when he turns back around smiling and laughing once again.*

"You say you'll walk past me everyday, that you'll know me even though I wont know you. That you are from my past....my present. I do know you. Hell yeah, I do. You are that little whiny wrestler that has nothing better to do than wear a mask, walk around in a boiler room and go 'Oh woah as me, I will try to trick Smoke Dawg by wearing a ski mask, and he'll be oh so worried'. News flash slick, if you know me so well, you should know I dont worry about my opponents. I see you as another conquest towards my greater goal, the Undisputed Title."

"Now sure, you can follow me there if you like, shine my boots, shine my title after I win it, what not. Just do me a favor.....lose the whole gimmick you are trying to play, every damn mystery wrestler does it, and its played out. Heres an even better fact for you. Every mystery opponent to go up against me, has yet to beat me. Thats a nice statistic to know when you enter the ring next Monday, isnt it?"

"And that move you did on the old man, what was that supposed to show me? That you watched alot of Star Trek when you were little? Practice up on that Vulcan Death Grip did ya? Thats just grand isnt it? Well, Im no old man, and just maybe, maybe, that little Vulcan whatever isnt gonna work as well on me. While you are busy attempting that, I'll be busy kicking you around the ring. I mean seriously man, what the hell were you thinking, that I was gonna wet my pants when you did that?"

"I make it all so easy for you, you wanna follow me, you wanna be every breathe I take, every woman I get, every ounce of sweat I sweat....hell, you want every bit of piss I take too? I can pee in a cup for you if you like, leave it behind so when you come up on it, you can have it."

"The fact of the matter is this. You wanna prove something to me, prove it. A black ski mask and saying you are watching me isnt gonna help you win a match against me. It'll only make me think of how much of a dumbass you really are. You know my past, you should know thats what I'll think."

*Smoke Dawg gives a cocky smile, knowing he is who he is, over looking the mass amounts of smack talk that has been said over the past week or so. Smoke Dawg lays something beside the candle as he walks away. A close look at the item reveals it to be his Jecht mask.*

"Wear that mask...at least you wont look too much like a dumbass."