*The storm rages on in Atlanta, as the saga continues, Jecht and Ichabod staring each other down with each their own glare. Ichabod glaring at Jecht with a look of contempt and disgust. Jecht glaring at Ichabod with a look of determination and confidence. Ichabod breaks the stare down first, as he turns and walks back a couple of steps, turning around to look at Jecht once more.*

Ichabod - "You still having doubts? I told you I knew everything about you. Where you lived, where you worked out, where you were beaten.... Its kinda funny. In a way, I was telling the truth, but then again, I AM playing a mind game... because I have more of your mind than you do."

Jecht - "Doubts.....doubts.....the only doubt in my mind is that I have you pinned down far better than you think. I knew you'd come. To Atlanta, this place.....why else make it available to you. I came to find out not only what this place means to me......but to test you."

*Ichabod stares at Jecht still, as Jecht gives off a faintish smile. Jecht begins to shake his head, taking in a deep breath before he continues.*

Jecht - "What pains me the most, Ichabod, is that you continue these mind games, as pitiful as they may be, and think, believe even that they are working. When in fact, it is all done in pure vain."

Ichabod - "Test me? You can't play mind games with the master of them Jecht. Maybe you have retained a lot more of your old self than I thought. You still believe you have to best me at everything. You think you know so much... you "believe" so much, when really you know nothing at all. Its really kind of sad when you think about it. I have more than proven that I know you better than you do, and yet you still try and act like you are in control"

Jecht - "Playing mind games with the master, am I? Maybe I haven't retained more than you had first thought. Memories....playing back in slow motion. And I learn more by the minute. For the master of mind games, you should know why I allowed you to know where I was headed. So, if you may, tell me. Enlighten me."

*Ichabod begins to pace around a tad, laughing just a tad as he begins to retort.*

Ichabod - "Let me find you? Jecht, you didn't "let" me do anything. I knew this place long before that mask knew your face. You have trained here for years... sometimes alongside me. We've spent long hours here pushing ourselves to the limits, learning about what our bodies can do, what we are capable of, and what our strengths an weaknesses are. New personality or not, your body is the same. And the problem is that I still know all that, you have lost it. And a few scattered memories aren't going to help you gain all that back."

*Jecht thinks a moment about what Ichabod has said. Ichabod stops his pacing, continuing to stare Jecht down. Jecht looks to his left, then to his right, surrounded by a place too familiar to him. Jecht closes his eyes, letting himself go for the moment, as he sees two guys sparing and another watching on from the floor......the watcher easily recognizable as Ichabod, and one of the wrestlers can only assumed to be Jecht, though still unable to determine who he really is. Jecht dismantles the other with pure easiness, as Ichabod just looks on, watching, learning, admiring just a tinge even. Jecht leaves the ring, wiping the sweat that drips from his brow, unaware of Ichabod who is questioning things, seemingly getting the cold shoulder*

*Jecht opens his eyes, Ichabod watching on still. Jecht nods to himself before continuing on.*

Jecht - "Then you should easily know, remember that the roles you are trying to put forth are truly reverse. You taking from me. Learning from my ways. You may know my limits, but you know not what they are now. If they've changed for the better, or for the worse. Whatever the case may be, you've admired what I could do in the ring.....What says you arent worried inside, worried with guilt and concern. Wondering if you can take it to the next level, my level, whatever level it may be. I must be able to take it to the top, Im facing you this week, this Friday, am I not? For someone that you, yourself counted out, thought was down and out, to be here before you in flesh....that speaks volumes. Far more than the mind games you try to distort things with."

*Jecht's comments hit Ichabod a little hard, as Ichabod begins to breath just a little harder as his tone goes from calm to yelling.*

Ichabod - "No, Jecht. You are so wrong. I took from you for a long time and what good did it do me? Nothing. Nothing but a big shadow cast over me. A cold shadow that made me so uncomfortable that I had to escape. And escape I did. I stopped taking from you a long time ago and started making my own. Now it is YOU who will learn from me. You will learn what happens when you ignore the warning signs. I didn't try to take you out, you believing that should tell you right now that you are delusioned. I only wanted to put you in the perfect place to teach you a lesson, and you are slowly learning, BOY. You may not realize it, but you are learning. And I promise that lesson is about to come to its conclusion. What have a taken from you in whole? Well I can say that your carelessness has created a monster. Yes, Friday, perhaps the biggest Friday of my life... and you will be there to witness it firsthand, just like I planned... well most of it anyway...the last few seconds are going to be a blur for you, I promise you that."

*Jecht walks towards Ichabod, again mere inches from his face. Ichabod still breathing a little more heavily, Jecht just smiles, shaking his head at what Ichabod just said.*

Jecht - "You know.....you're right. You decided that the best thing for you to try and do is start making your own. Though you know, whatever you create, you use what I helped you develop, what I gave you. Whatever tricks and skills, whatever talents I helped you develop. Shadow or no shadow, you'll always know deep in the back of you're mind, I helped you become what you are. I shaped what you are."

