*It has been two days since Jecht's confrontation with B-Pac, as Jecht has decided once again to return to Atlanta, his hometown. Jecht, with eyes wide open, walks the streets, going towards the house he spent his years living, the same house he had stopped by just barely a week ago. The writing on the side walk has become smeared all over, unreadable to anyone other than the original writer of it. Jecht takes a good look over the house, his grandparents old house, as he takes a deep breath before continuing on in.*

*Jecht walks through the front door, flipping the light switch only to see that it doesnt work. Jecht shakes his head, as he begins to look around. A massive amount of pictures are all about, most of his grand parents and the rest of the family. The light in the room begins to grow dim though, as clouds begin to roll in covering ths sun from illuminating the house inside. Jecht decides to look around, from room to room, until coming upon what looks to be his room.*

*Looking around, Jecht sees various trophies, titles, and other awards that he has won over the years. Jecht continues to look around until he comes face to face with a mirror. The mask he still has on, covers his face, as Jecht wonders if he could recognize who he really is, grazing his hand along his face before shaking his head and looks away quickly.*

Jecht - "Could it be.....could I be. I dont need to worry about this now. I need to worry about my match. I need to worry about Death, the man with no voice apparently. Hes been hiding so long, that I've begun to wonder if he'll even show. Will my surprise match be just that, a surprising cancel? Will I be allowed this easy advancement? Apparently so....apparently I only need to worry about two people."

"MAX, though, has also seemingly vanished into the midst along with Death, as he hasnt been seen in days either. Perhaps he was offended by what I had said, and ran. Could it be, that words hurt the man worse than the fists that he would have felt first hand? Perhaps him and Death are playing dress up together? Who knows? I dont..."

*Jecht looks around the room again, seeing a couple of pictures that have three men in them, taken years ago it seems. Jecht recognizes them all, turning away quickly.*

Jecht - "My only competition is B-Pac. After what took place days ago, one would wonder how to ready for this match. Like any other, he is a hurdle nontheless, and I'll treat him as so. If he could forget about the Elite for one moment, and concentrate on our match, he may stand alot more of a chance, but they hold him back, as to be on, you have to defend them all apparently. I dont really care if he has to bring them to ringside or not, though, as nothing will keep me from winning the respect, and the barbed wire crown."

"I seem to be the only one that gets it, what we are fighting for. Out of the whole tournament, everyone is saying they wanna win for the pride, the glory, to inflict pain on everyone, whatever reason they have. King Karnage is for the respect, nothing more, nothing less. The barbed wire crown is only an effigy of the respect you earned, the things you had to go through, the brutality and pain. The things I've had to go through since I came back to the Worldwide Online Wrestling organization. And the bottom line of it all is, King Karnage was written for me. After the Buckets Of Surprise match, I will continue on to the most brutal match of them all, King Karnage. Electric barbed wire for ropes, explosives on the turnbuckles, barbed wire ladder, and so much more. I dont know if I'll walk out on my own two feet, but I know anything and everything I can do in my power to grab that barbed wire crown held up high in the air. And no body, not B-Pac, not the Elite, noone will stop me from doing so!"

*Jecht shakes his head at what he says, when the sun starts to again gleam through the windows. Jecht notices something shining in the light, as he goes over to observe it. Picking it up, putting it into his pocket, as he makes his way out of the room as well as the house, walking down the road.*