*Monday Malice has ended, as Smoke Dawg sits in his locker room back stage, the Intercontinental Title setting on his knees as he wipes it with a fresh white towel, causing it to shine brightly in the light. Smoke Dawg puts the title over his shoulder, as he walks to the full body mirror, over looking himself with the title as he nods to himself.*

"It just doesnt give off the same...shine. Does it? The World Title feels so much heavier, weighed down with more gold, along with history. Weighed down with the illustrious history of being the most prestegious title, held by greats, legends even. Justin Payne, Phuze, Brother Brimstone, Ichabod, Richard 'Dick' Gazinya....and myself....a living legend of sorts. Thats not to say that the Intercontinental Title isnt weighed down by its own history..."

"Let us count the Euronational Title along with the Intercontinental Title, and the one man to hold both titles along with the titles the most.....Justin Payne, my next opponent. Justin Payne is, in his own way, a living legend. The most decorated wrestler in the Worldwide Online Wrestling federation, he has held practically every title the WoW has to offer except for the European Title. Noone can take that away from him, not even myself. But...I can stop him from becoming more decorated..."

*Smoke Dawg takes the title off his waist as he lays it into his workout bag, zipping it up. Smoke Dawg grabs his bag as he walks out of the locker room, continuing to rant towards the ever present camera.*

"Justin Payne already has the Brutality Title around his waist, along with the Trivia Title. Granted, Justin Payne in part defeated me for the Trivia Title, I've never went for the Brutality Title. Defeating me for the Intercontinental Title to up his ante to three is just something I do not care to see happen, and will not allow to happen. Justin Payne, out of all people, should know my determination when it comes to retaining a title, as nothing is taken lightly, nothing."

"Lets take a step back Justin, lets step back unto memory lane where Justin Payne was just starting in the IPWF.....where The ORS back then was unstoppable, and everyone including myself knew I was to never win because of the corrupt system. Did that stop me Justin? Did that stop me from revolutionizing the way things were done, pretty much taking the game to the level it is at now? I stepped over the old boundries, putting it all to the next level.....and made you admit you were worried...."

"Worried that you couldnt hold you're own in this new age of wrestler, this basking bunch, as it was true I never won a match in the IPWF yet....somehow won every award I was up for with ease surpassing even The ORS, a force I was against, as the most dominate presence. Now....we flash forward to the WoW, the place you brought me. I quickly become one of the most decorated men alongside you. The first ever Tag Team Title Tournament, I fought tooth and nail up the ladder to the tip top. Past The Foxes, past The Legion, past the Corporation....to make it to the finals. Myself and Neo.....and I chose you, you did not choose me. By my efforts, we won the Tag Team Titles, and you never once thanked me for that opportunity...."

*Smoke Dawg pushes past the back exit door, as he walks through the garage parking lot. Taking his keys out from his pants, Smoke Dawg presses the automatic start on his Saleen S7 as it begins to roar to life. Openning the door, Smoke Dawg puts his gear in the passenger seat as he stands in the doorway.*

"Justin.....Unification is the key word here. The Intercontinental Title, a title we both have held now, you losing it to the man I defeated for it. The title I have just begun to add to its illustrious history with my own talent. The World Title, again a title we both have held, you losing it to just one man as I had near impossible odds with four men. I made the World Title the title it is today, holding it the longest, defending it the most, making it the ultimate title to get in the Worldwide Online Wrestling federation....no in all of Sports Entertainment, I took the slack you left when you walked away from the WoW, and you saw it stilled lived, it still breathed without you....with me."

"Justin, no more masks, no more forgotten memories, no more overlooking things, noone to help you or me. Just me versus you. Smoke Dawg versus Justin Payne. Can you surpass the man that revolutionized the business as we know it, or make a losing effort and learn the error of your ways? A true champion said, when its all said and done, when all the smoke is cleared.....you will be looking at the end of the tunnel staring up at the bright lights, after you've been Smoked Out!"

*Smoke Dawg stares for a moment, never moving, phasing, fading from the determined look. Reaching into his pocket, Smoke Dawg pulls out the Jecht mask he wore for so long as he lays it on the parking lot ground. Getting into his car, Smoke Dawg pulls away with a burst of speed, leaving behind the veil he was forced behind yet over came like all the challenges thus far.....*