*A Boeing 747 flies high in the skies, en route from Ontario, Canada, to Atlanta, Georgia. Getting ever so close to Atlanta, the skies begin to get more omnious, the wind more turbulent. Jecht, already buckled in, tries to take his mind off the weather.*

Jecht - "I wonder what this place is exactly. Tell me....what all do you know, do you remember?"

Jecht - ^Its a broken down place on the corner. Beaten down by weather and time, its not what it used to be, whatever it is. Vastly empty as well. The only thing I know....I feel is its importance. It has alot of importance to us.^

Jecht - "Anyone there that may help us? Or what?"

Jecht - ^There was.....but for some reason, it feels as if this person, this man isnt going to be there. But Im not sure why.^

Jecht - "Hmmm....well Im pretty sure worrying about it isnt going to do any good. Only make things more ancy when the time is upon us."

Jecht - ^Maybe rest would help. It'd pass the time, maybe help out far more than this storm obviously isnt.^

*Jecht nods to himself, as he looks around for a moment, finding the complimentery headphones. Slipping them on, Jecht plays some soothing music, allowing himself to fall asleep easily...*

^*^A door eeks shut as it makes an extremely loud, echoing bang as Jecht wakes up startled by the noise. Jecht looks around, finding himself laying on a dusty hardwood floor surrounding by busted punching bags and rusted weights. The lighting is really dim, but the surrounding area is still visible, if only barely. Jecht sees the usual shadow, his split half standing before him. Remembering the last two times both of them have been in the same place, Jecht jumps to his feet in a fighting position. The shadow shakes his head, just standing there looking at Jecht.^*^

Shadow - "You should know better than that. I proved Im more than a voice, I have no fight with you. This is it....the place. Do you feel it....feel the importance?"

Jecht - "Kind of.....what is this place.....what is it?"

Ghost Image - "A gym....what other kind of place has this sort of equipment? C'mon, dont tell me your that much dumber."

^*^Jecht turns around to see the same ghost image that he has seen numerous times before, the World Title laying across his should. Not so much of a ghost image now, but still too much to be unable to tell anything signifigant about him. The Ghost image begins to circle Jecht slowly, almost methodically, when Jecht turns to see the Shadow doing the same thing, only the opposite direction.^*^

Shadow - "Hes catching on quicker than we think. He lacks things though....things he needs to know...."

Ghost - "Things he needs to feel, things he needs to realize...."

Shadow - "Atlanta will help. Where it all started to fall into place...."

Ghost - "Where it all seemed to go right."

^*^By this time, the Shadow and the Ghost have met, Jecht watching on, listening. The two seemingly combine, as an even clearer person emerges. Jecht is still unable to tell who it is, as the face is distorted. The man stands a few inches from Jecht, both staring at each other before the man breaks the silence.^*^

Jecht - "I want to take control when we get to Atlanta. I know more about it than you. Theres a reason we need to be going here, and you are obviously in the dark more so than myself."

Jecht - "But why? You will be there too....and what the crap is this all about? What the hell just happened?"

Jecht - "Something tells me we'll be figuring it all out soon enough. Just trust me, I need to be there in person....dont make me make it happen."

^*^Jecht looks around, then down at his own feet. Turning around, Jecht goes to walk away when the man grabs Jecht by the shoulder, stopping him. Jecht just nods his head, as does the man in suit. The man lets go of Jecht, as Jecht continues to walk away, leaving the man to himself looking around the empty place....^*^

*The rain falls down hard in Atlanta, as the sky illuminates every few seconds with a bolt of lighting, thunder heard rumbling about in the distance. A taxi pulls off slowly due to the amount of rain on the road, leaving Jecht standing there, trenchcoat on to protect him from the rain. Jecht looks up at the building, all faded and busted looking, somehow holding up under the pressures of time. Jecht closes his eyes, seeing the building under far better conditions, only to open them to see it in its current state.*

*Jecht begins to make his way towards the building, the water covering his feet as they slosh through the water until he makes his way inside. Rain drips through cracks and crevices as inside the building flickers with the lightining from above. Jecht begins to look around the main room, everything as he had imagined it in the dream, busted punching bags, rusted weights, and broken benches. Jecht closes his eyes, seeing the place under better conditions again. Seeing people busy all about, working out, pumping weights, working the punching bags. All of this being edged on by one man, blowing a whistle, shouting loud rants and comments at the rest, seemingly pushing them to work harder as Jecht opens his eyes.*

Jecht - "Troy Johnson."

Jecht - ^Troy Johnson? Whos that? Where'd you get that?^

Jecht - "That was him, the man with the whistle, the man in control of it all. He was....important to me, to us."

Jecht - ^How do you know? What about this place then? Have we been here?^

Jecht - "I just do, dont you? Look around, memories all about. Training here, day in and day out. Working to become better than we were already. All because of him. Like....like a mentor. Best friend even.....but where is he....."

Jecht - ^I dont know....doesnt look like hes here.^

*Jecht looks around, as lightining goes off Jecht sees a piece of paper on the ground crumpled up. Jecht goes to pick it up, it looks to be another address, in his handwriting, only the ink is weathered down, runny even, but able to be read barely.^

Jecht - "Another address here in Atlanta?"

Jecht - ^What is going on? Are we going on another goose chase? Is this why we came here?^

*Jecht looks up quickly, as if hes heard something. His eyes searching around quickly for something, someone even.*

Jecht - "Someone else is here...."

*Just as those words leave his mouth, clapping can be heard from the adjacent room followed by an evilish laugh. From the room walks another person, lighining flashes again, revealing none other than Ichabod. Ichabod stops the laughing, stops the clapping, making his way towards Jecht, as Jecht makes his way towards Ichabod. The two meet half way, standing mere inches apart eyeing each other down.*