*Jecht laughs just a tad, under his breath, as he turns away. Ichabod grows a tad angry, his face growing a little red. Jecht continues smiling, as he walks away continuing to make his point.*

Jecht - "You consider being a part of a group that wanted to leave me for dead, not taking me out? I mean, I may have one shitty memory, but I remember waking up bruised and broken. You call being that way, this way, the perfect place to extract your revenge. To show me, the world, that you are the one that should be casting shadows. The problem is....the one you wanted to show most isnt here, is he? You helped take him away. Just think, the body and all is here.....but the actual person, whoever it is I really am.....isnt able to see you try your hardest to cast that shadow.....all that planning for the perfect place done in vain. How's that feel?"

*Ichabod gets steamed from what Jecht said, and goes to attack Jecht. Jecht dodges all of Ichabod's advancements for attacking until Ichabod gets overly frustrated by it, turning red in the face from anger.*

Ichabod - "Whats the matter? Scared? Lets finish this, right here! Right now! Im ready to kick your ass!"

Jecht - "Now? Right now? No....no we wait. The fight is in the ring. No predeterminations in it......I want you totally rip roaring to go when the bell rings, no excuses. Friday will tell all.....lets just see how much louder your actions speak than your words. See you Friday!"

*Jecht smiles as he turns to walk away, exiting the gym. Ichabod standing there watching, gets extremely angry and punches one of the only remaining punching bags, knocking it off its rusted hindges and unto the ground.*

*The rain has eased up to a light sprinkle, as only thundering can be heard in the distance. Jecht, deciding to walk the short distance to the second address, has apparently made it to the address on the paper he found in the gym. Looking around, Jecht sees the house next door has a Georgia State Trooper investigating something that took place recently, apparently. Jecht decides to make his way around the scene, as to not be seen, from the other neighbors yard.*

*Sticking low to the ground, Jecht stealthly manuevers through the other neighboring yard, hiding against one of the walls at the house he wants to be at, away from the cops view. Jecht peers around the corner, seeing the cop still writing up paper work as he listens to the man bickering about something. Jecht leans back against the wall, giving a breathe of relief of not being seen.*

*Jecht looks up at the fence, noticing some things being hung on them. Jecht looks around, wondering what the hell they are doing there, taking them off to take a look at them. The items include brass knuckles, an effigy, a picture of two elderly folks, a miniture poster for some sort of event, and an envelope. Jecht looks at each other when he hears noice coming from next door. Jecht peers around the corner to see the cop getting into his car to leave. Jecht looks around, deciding to jump over the fence and into the backyard. In doing so, Jecht hides behind the house, allowing the cop to pass by without seeing him. Jecht opens the envelope reading it to realize everything was left by Ichabod who had stopped by here before going to the gym. Jecht balls the paper up, tossing it into a trash can that happens to be in the back yard.*

Jecht - "More mind games from Ichabod obviously."

Jecht - ^He doesnt really learn very well, does he?^

Jecht - "Apparently not. The facts are Friday, school is in session. Sure, he knows more about myself than...well myself. But what more is needed to know than what to do when it comes game time in the ring? Do I need to know my name to wrestle, to kick his ass? No. The bottom line is, Ichabod can know all he wants to know, but he better know how to use his skills in the ring better than me, or he will either know where the exit is after he loses, or someone will show him so he will know."

"Im not leaving Malice with anything less than a victory. Its not me, I know that much. King Karnage is all about respect, respect that has to be earned like the victories that come with advancement. I yearn for that respect, to prove that I am more than an amnesia freak. That I know a thing or two when it comes to the ring, a thing or two more than anyone else here."

"Ichabod prevents this, believing that I've held him back, that he now has to out do me, whoever it is I truly am. These things he left here, I can only guess he left them here to jog something into me. The problem is, I dont care. I dont care if he feels cheated by my out doing him all this time. I dont care if he feels he had to do what he had to do to shine through. I'll do what I have to do to win, just as he had to do what he had to to take me out of the picture. The exception is I'll succeed where as he didnt, obvious with me being here."

Jecht - ^I know I really want the win. Together, we can pull it off. You're knowledge, my knowledge......it'll happen. We'll make it happen!^

Jecht - "Ichabod has given too much room, so much that hes coming off as either extremely cocky, or extremely stupid. Either way, too much room given will change the tides. I want this victory, I need this victory, and dammit I shall have this victory even if I push myself to the brink of dieing by the explosions to pull it off, it will only make the taste of victory, that much sweeter...."

*Jecht smiles to himself, as he looks around to find some way of getting out of there without being seen, when he decides to just jump back over the way he came and run out of there. As Jecht runs past the curb, he sees something spray painted on the curb, but doesnt take the time to read it, as he hurries to not be caught, and to make it to Malice that is mere days away to make his bid to advance into the semi finals....*