*The moon shines down through the cloudy sky as Jecht makes his way from the hospital having been released. The smell of rain is in the air, as it had been raining during the duration of his visit, as seen by the rain droplets still fresh on the grass lawn in front of the hospital that Jecht now is walking by. Jecht stands in the grass for a moment, planning his next move when a man approaches him. Jecht, now wearing clothes the Ichabod had also supplied him still wearing the mask he found, stares the man down to where he seems to not even want to say a word, merely uttering out what he originally planned to say.*

Ralph Lillard - "J..J..Jecht, r..r..right?"

"Yeah....whats it to ya?"

"Im Ralph Lillard, reporter for WoW. Ichabod sent me to pick you up....said he had word of your releasing from the hospital."

"Ok...so what are you supposed to do, interview me?"

"Im supposed to pick you up and make sure you make it to the Blue Ridge Arena....interviewing you is my own agenda."

"Thought so. Alrigh...well get started then. What is it you want to ask me?"

*The two begin to walk down the sidewalk, towards the same bus station that Jecht came from just before Malice only further away this time. Ralph Lillard buts out a pen and note pad as he begins to do what he does best...asking questions.*

"So, Jecht, have you found anything thing that helps you any at all on who you actually are?"

"Lets see....Ichabod had to have you come pick me up, you tell me. Whoever done this to me is one sick individual, and sooner or later I'll cross his path again, I can just feel it. They may have made my face indistinguishable, but there has to be a way to remember."

"What about your opponent this coming Malice, Konner Kingdom? Hes had some choice words about you..."

"Choice words? What kind of choice words?"

"Well....to quote him, he said, 'Here is a man that apparently has no recalection of who he is. A form of long term amnesia seems to have infected this man's brain and for that matter, the little bump he took last week before the Royal Rumble didn't help either.' Then he said, 'Unlike the mighty elephant, Jecht is reduced to be the meer shadow of what everyone believes about the elephant...dumb, slow...and hell...afraid of mice. In short, this Monday on Malice when I claim my first victory in the WoW, I will do the handicapped Jecht a favor and...put him to sleep!' If those aren't choice words, then Im not sure what you'd call them."

*Jecht stops after hearing the comments, feeling the bumps and stitches that litter his face, his head. His body turning a faintish red from the blood in his veins flowing fast from the rage brought about by Konner Kingdom's words.*

"My not knowing who I am is of no concern to him, as that will just mean I'll do more to ensure my win, so that maybe the one that did this will be watching, and it will put fear into his heart, his mind. Wondering how I could rebound like this, how I could still put up a fight, still living. This will be my first opportunity, and I will not let it pass me by!"

"Dumb? Slow? I'll remember that when jungle boy is playing catch up to me. I may be beat up, I may be scarred up, but dammit Im not dead. I made it this far, teetering on the edge of death, so that says something there. No dumb, slow loser makes it this far, ready to go. Konner Kingdom will be my first, but not my last. I'll give him a Shot of adrenaline that he'll never forget....the Jecht Shot!"

*Meanwhile, the two have now apparently made it to the bus station. Ralph Lillard puts the pen and pad away, as he helps send Jecht on his way. With only two days remaining, question arise if Jecht can hold his own in the squared circle. Time will tell the tale...*