*The sun is already beginning to set as Jecht stands remembering any and all that he can. The silence of the air is cut with the russeling of the grass, as Jecht turns around. A surprised look appears on his face, as Jecht finds himself face to face with his possible opponent at King Karnage.....B-Pac.*

B-Pac - "So glad to see you made it..."

*Jecht looks around with a lost, confused look on his face.*

Jecht - "Glad to see I made it? What....what the hell are you doing out here? I dont recall sending any invitations out?"

B-Pac - "Don't give me that shitt. I came all the way out to this God-forsaken place because YOU called me and begged me to meet you here!"

*Jecht thinks for a moment, still obviously drawing a blank on B-Pac's remarks as he shakes his head.*

Jecht - "I dont know what your malfunction is....the only time I've had any sort of access to a phone was on the plane...and I was asleep!"

*B-Pac gets an angry look on his face, searching for his cell phone. Finding it, he pushes it into Jecht's face*

B-Pac - "You calling me a liar? Listen to that and tell me you didn't ask me to come out here!"

*Jecht dials up the voice mail number, as he listens to the voice mail B-Pac instructed him to listen to. Jecht's mouth drops down, as he recognizes that is obviously his voice. Jecht's arm drops down, as B-Pac grabs the phone back before Jecht decides to drop it also.*

B-Pac - "Thought so... Now, what exactly was so crucial that we had to pick this place out of all of the other wonderful places in America?"

*Jecht holds his arms out as he looks around.*

Jecht - "This is where I woke up that fateful day, the very first day I remember....well....used to remember. I woke up, bloody and battered, and the only thing that was left for me was a mask, and a note. The three men that did this to me....they left it as a joke I believe."

B-Pac - "Okay, Mother Goose... what makes you think they had so much animosity towards you that they would play such a hideous prank on you?"

Jecht - "Well, Cat in the Hat....I dont believe it was a prank. I've seen it....in my dreams. They didnt want me to make it back. They left those things if by chance I did....so as to label who I was, so they'd know, I believe."

*Jecht gives a sarcastic grin and nods, showing B-Pac that he isnt one bit afraid. B-Pac shakes his head, giving a sarcastic laugh off.*

B-Pac - "You know, I'm slowly beginning to tire of this. Did you invite me out here to tell me your little sob story... or did you have a purpose to this meeting?"

*Jecht looks down at the ground, as he closes his eyes. He sees himself a B-Pac, standing on opposite sides of the same guy he saw in the gym, Troy Johnson. Jecht looks back up, as he opens his eyes.*

Jecht - "You're....too familiar. I see you...and myself standing beside Troy Johnson. He....he trained us both, I believe."

B-Pac - "Troy Johnson, eh? I've stood beside many in my days under Troy's training... but I can't say I share that familiarity. It's impossible to remember many faces from my own personal past... just a few in particular. And you're not one of them."

*Jecht lets out a long breath, as he looks towards the ground. B-Pac pats his pockets, as he shakes his head.*

B-Pac - "You gotta cigarette by any chance?"

*Jecht looks up, looks around, the looks back at B-Pac.*

Jecht - "What the!?!.....what the hell kind of question is that?"

B-Pac - "Cigarette... you know, you smoke them? Say man, is that mask on too tight or something?"

Jecht - "Dont smoke. And the mask is just fine!"

B-Pac - "Well, a simple NO would have done just fine... Try not to be a cockily little jack-ass... it's worse for your health than smoking."

*Jecht shakes his head at B-Pac's remark. Jecht takes a look around, scratching at his mask. Jecht decides to loosen the straps, taking the mask off though not allowing his face to be seen. B-Pac turns around to see Jecht without his mask on, as his eyes widen a bit in surprise. Jecht looks around, then back at B-Pac*

B-Pac - "I saw a small diner back in town....lets finish this conversation up there. I have some things I want to tell you about..."

*Jecht nods his head in agreement, as he puts his mask back on, making B-Pac thus far the only one to see him without his mask. The two begin to walk away as the sun finishes setting.*