*With the day wearing ahead taking no heed to slow down, Jecht makes his way through the Boston Airport. After the rushes of memories come back to him in such a sketchy form, Jecht decides to go back to where it all began for him, Oklahoma City. The only hinderance to his plans is a scheduled interview that Jecht has opted to have take place in the air in first class.*

*With everything that has taken place over the past year, the security check point is backed up with the amount of people trying to get through. With this time, Jecht decides to look around the airport to see how things are, as he has plenty of time before his flight.*

*Making his way to a newsstand, a bunch of WoW fans are looking through an issue of WoW Weekly, as it talks about the happenings that took place at Malice, and how things are set up to take place at King Karnage. Jecht decides to grab a copy and looks through, deciding to catch up on news on other wrestlers. The European Title match that is set to be a bra and panties match, the # 1 Contender match for the WoW World Title, the WoW World Championship match, and of course the King Karnage matches to name a few.*

*Jecht reads on when he decides to look at the time, realizing far more time than he has wanted to pass by has passed by, as he puts the magazine down turning to make his way back to the security point. The fans notice who he is, as they swarm around him for an autograph. Jecht gives in, signing everything in sight as fast as possible to make it to his flight.*

*Inside the airplane, the stewartess is about ready to shut the doorway and run through the whole procedure when Jecht bursts into the plane, running as fast as he can down the hallway. Huffing and puffing, Jecht is shown to the first class area, where Ralph Lillard is just looking up from his watch notices Jecht and gives a sort of sighing relief. Jecht takes a seat next to Ralph Lillard as the two seemingly begin the interview.*

Ralph Lillard - "You really like pushing your timing dont you? You always seem to be late."

Jecht - "Ran into some....complications, I guess you could say."

Lillard - "Well first things first, I happened to bring along the latest promo releases from B-Pac and MAX, thought you would like to take a look."

*Jecht nods as Lillard puts a tape into a VCR behind him, as the promos are shown. After the promos are shown, Jecht has a sort of sad look on his face, one that perplexes Ralph Lillard*

Lillard - "Whats the matter?"

Jecht - "All the talk I had said about the surprises galour....the surprises in the buckets....the surprises in the opponent....the surprise in me, and Death apparently is throwing a big surprise out there, not even considering showing up. He cant even figure out the words to come back from what I had said, which isnt much of a surprise. So, as Death has decided to do towards me and King Karnage, Im not even going to worry about commenting on him any further."

Lillard - "What about MAX's words? His belief that you already consider yourself the winner of the title King Karnage."

Jecht - "Well, first things first for him, I think he needs to get his act together. Did you notice how his promo went? I know I saw some weird crap, and Im totally sober. He started out in Toronto, coming out of the terminal for the second time. Then, suddenly, he was in the middle of the desert. I dont know about all of Canada, but Toronto doesnt have any deserts that I know of. He pops off at me, thinking that I have called the matches as my victories. No, Im determined to make them my victories, and they will only be that at the end of King Karnage if I stand tall above them all. But we will only know about my victory then. I advise MAX, whether hes actually in Toronto or where ever the hell he is, to stop playing dress up and not provoke more fights than he can handle. After I am done with him at King Karnage, the only Bloody Mary you'll be able to order is a cheap prostitute named Mary on her period. But...we are also assuming he defeats the man he has never defeated before, B-Pac."

Lillard - "That leaves us with B-Pac. He was the first of the group to meantion you, but apparently he has gotten side tracked by the words of the Forsaken leader, Ichabod."

Jecht - "Im impressed with his determination to take out Forsaken, because dont get me wrong, they arent that great, they have been on a sort of....losing streak lately. Alot of that is due to myself. You have Tim Gorder losing his chance to be in King Karnage to myself. Chad HarZy was so close to his chance in King Karnage, when I beat him. Sure, B-Pac did the ultimate damage that injured Chad HarZy, but who put him in the place to have that injury occur? Jecht, myself. And lets not forget Ichabod. Sure, B-Pac had to make an appearance there also, but with everything that happened, I was doing just fine until he showed up. For him to worry more about what they say, than I say, will be a huge mistake for him. They arent going to possibly facing him in the King Karnage match, I am!"

"If what is said about his....Elite members is more important than what I say about him, then he obviously needs to get some priorities in order. This...Elite, they are too familiar, but as long as they stay out of my match, they wont be a worry to me now. Lillard, the fact is whether I have to go through Death, MAX, B-Pac, Forsaken, Elite, or everyone on the Worldwide Online Wrestling roster, I will grab that barbed wire crown, I will win the respect, I will win....King Karnage...."

Lillard - "Well, in under a week's time, we will see who stands in the ring with the title of King Karnage, and may I wish you good luck on becoming that man! Until next time....I'll go ahead and leave you be for now, I suppose. Catch up on your rest, you look like you need it."

*Ralph Lillard and Jecht shake hands, as Lillard leaves Jecht to his own. Jecht decides to take a nap, placing a complimentary towel over his face and eyes, as he hums to himself as he falls asleep....*