*Monday Malice begins as planned as Jecht walks around backstage, trying to find someone that just might look familiar. Passing many people, some staff and some roster, Jecht begins to give up hope, as noone seems to notice who he is, and visa versa. Jecht returns to his locker room, as he begins to prep up for his match later on in the main event.*

*As Jecht gets done stretching, a knock is heard at the door. Jecht opens the door up, with noone standing there. As Jecht goes to look outside, he is met with a baseball bat directly to the forehead which sends him flying back into the room and down on the ground. Jecht's only response to this is to curl up as he begins to get hit a couple more times before the assailent leaves.*

*A few moments pass before Jecht begins to move around on the ground again. Jecht gets to his feet, his head bleeding again, a normal site by any account. Jecht starts to make is way through the hallways, trying to find the one that hit him, even though he did not see who attacked him very clearly. He passes by Konnor Kingdom, Shane Mac, and Darkangel on their way to the rumble, none of whom give Jecht a second glancing. Jecht then stumbles by Ichabod and then collapses onto the ground. Ichabad calls for the EMTs, who happen to be stationed nearby. The EMTs check on Jecht, as they look at Ichabod with a worried look on their faces.*

EMTs - "He's in no condition to fight tonight!"

"But this is my debut match...."

Ichabod - "Don't worry man, I'll sign you another match next Monday. A good one, ok?"

*Jecht is out cold as Ichabod calls for the paramedics. The paramedics come, taking the unconscience Jecht away on a stretcher as he already begins to create a bit of a problem even though he is out cold.*

^*^Jecht stands inside a locker room. He isn't sure if it is his or not, just that familiar equipment is inside. The shadowy figure stands next to him, as the two observe what is taking place. A man, unable to be identifies, is trying to fight back as someone tries to attack him with a baseball bat as well, only being successful in his attempts unlike Jecht. The Shadow man laughs for a moment as Jecht turns to him in confusion.^*^

"Whats so funny about all this? I dont find any of this shit funny!"

^Whats funny about this, is he didnt get laid out like you did. What are you doing with yourself, huh? You need to be getting to the bottom of this, we cant stay like this forever you know.....^

^*^Jecht looks at the Shadow man confused as the man that was being attacked walks towards Jecht. Jecht gets ready to move, only to have the man pass right through him. Oddly enough, though, the man had the same body build that Jecht does, which only confused Jecht more. Jecht begins to hear a voice from a distance, approaching him a tad more at a time. The voice becomes more cleared as it is calling Jecht's name as he looks around a bit in some confusion. Then the bright light hits him in the face as he tries to cover his eyes^*^

*Jecht's eyes begin to flutter as he awakes from another weird dream. He looks around really quick to find himself inside yet another hospital. Jecht goes to try and get up, but find himself tied to the bed. Jecht looks at his feet, to see a nurse sitting there shaking her head.*

"What are you shaking your head at? Let me up from here. I need to get back to Malice!"

Nurse - "I could let you do that, if it was still Monday. But its Thursday. You've been out cold since you were brought in. And I must say...you dream extremely hard, we had to tie you down to keep you on the bed!"

"Well, now Im awake, so you can untie me now. I must find who attacked me!"

"No can do, Jecht. Ichabod's orders, sorry. But, Ichabod did leave you some reading material, and a letter about next Monday Malice."

"Dammit! I hate being confinded down! Well.....where is the shit Ichabod left me? Maybe he left something worth reading, maybe it'll help me out."

*The nurse goes to the table across the room, grabbing a magazine and an envelope and takes them to Jecht. Jecht looks at the cover of the magazine, it being a copy of WoW Magazine. Jecht sets the magazine down, deciding to take the time to read the letter first as he opens the letter.*

"Jecht, Ichabod here. Its ok about Malice, as I heard what happened. I signed you to a match with Konner Kingdom, but I really think you should look into finding out more about everyone just incase, never know what will happen. Other than that, dont stress too much about being in the hospital, as I'll have someone pick you up and take you to next Malice. Good luck man!....Ichabod"

*Jecht just smirks at the letter, balling it up, tossing it into the trash. Still infuriated about what happened on Malice, Jecht decides to pick up the magazine, as maybe looking through it will job some memory or even help him figure out who could have possibly attacked him.*

*Jecht begins to thumb through the pages, seeing the various superstars that walk the talk in the Worldwide Online Wrestling Federation. Each wrestler and/or team has their own page devoted to just them. Jecht decides to skip past them all, exluding his opponent next Malice for the time being. Konner Kingdom.....as new to the WoW as Jecht, himself, is. Konnor Kingdom is not only Ace Ventura and the Crocidile Hunter all rolled into one but is one heck of a good wrestler. Using the deadliest of moves named after animals, he takes his opponents out so that he may expose these creatures to the world through the media hype we know today as "Professional Wrestling". He is known to use some of his animals to intimidate his opponents before matches. His animals range from the cutest puppy in the pet store to full grown jungle animals like lions and tigers. Konnor always has a professional trainer backstage to watch after his animals to avoid any problems. No one has ever seen what Konnor looks like under his mask but he is rumored to have been bitten by a bear in the face, thus the reason he wears the mask. Konnor hopes to educate, manipulate, intimidate and most importantly - climb to the top of the wrestling world.*

*Jecht puts the magazine down, letting what he just read sink in and seeing if he sounds familiar. But, to no avail, Konner Kingdom doesnt register the slightest. Jecht puts the magazine down, as he lays back mulling over what he will do next Malice, and what he will do about the threat Konner Kingdom will pose inside the squared circle.*