*Lightning illuminates the darkened sky as the wind whips all about causing the trees to bend under the pressure. Thunder claps ring out loudly, as a bolt of lightning nails an old tree, causing it to split apart and collapse. In all the ruckus, Smoke Dawg's Saleen S7 can be heard coming down the road, as the headlights light up the road.*

*The Saleen S7 comes to a hault in front of an old, run down building. About the same time, rain begins to pour down from the skies above. Smoke Dawg steps out of his car, in a long, dark trench coat as usual, as he walks towards the building. His surrounds light up as a streak of lightning lights up everything in sight, as Smoke Dawg just shrugs it off, continuing through the busted double doors and into the building.*

*Inside, water seeps through the various cracks in the roof as the dinginess of so many years passing by with no activity inside has seemingly caught up with the building. Smoke Dawg puts the hood down on his trench coat as he pulls out a flash light, looking around for something apparently. Moments pass, as Smoke Dawg takes a look at various pictures still barely clinging to the walls, having to wipe the layer of dust off them. Many of them contain Smoke Dawg himself in them, others containing Wafer. A select few contain Justin Payne, these Smoke Dawg take off the wall, take out of the picture casing, and placing into his pocket.*

*Smoke Dawg reaches a door labeled President of IPWF....Chris Conner. Smoke Dawg lets off a smirk, shakign his head at the door as he goes through. With everything remaining intact in the room apparently, Smoke Dawg finds the file cabinet as he plunders through finding Justin Payne's file. Smoke Dawg looks through the file when the door is kicked down, Smoke Dawg flashing the light over to see none other than Wafer standing there with a smile across his face.*

Wafer - "I always wanted to do that!"

"What the hell for? Can't you see someone's busy here? What took your ass so long to get out of the car anyways?"

"Maybe you're stupid enough to just walk about in weather like this, but I sure as hell know Im not!"

"Wafer afraid of a little weather? Sad."

"Hey, fuck you!"

"No thanks.....in any case, I found what I came looking for. Justin Payne's file when in the IPWF."

"I dont know why you are worried about it, you sucked shit back then. You always got your ass kicked!"

"Shut the hell up. Ol' Justin claims to have been the big man on campus when I was struggling in the Indies...from what I can see, Justin Payne was a rookie when I was already established. Maybe all those bumps on his head is finally getting to him..."

"Or maybe Im hungry, so lets get the hell outta here! Im fuckin' starving man!"

"Keep your shit up, and B-Pac wont have much of an opponent come next Monday..."

*Wafer and Smoke Dawg stare at each other for a moment before letting out a laugh. Lightning strikes once again, Wafer getting startled by it as Smoke Dawg laughs at him. Wafer gives Smoke Dawg the finger as the two leave the run down offices of the once IPWF, Smoke Dawg still having Justin Payne's folders in hand...*

*The skies have begun to clear up a bit as Smoke Dawg sits in his car reading Justin Payne's file, the seat laid back just a tad for comfort and easy reading with the interior light. Reaching the end, Smoke Dawg closes the folder, as he shakes his head.*

"What am I going to do. Justin Payne is looking to be ready to make his way back to the World Title along with becoming the first wrestler in the WoW to hold three titles at once. B-Pac is angry at losing his Intercontinental Title to me along with too many things to remember. Not to meantion Triple X looks a tad bit pissed off as well. The perfect position to be in..."

"Justin Payne believes he is the most recognized man in wrestling, hell sports entertainment today.....yet the only one after him is myself. I, on the other hand, have hordes of challengers after me, not only to challenge me for the IC title, but to gain respect, honor, glory, revenge all at my expense. No no, not gonna happen."

"I mean....I dont have to defeat Justin Payne. He got it all wrong. So many factors could work to my advantage. I could get attacked by The Elite, and retain my title due to outside interference. I could somehow get knocked unconscious outside the ring and get the miserable ten count. To take this title off my hands, it will take pinning me or making me submit. Both of which, Justin should know is hard to accomplish."

"Maybe a no disqualification rule is in order here. Yeah, Justin should easily know Im all about being fair, so no worries on someone attacking him for my benefit. Would Justin be so brave, as was B-Pac? Payne is the Brutality Champion.....perhaps he is."

"Though the knowledge of Justin Payne being the European Champion once before surprises me. Sure, Im no history book, cannot expect me to know things that whiched apparently took place before my arrival here. Thats not what surprises me though. The man that says he was leading the Worldwide Online Wrestling federation when I was supposedly in the Indies...in fact started out on a lower level title? Dont get me wrong, its ok. I just....I just over looked that title I suppose. No showing my first match, well thats a new one by me, as I remember the first match all too well. Necron, with me winning the match Justin decided to stick his nose out and watch, distracting me from the task at hand. But that was a ring rust mistake, no ring rust on these joints. Justin Payne though.....seems more like ring arthritis...."

"Justin Payne forgets how I defended the World Title every match unlike himself. That I strove to be the best, leaps and bounds beyond any other. Carrying the WoW on my back to a degree, you could say. I introduced B-Pac to the WoW in a way....the same man you lost the IC title to. Yet, I gained it from his unfortunate loss..." "Speaking of B-Pac....every line in the book comes flying out of this guys mouth. So confident and cocky he was, until the end of his title run came knocking on his door. To think Prez Darren had something to do with it all, in actuality. Being poised to make such a big announcement, it seemed the perfect time to confront him. I should have known he would hide behind locked doors like the piece of crap he is. Trying to get security to detain me for my match against B-Pac. Good thing Wafer was around, or else that would have been the first match I've never made it to.....wonder what B-Pac thinks of that little bit of info? Either way, I know everyone has yet to hear the end of B-Pac's bitching and moaning."

"The Elite.....The Elite......they looked Elite for a moment Monday night, that is until I gave them a reality check. See, the problem is if it wasnt for The Elite, I would have held the World Title even longer, much longer. They think they are all that matters in this place....this world. They are sadly mistaken. Revenge will be given in doses, this past Malice was just a taste."

"The time has come for me to take my place back at the top....top of the game...top of the WoW.....top of the mountain. With so much that will be gunning at me, Wafer...The ORS is a way of ensuring the numbers game wont go too far out of control. This coming Malice will see many things. The Intercontinental Title defended successfully. The ORS establishing even more muscle to the WoW. The Elite being placed more into its place. So many things.....its great being me..."

*Smoke Dawg smiles as he looks back down, going back to reading Justin Paynes file. A few moments pass when Smoke Dawg's watch begins to beep, as Smoke Dawg puts the folder in the passenger seat as he turns the the interior light off, turning the key in the ignition cranking it up, as he slowly pulls off into the distance.*