*Midafternoon in Northern Georgia, as the sun shines down brightly from straight up above down upon the mountains. Seen in the distance is a midafternoon thunderstorm, illuminating the sky surrounding it moving parallel to the mountains. Jecht is seen scaling the mountains in full mountain climbing gear, making his way towards the top. Because of the high altitude, the wind whips all around him, tossing about small rocks causing Jecht to look downwards.*

*Jecht reaches a small jutting area, as he climbs up unto it, giving himself a break from climbing. Jecht looks up, seeing only a few feet left to climb, as a smile comes over his face. Jecht then turns and looks outwards, admiring the storm passing by in the distance, the trees and plains below, and the mountain he has thus far climbed, as he nods to himself.*

"Half of the fun of anything, is climbing to the top. I mean, does anyone find it fun going down from a place they have reached, from a place they have peaked at? I didnt think so. When you reach the top, you have earned that respect, that pride, that glory. All of which you must defend night in and night out, ensuring you keep it, that of which is the most enthralling part of the experience."

"But sometimes, the eperience mellows out, the person loses their edge, and B-Pac shows this easily. From making half witted remarks, trying to pick apart things I say. Trying to place me in a place where I cannot fight back from. I choose where I go, its never choosen for me, learn that B-Pac."

"You are right, maybe not all of what you said was directed towards me? But, I take it as so. You are the only thing on my radar, and that is to my advantage. You have to keep your 'image' up as an Elite, making sure you're stable mates are up to pace as they do to you. The people you burn bridges with, do you think they will stand by idle, allowing you to continue? I know you dont, and you must worry about them as well."

"I go into our match, worrying about one thing. Winning. The Elite can get involved, I want them to, as it'll make my victory taste so much sweeter. Address what you like, when you like, where you like, how you like, but try to remember what you are supposed to be doing, preparing for battle with me. The cockiness of holding the Intercontinental title for so long with no competition has softened you, but Im here to show you you're hard competition."

"So I've stepped up, said I can handle my own against the Elite....wheres my slap in the face? Oh, wait, you are at the top of the mountain waiting for me, the bracket that I climb now. I come quick for the title, do you really think you can stop me? No, you have your victory over me. But, was it really a victory, or me allowing you to win? You need your push, little man, why not allow you to recieve it at a tiny expense? I'll come back, a week later, and take something you have forgotten about, the IC title."

*Jecht takes a deep breathe, as he looks back up, continuing up the mountain. Hand infront of the other, scalling the mountain until reaching the top. Standing high above, Jecht lets out a loud yell that echoes for miles.*

"B-Pac, worry about who you Elite will bring into the Worldwide Online Wrestling all you want, all you need. Promise me one thing, worry about your title if only a quarter of a percent as I have a yearning to snatch the gold away from your waist, your grasp! I wont go create some stable of a mass of wrestlers that have as you say 'no skill onesoever', whatever onesoever means!"

"The fact of the matter is, B-Pac, having the title is a great feeling, I admit that, I know it. But going for it is an even better one. None of your sick fantasies will come true to save you. I wont disappear into the wide yonder, nor will aliens come abduct me to save you the worry of having to face me."

"Monday, August 5th, 2002. Melon Arena, Pittsburg, PA. In less than a week, five days, 120 hours, 7200 minutes, 432,000 seconds.....no matter how you look at it, time is ticking and our match approaches. Who will come out king of the mountain and who will find themselves back in the valley? Time will tell the tale, I only know beating me twice in a row is a feat that is rare to do, and I will not allow a chance like this pass by!"

*Jecht takes in a couple of deep breathes, admiring the scenery all around him. A ringing noise can be heard, as Jecht looks around a second before taking his backpack off, reaching in for his Nokia cell phone. He takes a look at the screen, seeing he recognizes the number as he pushes the answer button.*

"Whats up?........Im in the mountains, I told you that dammit!.......Thats why you couldnt get ahold of me, didnt you just hear me?.......Whatever man, where are you?......Ok, just hang tight there, I'll be there in a bit......Stop your bitching and just hang out there, shit man........Alright, we'll talk about Malice plans then, later!"

*Jecht puts the phone back away in his backpack, as Jecht looks down, seeing the climbing back down he has to do. Letting out a long sigh, Jecht shakes his head as he begins to decend down the mountain to meet up with the person on the phone....*