*A warm summer afternoon in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania as the sun shines down through the partly cloudy sky. In downtown Pittsburg, a local hospital is having a special visit from one of the Worldwide Online Wrestling's superstars, Jecht. Jecht, having already arrived, looks over the hospital, before taking in a deep breathe and walking in.*

*Jecht steps out of the elevator as he is on the pediatric floor. Looking around, Jecht sees all sorts of patients. From kids hooked on respirators, to burnt kids, to even the mentally challenged kids. The kids hear the ding of the elevator going back down, as they look to see who has arrived, when they all begins to yell and cheer as many of them charge at Jecht whether by foot or even in wheelchairs.*

*They bum rush Jecht, asking him to sign various things. From bandages and casts, to wheel chairs and crutches. Jecht does so, as each child thanks him, bringing a smile to his face as well as the child's. Some time passes, as most of the excitement has seemingly died down, when a smaller kid approaches Jecht. His feets turned inwards a bit, and his hands in a locked form, the child reaches Jecht with a huge smile on his face.*

"Whats your name kid?"

*The child looks around for a moment before attempting to get the words to come from his mouth. (OOC Note, the kid is mentally challenged. No dissing on those type of people, but remember to read his words as a 'retard', but please, no anger towards me. Please)*


"Woah there little man. Im right here, no need to yell Billy."

"Sorry, I was a little excited."

"Its alright Billy, so, how are you this afternoon? I assume you'd like an autograph?"

"Im doing fine....its a beautiful day! I just wanted to ask a question, if it is ok?"

*Jecht nods, as he helps young Billy out, getting him a tissue and wiping the saliva surrounding his mouth.*

"I know you are facing B-Pac, and hes in the Elite....and I was wanting to know why they felt the need to pick on people like me! Its just not fair!"

"What do you mean? I didnt know that they were."

*Billy does the hand signal to the best of his ability, which is a pretty good representation. Jecht nods, understanding what he means.*

"Their hand sign, just look at it. It hurts my feelings everytime I see it. Its just wrong!"

"No, Billy. They arent making fun of you. I mean, I dont know what the deal is with that hand signal, as to my knowledge looks like a way of showing their stupidity. Just think of it this way, they probably have some kind of secret hand shake, believing in their minds they have some sort of secret society, and you as well as I know thats its just a lame way of trying to 'prove' they are the best of the best. We both know thats not true."

*Billy starts laughing loudly, as it echoes a bit as the rest of the kids turn to see what the deal is. Jecht motions for him to calm down a bit, as he does.*

"Thats funny! I hope you beat B-Pac, we got to see the last show, and I didnt like that you lost."

"I know, I know. B-Pac has one over me. But everyone has their day, and he had one given to him. That doesnt mean Malice will be his day Billy. That doesnt mean the title he has yet to truly defend will be his after Malice. That just gives me more to work for. Believe me Billy, after Malice, the only hand motion he'll be doing is shooting a bird, pissed off he just lost his Intercontinental Title."

*Billy starts to laugh loudly again, as Jecht again tries to calm him down. Billy stops, with a sad look on his face, thinking hes done something wrong to get in trouble. Jecht pats him on the back, as he starts to laugh, as Billy joins him...*

*The sun is down, the moon is up high as the sky has cleared up a bit, Jecht walking out of the double doors of the hospital, taking a look around before walking down the sidewalk. As by now, every Worldwide Online Wrestling fan should know the camera catchs everything a wrestler does, Jecht knows this as well, as he begins to speak about his match.*

"From what I've heard, B-Pac, you still dont take my challenging you for the title seriously. I've even heard that you are down in Augusta, Georgia, First Friday festivities. Thats good and all, and for once, you even seem remotely worried about our match, more so than from what I've seen up to this moment. But, the things you said and events that transpired.....they disturb me a bit B-Pac."

"I mean, I think we have the precedent of our match set. You beat me at King Karnage, but you speak of it as if I dont know that, as if noone knew it. Have you been lost over this past week? Have you not seen, heard me talk about the match and even admitting you won? Then, you talk about the Intercontinental Title, and speak of how you have earned it with hard work. Again, have you not been paying attention to my remarks on it? Admitting that you do have ownership of your IC title, remotely due to my interference and the magician trick. Apparently, B-Pac, you havent."

"But you went from the land of not listening to the land of where the hell has my mind gone. Trying to say Im a legend at some Blitzball. Tell me something B-Pac, in wrestling, what is Blitzball? Oh wait, there isnt such a thing. So....tell me, what the hell are you talking about? Relating me to a video game character will only get you a laugh and a shake of the head from me, I'll fill you in on that one. Do what makes you feel good though, and apparently you do."

"To further your fantasies, you took the video game sketch one step further, hiring a kid to partake in your ranting and raving to try and make a mockery of what was done to me. Having the child say that I am a homosexual and other things of that sort. What did you promise him? A free beer and blow job on you? You know what, I dont care. That was pretty childish and immature way of attempting to get under my skin, no kudos for you."

"B-Pac, you think you are special because you have seen who I am, that it gives you some sort of advantage. News flash, it doesnt. I know perfectly clear who you are, you're past, you're present, everything. And, you knowing this, you know you're remarks were a pitiful excuse of words. You know who I am, you in turn know Im a legend, so stop trying to bring me down to your level and step up to mine finally. I let you get a win over me, isnt that enough?"

"Maybe you're right, I cannot get King Karange back....not until next year. But why should I worry about a crown that you won by defeating Triple X, who also let you win, Professor Zandor, who I've beaten numerous times Im sure you know, and myself, who allowed you to win so you would earn some respect rather than being over rated. Pretty harsh road you traveled huh? It beats my Tim Gorder, Ichabod, and Death road any day I guess. Wait, didnt you lose to Ichabod originally in the qualifying rounds of King Karange? Thats right....but I put him out of the tournament. At least he put up a fight."

"B-Pac, I ask you one thing. Malice, stop trying to be the Intercontinental Champion, and be just be it. Stop doing your hand signals. Stop hanging out with you're little buddies. Stop always finding it necessary to start talking about me by pulling out a cigarette and finish talking about me by lighting it up. Stop trying to say I steal what I say from other wrestlers or forget how I was given this mask and name and remember how it is like to lose. You can have you're day against me once, if I allow it. But can you really beat me? Can you really keep me from taking something you value? Time will tell the tale...."

*Jecht shakes his head, as he looks at his watch. Jecht continues to walk down the sidewalk, on his way to his next destination......Melon Arena....*