*The sun is setting on another day as Zill Towers stands tall. Smoke Dawg stands before the headquarters of the Worldwide Online Wrestling, looking up to the top of it, then back down to its base. Smoke Dawg smiles to himself as he begins to walk toward the massive structure.*

*The automated double doors open as Smoke Dawg walks through, the lobby nearly empty due to the late time of day. Smoke Dawg continues forward, pressing the button for the elevator, as he waits. The elevator dings, Smoke Dawg walks in, pressing for the top floor...the floor that Prez Darren's office is located.*

*The elevator dings again, as the doors open to see Smoke Dawg standing there. Smoke Dawg walks out of the elevator, eyeing down the door to Prez Darren's office, the only thing standing between him and the President of the Worldwide Online Wrestling Federation. Smoke Dawg is so focused on the door, that he doesnt hear the secretary who is trying to get his attention. Smoke Dawg nods his head, as he begins to walk towards the door, turning the knob, as he walks through the doorway.*

*Upon entering, Smoke Dawg looks around to see no Prez Darren around. With an angry look on his face, he finally begins to hear the secretary behind him tapping at his shoulder. Smoke Dawg turns around to face her, as she gets an angry tone in her voice.*

"Are you deaf or something? I have been trying to tell you that Prez Darren isnt in his office today!"

"What did you say?"

*Smoke Dawg's voice carries an angry tone also, as the secretary goes to answer him. But, before she can, Smoke Dawg interrupts her.*

"You know what?!? It really doesnt matter. Get back to your damn desk job, I have a right to be in this office! I never left it on my own terms, so its gonna take more than you to get me out of it!"

"Whatever. We'll see about this when security gets here!"

*The secretary leaves the office, as Smoke Dawg shuts the door, locking it. He turns back around, walking around the whole office, looking at various things.*

"What am I doing here? I mean, sure, Prez Darren is the most influential man in the WoW, he runs the damn place now for crying out loud. But...why am I here rather than worrying about Justin? Only one answer to that. Multi-talented. Justin Payne is my opponent at Malice, my first title defense. Im not about to become another Thomas A. Anderson when it comes to short title reigns, so Justin can rest assured hes not being forgotten."

"But for some reason, he believes this to be true. That I over look his accomplishments and only look at mine. Justin needs to wake up, for he never understands my motives, apparently. Im not gonna lie to anyone, and say that Justin doesnt have any skill, even though he believes that I think he doesnt. But...if I really thought that way, would I make it a point to out do him so? I dont think so."

"What Justin needs to worry about, is getting what he says in order. Justin admits to the lack of talent when he won the World Title back in the beginning. Admitting that the WoW was in its early stages.....and lack of talent.....Justin must not realize that doesnt put alot of emphasis on his title reign. His one true challenge for the World Title, Phuze, lost to him the first go round because of Shotgun Shawn Maverick's interference. This held Phuze back for months, as the match was touted as being a career match, with Phuze forced to leave the WoW. But all great things come back, and Phuze returned at Target Locked to take the World Title from him, ending Justin's title reign."

"Justin also doesnt realize that the only reason Im not the World Champion at the moment is because Triple X and his Elite dethroned me. Taking four men to do so, that truly shows what force I have. Justin also tries to make his departure sound as if he left to allow competition, to allow those below him to advance."

"Justin fails to acknowledge he ran from me....from the challenge I set forth to him. Screwing over the man that took his title from him, Justin knew pay back for his deeds was ultimately coming.....by way of me. Justin says I lack respect....Justin knows better than that. I respect those that deserve it. Wafer deserves respect. Mason, my next proposed opponent deserves respect. Hell, even The Nasty Dick Experience has my respect. To say I know not how to respect is far from the truth....maybe someone has issues with it?"

"And yeah...in my opinion noone is as good as Smoke Dawg in my opinion. I mean, what kind of confidence in myself would I have if I thought people were better than me? How could I possibly go out and win a match if I thought the person I was going against was better than me? Let what happens in the ring determine what happens. Everyone has their day, their week, their year, their career. And this is my career, not anyone else's."

"Monday comes fast....4 days, 96 hours, 5760 minutes, 345600 seconds and counting. Justin Payne doesnt have a lot of time left to get his story straight. Either talk about the past and be wrong about it, or say Im still talking about the past and still be wrong about it. Either way, be ready to go one on one, Justin Payne best be. Smoked Out looking at the lights, after Malice is all he'll see...."

*Smoke Dawg sees something in the office that originally belonged to him, shaking his head in dismay. Picking up the item, Smoke Dawg takes a look at his watch, as he decides its time to leave. Unlocking the door, he passes the secretary who is apparently still on the phone with security. Smoke Dawg goes to press the button for the elevator, noticing it is already a two floors below the one he is on, still going up.*

*Figuring it must be security, Smoke Dawg steps to the left, pressing his back against the wall as the doors open. Two security guards step out as Smoke Dawg slips into the elevator behind them.*

"What the hell are you two doing? Hes right behind you!!"

*The two guards turn around as Smoke Dawg laughs as he waves bye to the guards. They charge at the elevator only to have the doors shut in their face. Smoke Dawg presses for the first floor as he goes back down Zill Towers, leaving the two guards pissed off.*