*The moon is up high nearing the end of its cycle before the new moon steps in, as the stars cast an illuminous glow upon the Melon Center in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Jecht, who can easily be seen standing outside in a long trench coat, gives the arena a look over before continuing forward towards the back entrance.*

*As he approaches, the police guard steps up to prevent easy access until realizing who it is, stepping out of the way, allowing Jecht entrance to the arena. Jecht walks inside, removing his coat to reveal work out attire, as he makes his way around the back stage area. Jecht notices the sign telling which way to the ring entrance ramp, following the directions.*

*Jecht walks through the curtains, as he steps out on the entrance ramp to an empty arena. All of the props and such for Malice are already constructed, as Jecht gets a smile to himself. Eyeing the ring, Jecht makes his way towards it, eventually climbing in as he looks around the empty seats.*

"B-Pac.....imagine this. Imagine thousands of screaming fans in this arena, on Monday, cheering. Cheering for me to do what is viably possible. Cheering for me to do what needs to be done. Cheering for me, because you aren't worth cheering for. Hurts doesnt it? Reality, being broke back into it. You see, what have you done for the Worldwide Online Wrestling Organization since coming into the picture? Seriously, what have you done? You have proven you can't stand alone against the masses as you work with anyone that could give two less a craps about things. You steal material. You lie. You cheat. And you do all this....thinking you deserve it all. You dont."

"Yeah, I seen what all you have been up to, cameras dont lie. To think that a game show playing a game based on our federation has us pegged down as winners and losers in real life.....it doesnt. Perhaps the person playing as me just couldnt play the game? Perhaps the person playing as me was paid off by you? Perhaps the person playing the game wanted to let you win just one more time before I demolish you Monday? A games a game, realize it, and move on."

"But thats not even the fullest extent of what you've been doing, no. You have now resorted to copying me. Did I not accuse you of in appropriate relations with a child in my last set of comments? What do you do in retortion? The same exact thing. Why would it matter if you go around asking Justin Payne, Triple X, Ichabod, Prez Darren, your momma and daddy, Bill Gates, President Bush, and anyone else that will listen to your excesent questioning and bitching about things I do? You went to First Friday, did a little parody skit, did what the hell ever, but do you see me asking people how come you were here or there? No..."

"You're last promo did suck, compared to anything else that has been lashed out against me, that was below average, below par. But do you think I will just let up on you because you released something crappy? No, what kind of challenger would I be then B-Pac? That would make you on par with you, in sorts, wouldnt it? To do only what you need to do to win, whatever it takes. Sorry to say B-Pac, I go all out, and do anything in my God given strength and power to earn my victories."

"And ya know what, you're right. I wont sink to your level, because obviously you are convinced you are at the top of your game....but if I'd have to sink to your level, that would mean my game is higher up than yours.....wouldnt it? Its only common sense, you still have that dont you? Do I need to break out the old Chemistry and Biology books on you, pull out some diagrams, hire a fancy smancy teacher, and school your ass on the basics of sinking and raising? Im trying to break you from it, Im trying to make you better here, show you things you dont know because you have decided to place your head so far in your ass, that even your shit smells like roses."

*Jecht stops for a moment, taking in a deep breathe, exhaling it slowly. He closes his eyes, to just imagine a visual of the thousands of fans that will erupt by nights end. Win or lose, Jecht knows he will have the final laugh, which makes it all seem so sweeter. With this, he opens his eyes, a smile painted upon his face, as he continues*

"Do you hear that Brandon? Do you hear it? Its the lack of laughter, the laughter you say is out there. Its the sound of things getting more deeper, more personal, more everything you know not how to do. You challenge me with some falls count any where bull, and I reply with just an all out street match. You know me, dont you Brandon? You should know my past with street matches. Every street match I've been in has been classic, spectacular, win or lose. I've faught guys that exsist in your wet dream fantasies, do you really think Im gonna worry about you? Haha....you got another thing coming."

"The only one that has yet to sacrafice a thing thus far is you. You advanced because of Triple X's sacraficing. You still have your title because I sacraficed Konnor Kingdom's chances and in turned helped yours. Will this be your night of sacraficing? Will this be.....The Elite's sacrafical night? Stick that neck out kid, Troy taught you better."

"Memories are forever, whether you lose them or not, they are painted in the echoes of time. What we do now echoes for all eternity. I've made my echo upon the halls of Zill Towers, so much that it over laps yours. Dogs have their day, so pray that yours is Monday. Go about and throw your little hand signals, do your parody skits, ask everyone why oh why doesnt Jecht sink to my level to make it more fair, steal your material, go hire another kid for all I care. The talking ends Monday, try to remember that, and forget all that made up bullshit you live in...."

*Jecht turns away, shaking his head at everything B-Pac has said this week. He unties his mask, throwing it on the groud as he walks off leaving the ring area, the arena and all the empty seats that will be filled in just 48 hours time....*