*Music is blaring as various people are working out. Among the many is the Intercontinental Champion Smoke Dawg. Dressed in a pair of Adidas jogging pants and a pair of Nike running shoes, Smoke Dawg is busy working on his upper body.*

*Time goes by, as Smoke Dawg makes his rounds still working on his upper body, eventually beginning to make his way downwards and working on his mid-section and lower body. Every so often, Smoke Dawg chugs down a gulp of bottled water, followed by him wiping his face off from the sweat that is coming out of his pores profusely.*

*After a while, Smoke Dawg decides to call it quits, as he wipes the sweat from all over his body, grabbing his workout bag and walks out from the gym. Pulling out his keys from the workout bag, he presses the automatic crank button along with electronic unlocking as the Saleen S7 springs to life as he walks towards it.*

"Justin....my memory faded me for a short while, but its all back, totally clear. Perhaps you believe its still on vacation, but trust me, its not. Its back in full effect, so much that I know the gym is perhaps your favorite place in the world. You spend so much time there, it shows in where we, the on lookers, see you alot of the time inside of one. I mean sure, you've gotten out lately....but the point is to prove that Im alive and well memory wise."

"Now dont get me wrong, you are so right about the IPWF...the problem is I was only relating it to the career you have lead thus far, you believing at some point in time you were better than myself. Better? Than myself? Dont make me laugh! As said before, I cannot take away the fact that you've won more titles here in the WoW.....but the problem is you dont hold them very long."

"The WoW World Title, you had the privilage of being the very first to hold the illustrious title. But I surpassed your feat by holding onto the World Title longer, defending it many more times. Granted, you werent allowed to defend the title as often as myself, but even that could be frowned upon. Another title we have both held...the Tag Team Titles. I had to somehow team up with various wrestlers to advance up the teers of the tournament to ultimately give you the chance to expand your title history by teaming with me. You accepted, which decided the fate of so many things then. I even guarenteed our victory, promising the world Boy Wonder would be Smoked Out once more....and he was. I never wanted a thank you. You misread my statement totally apparently, but thats ok."

"This is our first match, but that means nothing. The only reason why it is our first, is because you ran after what you did so long ago, teaming with Prez Darren. Yes, you ran. The whole roster, all the fans was wondering what would happen to the tag team champions, the dual champions as I also had the World Title, you the Euronational Title. Yet you hightailed it out of here faster than a chicken with its head cut off. Someone scared? Maybe...."

"This go around, Prez Darren isnt here to save you. You better believe he knows he doesnt want to cross paths with me right now. Theres no where to run either. To make it to the main event at Ring Wars, you have to pave that path directly over me. Can you handle the fire, or will you get burned in your attempts? Who's history has pretty much ran its course, and who's history is only just beginning? Only time will tell Justin....only time will tell...."

*Smoke Dawg smiles kind of cockily, as he opens the driver side door. Tossing his bag into the passenger seat ontop of the folder from the night before. Smoke Dawg sits down inside, turning the radio off as he pulls away from the gym, continuing his ranting even still.*

"Come to think of it....Im the main topic of discussion all over I see. B-Pac still talking about his loss to me....Triple X reliving his only great moment here in the WoW....them two fighting because I put a hurting on them at Malice. Its mad crazy I tell you."

"B-Pac, what is your problem? I mean, focus some of this hate energy towards Wafer, and you may stand more of a chance. I mean, I let you win King Karnage, maybe to help you get that push, but I had to take the IC title off you, it was only right. Prez Darren sure as hell not gonna give me any sort of push. That little sack of shit and myself have never seen eye to eye, and we never will. You stand more of a chance to get a push from him. Maybe you and Triple X need to make him part of The Elite....it'll help narrow my so called 'black list' ya know!"

"And Triple X....what are you doing, reliving the only great moment of your WoW career? And even that moment you could not do on your own. How does that feel X....how does it feel to know everyday that you coudlnt beat me alone? That it took not only you, but Sweet Cheapshots, Adam Lax, and the other sorry sack of crap Thomas A. Anderson to defeat me, to dethrone me from the World Title? You are ironically the wrong person to try and crack a joke at someone's name."

"I could relive moments where I related your name to a cheap rate porno movie....similar to your cookie cracks, but what would that prove? Nothing. Instead, I'll give you a fair warning. Forsaken is, was, and will always be a joke. The only person from The Elite to actually have a thing to do with Forsaken was B-Pac, and even he couldnt defeat Forsaken when it came to being inside the ring. It was me, Smoke Dawg, I defeated Forsaken member after another. Starting with Tim Gorder, moving to Chad HarZy, to taking down the leader Ichabod.....something B-Pac himself could not do mere weeks earlier. The Elite is marked....and you know me better X....Smoke Dawg doesnt quit something he starts. Last Malice was only the beginning....."

*Smoke Dawg nods his head, as he turns the radio on. 'Click Click Boom' by Saliva is playing, as Smoke Dawg smiles. Smoke Dawg then turns the radio down quickly for a brief moment.*

"What kind of man calls another man a sissy now a days anwyays X? Seriously....think up something better than that!"

*Smoke Dawg laughs out loud as he turns the radio back up blaring as he pushes the peddle to the metal, the engine letting off a massive roar. As the Saleen S7 starts to haul ass down the road.*