*With his match just finished up, Jecht struggles to make his way through the backstage area to his locker room. His masked ripped all to shreds with blood dripping off him from nearly everywhere. His body, though used to being pushed to this extreme, takes it the best it can, as he makes his way to his locker room*

*Jecht decides to watch the rest of Malice as EMT's begin to patch him up. With the end of the Triple X/B-Pac match and the forming of The Elite, the King Karnage bracket is shown with all of the matches now panned out. The only thing Jecht seems to hear is The Elite echoing in his head. Jecht shuts his eyes as he sees four men standing tall, Triple X, Adam Lax, Thomas A. Anderson, and Sweet Cheapshots. The four stand over the same guy that Jecht has seen in all of his dreams, with Triple X laughing down at him, with the WoW World Title in hand. Jecht opens his eyes, as he sees the bracket still on screen. His first opponent being Death in a Buckets of Fun match. His other perspective opponents being B-Pac and MAX who are in the Roof Top match. Jecht smiles to himself when a knock is heard at the door.....*

*The stars and moon shine down brightly as a clear sky prevails over Boston. After having his physically and mentally draining match with ichabod, Jecht decides the best thing to do is go to sleep as he passes out.....*

^*^Jecht finds himself inside of a massive office. The lights are all on as it is dark outside as the same man (Man #1) yet again from all of his dreams is working on some work. A knock is heard at the door, as the man goes to open the door. Another man (Attacker #1) walks through, also unable to be told who he is, as the two shake hands. The first man goes to shut the door, when the door is forced back open by two other men as the three men begin to attack the first man with all sorts of items. The three stand over the lone man who is laying unconscience and begin to laugh.^*^

Attacker # 1 - "Hows it feel being on the recieving end this go round, tell me hows it feel!?!?!"

^*^The three begin to tie the man the just attacked up, as Jecht decides to try and help. He runs at them as he throws a diving clothesline only to fly right through them and hits the wall. Jecht keeps on determined, trying to hit them with punches and kicks, as they tie the man up and carry him away down the hallway leaving Jecht aggrevated that he could not help...^*^

*Jecht wakes up suddenly, as if jolted by the dream he just had. The sun is just coming over the horizon, as Jecht decides to go ahead and stay awake. He decides to pop in some tapes he found of his up coming opponents, as he decides to watch them along with their just released promos that he had specially included on them.*

Jecht - "I cant believe Im in a match that has to do with surprises and buckets with this Death guy. He is a surprise in himself. This guy comes out with gummie bears and sometimes dressed as Darth Vadar. I mean, in a sort of odd way, he is getting somethng he wants. A surprise just like him in a surprise of a match as we are in. He even faces a surprise in an opponent, myself. Death doesnt know what he is getting, because he doesnt know who he is facing. I think I have proven myself to be someone to be respected, especially in this tournatment all about respect. Im a mere match away from it all, from everything. And I have to first go through a surprise match with a surprise type of opponent."

"One would think I would clutter up, get worried. This just feels like my type of element. The importance, the suspense, everything. A match where buckets that hold whatever in them suspended high in the air on poles. Whats in them? Maybe a brick, maybe water, or even sicker maybe some sort of acid? The buckets are important, but the more important thing is the match. How it is configured to be a last man standing match. I cannot speak for Death, but I plan on getting this match over with as fast as possible to rest up for the next opponent."

"Which first brings me to MAX...the first of the two others fighting for all the respect and the barbed wire crown. Lets say MAX makes it past B-Pac, what would I have to look forward to there? A British man that knows how to fight hard, but seems to come up short more than taking the whole nine yards. The man is only worried about B-Pac, and not about the bigger picture. If MAX doesnt watch it, he may make it off the roof in one piece, but the electric barbed wire ropes and the same explosives I've over come will be his unfortunate fate that Im willing to help him see first hand, no BBC transmission needed."

*Jecht stops for a moment, as B-Pac's promo and match is shown. B-Pac, the man that has vowed to take out Forsaken member by member, the same man that seemingly helped Jecht defeat Ichabod. Jecht gives off a faint smile before continuing his thoughts.*

Jecht - "B-Pac....B-Pac should worry only about the matches he has, and not being a sort of smart scientist for us to learn from. Let me be the first to say thunder is the bursting of air particles heated to extreme tempertures by lightning bolts causing them to give a loud crack noise, the thunder we hear. And B-Pac is correct, storms are unpredictable, deadly, powerful, unstopable, frightening, and even destructive. But, they are only to those that allow them to be. To me, they are soothing, calming, envigorationg even. To compare himself to a storm matters to me not. What matters to me is his interfering in my match."

"Yes, because of B-Pac's interfering, I am here now, a prospected opponent that can feasily defeat B-Pac. He has defeated Forsaken opponents, as have I. In fact, I believe I have defeated more, but that matters not. What matters, is B-Pac and I are after the same thing, the same effigy....the King Karnage crown. And he is correct, there is a name etched upon it. That name is not B-Pac though, that name is Ti Konflict, a man I have read much about. And his style and form.....they seem so familiar to me, familiar of having to face it even. That is something B-Pac has in common with him, he seems....familiar, too familiar. To believe, to think that B-Pac should not worry about me is an understatement, he should worry about me, he should believe that I am the massive hole in this fairy tale road you have dreamt up. B-Pac inadvertantely has made his path harder, much worse. At King Karnage, let B-Pac have his Elite buddies with him, I care not. At King Karnage, the world will see just how Elite they are, and how determined I am to get that crown, and to get the well deserved respect that should be rightfully mine!"

*As Jecht finishes, the tape is ejected from the VCR having ran its course. The sun is up now, as it shines through the windows and upon the sheets Jecht sits on. Jecht nods to himself, as he goes to take a shower, knowing he has an extremely busy week ahead of him.*