*King Karnage has ended, and Jecht sits back stage battered and beaten, having lost the King Karnage title. Jecht just sits on the bench, looking into his locker through his now torn mask shaking his head. A quick knock is heard on the door as a backstage crew member slides a piece of paper underneath Jecht's door that sits closed and locked. Jecht gets up, only to grab the piece of paper before sitting back down. The paper, after giving it a quick look through, has the next Malice's card on it, reading as follows...*


Triple X & Cheapshots
Nasty Dick Experience


Jecht -vs- B-Pac(c)


Chandra Desdemona
Justin Payne(c)

Morbius -vs- Zero

Quake -vs- PKA

Lilio -vs- Death

*Jecht gives off a faint smile, only tampered off by the fact of losing. Jecht shakes his head a bit before he decides to pack up his gear. Taking a look at the clock, he sees he still has time to catch his flight as he bolts out the door....*

*A 747 scorches across the sky making its way to its destination, the moon lingering high up above while the clouds are just below the 747. Jecht, obviously making it to his flight, is kicked back and relaxing on his plain trip. He closes his eyes, drifting asleep...*

^*^The sun shines down brightly on the grassy plains of vast emptiness, wind blows freely with no trees to stop its gentle breeze, as everything seems so peaceful, so quiet. From above, a body can be seen. Laying there, face down and motionless, it appears that the person has taken a great deal of beating, harassment as the person's clothes are ripped in varoius places stained with the dried blood of the fallen man. Close inspection reveals that he is still breathing, barely as alot of blood has been lost staining the grass around him and assumingly beneath him in blood. Jecht looks on at this, from a few steps away, remembering this whole place, where he awoke mere months ago.^*^

^*^Jecht closes his eyes, remembering it all just as it had passed just now, openning them to see his body not laying on the ground anymore, but staring at him, bloody and battered. Jecht goes to speak, only to stop himself as the body of himself puts a finger over his own bloody lips. Jecht looks at himself, as both nod in agreement. With this, the bloody, beaten Jecht takes a step forward as the dreaming Jecht closes his eyes taking in a deep breathe, holding for a brief moment before openning his eyes, letting the breathe out slowly....^*^

Jecht - "I remember...."

*The wind blows over a calm and collected plain, the sun rising slowly due east, peering just through the clouds, causing the horizon to seemingly burn with fire. Jecht stands in the middle of the same field, head looking downwards as he breathes slowly, methodically. Moments pass, for what seems like an eternity, before Jecht looks up, his eyes glazed over just a bit, reddened even as he takes in a deep breathe.*

"Days of healing, of rest, of....remembering have crept by, and one must just contemplate, mull over the events that have passed by. The unsureness of what he said, not totally believing. Moments that, that I cannot even explain or recollect, but now I know why, who, what, when, where it all went to. The question I come up with, is why? Why attempt to bound me to a fate that you cannot bind me to? Why attempt to drag me down to the depths of which you sink, and my talent keeps me from falling through. Why?"

"King Karnage has long past, and subconsciously I know why it happen, I said it. Perhaps it was all a dream, a nightmare that I kept myself in for one more night. But now....now I am back. The respect, the dignity, the honor....I had it all along. To let the other win it, it felt ok for once to allow it. But, history shows to twice me over is a hard feat to undertake, and even harder to make. Dreams are no more, so wake up from them B-Pac."

"You may call yourself King Karnage, but can you call yourself great? What makes someone great? Is believing you are the best Worldwide Online Wrestling Intercontinetal Champion a part of it? Perhaps. Ask yourself this one question though, think long and hard before you answer. When is the last time you truly defended your title? Do you call Target Locked a title defense? Was the man even breathing when you came out to defend your title? Maybe you became a magician, and played a trick on the whole arena, the audience worldwide. With the glance of the hand, you replaced your opponent with a dummy, and slid your way into another successful title defense."

"Tell me B-Pac, when was your last real title defense? Was it Random Ruffhouse, where you defeated Konnor Kingdom aka Prez Darren and Justin Payne? If not for me, Prez Darren would have broken up your edging victory, and things...perhaps would have been differently. What if I never came down there? What if it was all a way to help keep that title around your waste?"

"Tell me B-Pac, how did you win that Intercontinental Title to begin with? To call yourself the greatest Intercontinental Champion is somewhat of a joke, B-Pac. The facts dont lie, you may know, just maybe who I am. But I know who you are too. What you are composed of, the tatics and strategies. Perhaps this will be you're first true title defense?"

*Jecht pauses for a moment, as another couple passes by. Jecht looks back up, taking in another deep breathe, sighing a bit on the exhale before continuing on.*

"The people you've faced, I could go down that battered, over trotted road as they did. And just ask 'Who is this B-Pac guy anyways? Sounds alot like X-Pac, 6-Pac, 2-Pac...' or whatever the lame lines are. What would that prove though? You would come back, saying something along the lines of 'Well you're a re-Jecht...' or something, who knows. But that would seem more like a playground fight more than a wrestling match. No, you know me better than that, dont you?"

"Enjoying your win, your reign as King Karnage? The truth is what binds you, but hate is the reason....anger is the method...isnt that how it goes? Yeah....you're a King....and yeah, you're a champion. Didnt we already go over this though? You taunt me, try to push me on saying it sucks to be me? Saying not to hate you because I'll never be as good as you, but because Im not you. Funny stuff, let me tell ya."

"Tell me something, B-Pac, have you ever been the Worldwide Online Wrestling World Champion. To be the most wanted man in the industry? To taste the passion that flows through the very veins of the WoW? To be the WoW in essence? No....you havent. But we both know someone who has, dont we? Dont hate me because Im better than you....hate me because Im something far greater than you'll ever be!"

"What father's tried to mold their childern into, the object of a wife's desires, chick-magnet, movie star.....what in the blue hell does that have to do with anything in our match? Are you so out of it, so caught up in the dillusional dream that you forgot what it is you are doing? Make a movie, look at your pops, and attract a hog, I'm worried about one thing, and one thing only.....winning the Intercontinental title."

"Im ready for Elite, Im ready for falls count anywhere, Im ready to truly have you defend your Intercontinental title.....but are you ready to step it up even more? Street Fight.....Im pretty sure thats self explanitory. Be sure to relay that message to Sweet Cheapshots and Triple X, since they literally own your ass. Im not worried about 'em, not like you."

"Tell me something, B-Pac, after Malice, when you are looking up and see nothing but your title walking away, tell me how it feels. Dont hate me because you dont have your Intercontinental title....hate me because I'll have it."

*Jecht looks back down, as he squats down kissing his hand, before laying it upon a gravestone, repeating it five seperate times. From behind Jecht, someone approaches, though the man is unable to be seen, as he stops a few feet from Jecht. Jecht stands up, and turns around to see who it is before nodding his head.*

"Why did you decide to meet here, a graveyard out of all the damn places?"

"I wanted to pay my respects, I havent in so long. Problem?"

"Oh, shit, my bad dude, sorry."

"Its alright. Thanks for the help by the way..."

*Jecht and the other man walk of, continuing their conversation leaving the five gravestones in silence, fresh flowers left upon each headstone...*