*Greenville, South Carolina. Bi-Lo Center. A grand venue in its own right, holds host to the WoW Monday Malice show. Being Saturday, mere days away, Malice has already been set up.*

*Smoke Dawg, as usual, decides to have a look around, to see where it is exactly he will be preforming. Standing in the middle of the ring, Smoke Dawg sees thousands of seats vacant. Camera tripods and all have been set up to catch every waking moment at Malice, as Smoke Dawg smiles a bit.*

"Monday....Malice.....perhaps it is just a weekly show, a weekly show that is just a normal thing. Just a normal Monday for everyone coming to the Bi-Lo center. Just a normal Monday for almost all of the Worldwide Online Wrestling superstars. The problem, for Justin, is that I take nothing lightly.....including my Intercontinental Title."

"Justin believes in this world he likes to call a fantasy.....this fantasy includes him being able to shut me up....shut Smoke Dawg up. What I dont understand is.....Justin knows noone has ever shut me up. I've been put through fish tanks, hit with glass pitchers, beaten the hell out of and left for dead....yet here I am still..... Justin Payne has held more titles, has held titles I have not....but what does that mean when you lose them just as fast?"

"Justin Payne won this very title from Selena. A woman I successfully defended my World Title against. Yet...he lost it to B-Pac, the man I defeated for it. Did I better him? Perhaps. But lets go further. Justin Payne has actually fought to win back the coveted World Title.....lossing his shot against Ichabod, the current World Champion at the time. Though....I defeated Ichabod a mere few weeks ago. I seem to already have a track record in defeating people of mass stature that Justin could not defeat."

"What kind of man says Whoo doggie anyways? I mean....thats like calling someone a sissy, what kinda crap is taht? Anyways.....Justin even went as far to attempt to throw me for a loop. Saying he hid in Prez Darren's office while I was in there. I dunno if I suddenly got selectively blind, but I dont recall a chair moving around....and being that I walked all around....I would have easily seen his goofy ass. But thats not the point. The point is....why would he try to be in there? Does he have some sort of pact with Prez Darren? Was he interning for Prez Darren? Was he trying to intern for me? I sure hope not!"

"Fools celebrate early, Justin should easily know that. But, what I say, is let him celebrate early, let him believe hes gotten the best of me. Let him dress in drag and hang out in Prez Darren's office, I could honestly care less. All I want is Justin to get his facts straight, and hopefully show up at Malice. It'd be terrible if he got the time or date wrong, since hes getting everything else misplaced and wrong."

*Smoke Dawg reaches into his gear bag he carried with him, as he pulls out the same folder he took from the abandoned IPWF offices.*

"Just like the IPWF file Justin tried to play off. Sure...he could lie about it and say he had it. But....the kid didnt know I would go as far back to pull out that stuff. And, unless Im seeing things, I still have his folder right here. Weird, isnt it?"

"Justin....I know you can hear this. I want you to come prepared Monday. Come prepared to face the most challenging thing you have ever faced before....even more than Phuze. Time to put up, or shut up. Come here with your facts straight and your game face. Because if you come with a bottle of wine, I'll be sure to shove where the sun dont shine. This isnt about facing a man that you want to beat....this is about facing a man you want to be. Malice.....be here."

*Smoke Dawg shakes his head, as he reaches back into this gear bag, pulling out a lighter. Lighting the folder, Smoke Dawg blows on it for a moment, before tossing it into a garbage can he had set up nearby. Smoke Dawg laughs a bit, as he grabs his bag and goes to leave. The folder, burning up into ashes inside the garbage can. Could this be a sign of things to come?...*