^*^Jecht wakes up to find himself in the back of some sort of truck with a massive camper on the back. He can hear the sound of the muffler letting out all of the exhaust, and the humm of the tires against the pavement. From what Jecht can tell, the sun must be shining down upon the truck outside, as beams of light shine through small openings along with the back of the truck being extremely hot.^*^

^*^Jecht starts to look around, as he sees the man that had gotten beaten down tied up by his hands and feet along with tied against the wall, bleeding from his forehead badly along with various other cuts and scrapes. His head bobs with the truck as it starts to come to a slow stop. Jecht leans against the side of the walls as the truck makes a sharp right and continues on.^*^

^*^The road then gets extremely bumpy, knocking the truck all over the road if there even is a road. Jecht stumbles around as he tries to walk across the bed of the truck towards the unconscience man. Jecht reaches the man, as he grabs ahold of his head that is going along with the bumps, bouncing up and down in a jerking motion. The man starts to come to, as Jecht looks at his face as the two visually connect, as Jecht begins to get an extremely weird feeling.....^*^

^*^The truck comes to a stop, startling the heat exhausted Jecht to his feet. The other man starts to try and break free, but in his condition its pretty much a losing effort. Jecht tries to help, but his efforts are also a waste as he doesnt seem to be able to get a grasp on them either. The backdoor opens as the three men from before stand laughing still. The leader of the bunch hops into the back, and unties the beaten man letting him fall to his feet. The leader grabs the beaten man by his feet and drags him out of the truck, and unto the grassy ground. The beaten man's clothes now shredded all around, are torn more from him as he is dragged about, as the other two continue beating on him. Jecht tries to help, but as usual, his efforts are all in a waste.^*^

^*^They finally release him, as he lays on the ground, coughing up blood along with bleeding all over. The leader places something in his pocket and lays a mask nearby him, as they shout things at him. Jecht tries to understand what they are saying, but their words are muffled for some reason. The three jump into the truck, as they spin off away from there, throwing dust all about leaving the beaten man there to seemingly die. Jecht looks around, the sun setting, as he recognizes where he is, though there is nothing around other than the plains.....^*^

*Jecht pops off the airplane seat as he wakes up suddenly, the plane just landing. Jecht looks around, seeing he is back in the airplane, having landed in Oklahoma City. Jecht grabs his carry on bag, as he gets off the plane. The terminal is full of crowded people, many perhaps just making it back from the long Fourth of July weekend. Jecht just tries to by pass as many people as he can, as he hurries through the terminal as if he is on some sort of mission. Looking around, he finds a cab as he opens the door, tosses his bag into the backseat, as he hops in. Telling the driver where to go, the driver looks back with a confused look, as Jecht just nods as the cab takes off down the road.*

*Darkness is starting to set in the middle of the plains, as a dusty cab is getting tossed about as it tries to make its way towards Jecht's destination, no road actually in sight. The cab slams on breaks as the driver turns around, staring at Jecht with an extremely pissed off look.*

Cab Driver - "Ok man, fuck going any farther. You're on your own!"

Jecht - "What the!?!.....whatever. Take your damn money and choke on it!"

*Jecht throws the money at the cab drivers face, as he grabs his bag and gets out of the cab, slamming the door. The cab slowly turns around and drives away as Jecht begins to look around.*

Jecht - "This is it....the first place I remember....the place in my dreams......is that what happened to me? Did they decide to gang up and take me out, leaving me for dead? I wonder what they think about me still being here, alive, breathing. Kicking for life, and stronger than ever. To come from this, to the King Karnage, a sure fire for the final round. The only two people standing in my way....MAX, who is more worried about playing dress up rather than concentrating on the match....and B-Pac, who is the only competition I have, is perhaps relying more on Elite to carry him to victory. The Elite......something about them......I just dont know."

*Jecht closes his eyes as he sees glass shattering in his face in slow motion. Then random events rush back into his memory, helping him piece the puzzle together. The sun is nearly set on the great plains, as the crickets come out to chirp and create the wonderful music they do. Jecht hears the grass russeling about, though there is no wind around. Jecht turns around as he gets a surprised look on his face.....*