*The sun rises with a promptness coming with time, as a beam of light shines through the parted curtains. The beam is casted upon Jecht's bare face, no mask being worn, waking him to the day at hand. Jecht begins to stir about, trying to shrug off the dreariness of sleep, as finally to his feet, Jecht makes his way to the window. Walking slowly as if his feet are overly weighted to his usualness, Jecht reaches the curtains, casting them open allowing the sunlight illuminate the whole room. Jecht's eyes are partly open, squinting by the sudden lighting change.*

*Jecht's face is still scarred all over, healing nicely, yet not fast enough to still make out who he possibly is. Walking to the bathroom, turning the light on, Jecht looks in the mirror to see the mirror image of himself. Jecht shakes his head in dismay, yearning to be able to tell who he is exactly. Letting out a sigh, Jecht turns the hot water on for the shower, shutting the door to the bathroom...*

*The door opens up, steam rolling out of the bathroom from the heat of the shower. Jecht walks out, towel around the waist, as he turns the television on. Still being in Ontario, the WoW is on. Jecht begins to get dressed, as Ralph Lillard talks about the various matches and showing the different promos thus far for the first round of King Karnage.*

*After getting dressed, Jecht goes to brush his teeth when he stops, hearing Lillard starting to talk about his match.*

Ralph Lillard - "In the match between Jecht and Ichabod, more seems to be on the line than meets the eye, as both are taking this match up rather seriously. Jecht, the man with no memory of who he really is, is out to retaliate for the repeated attacks Ichabod has put him through. Costing him multiple victories, and even knocking him unconcious after his match at Ruffhouse. Lets take a look at that footage."

*Footage of Jecht's promo is shown, Ralph Lillard watching as well. The footage ends, Jecht walking into the room from getting ready, deciding to watch the rest of the show.*

Lillard - "Ichabod, with his own agendas, is going all out for this match up. As before stated, attacking Jecht in many of his matches, claiming to know who he is, playing serious mind games on Jecht. Ichabod has plenty of choice words for Jecht, as this next footage shows."

*Ichabod's promo is shown, Jecht watching with eyes locked to see what his opponent for Malice says. Jecht goes for the remote to turn the television up, when he sees a piece of paper. Grabbing the piece of paper, Jecht reads it to see that it is his handwriting, in which an address is written down to someplace in Atlanta, Georgia. Jecht looks at it with a confused look on his face. Ralph Lillard comes back on, discussing the match in more detail, as Jecht decides to turn the television off.*

Jecht - "What is this address all about? Why did I write it....hell....when did I write it?!?"

Jecht - ^Its important. Not sure how, but there is something there, something important to me...to us.^

Jecht - "What kind of bull shit is that? You can remember this address, but nothing else! What the crap is this all about?"

Jecht - ^Just things....rush of things bursting out. You arent having the same thing? Like...lost memories coming back.^

Jecht - "Kind of...but not this. What are we supposed to do, just go there, not knowing what to expect from it all?"

Jecht - ^From what I can somehow remember, its a place that is rather important....very important.^

*Jecht looks down at the piece of paper, trying to think, remember what the address means to him. Jecht closes his eyes, as he sees a raining street before him, along with an old beaten down building. The same man from before is standing in front of it, looking up at it when Jecht opens his eyes.*

Jecht - "We go then."

Jecht - ^What about Ichabod...with all this going on, we cannot forget him, as he will not forget the match Friday.^

Jecht - "Forget Ichabod? Forget Ichabod? Oh, there is no worry in forgetting Ichabod."

Jecht - ^Sure about that one?^

Jecht - "Positive. After the remarks he said....I mean he tried his best to rip into me. First things first, he spoke of his past at this time last year. Speaking of some Toxin and Mastermind, then Ti Konflict. The problem he doesnt realize that the year is 2002, not 2001. What he did last year is just that, last year. Not this year. Ichabod even admitted that he did not win last year, being defeated by Ti Konflict. So....if he wants to make a repeat of last year, I really dont mind helping him make an exit from King Karnage quicker than he can try to remember how he lost last year."

"Speaking on pushing ones self beyond what he could handle at the time.....what kind of person can make a comeback from what I had to experience. To walk so many miles with injuries. To return to the ring. To fight off opponents, not really knowing anything about them. To survive what all I have survived.....and Ichabod tells me to watch out because he can push himself to the limits. Unless Ichabod hasnt really been paying any attention, I do this week in and week out. Maybe hes the one with the forgetful memory."

"Is it just me, or am I the only one to remember what King Karnage is all about?"

Jecht - ^Apparently so...^

Jecht - "King Karnage is about earning respect. Glory and bragging rights are only for the ego driven, which apparently Ichabod is, only thinking of himself. Big talk needs big walk, hope he knows that. The only thing I want to gain out of King Karnage is respect and attention. Those two elements will help me figure out who I am, and what Ichabod really knows."

"Ichabod then goes on to speak of facing the man he knows....what does he know about me? Take away him thinking he knows who I am, and what is left. Not much of anything. We know about the same about each other in that aspect, so there is no edge really. Why Ichabod thinks that him knowing who I am is really going to help him win against me...."

"Ichabod says to take the mask off, just look in the mirror to see who I am. Has he not seen my face, or even heard about it? Does he even pay attention to anything? My face is pretty well fucked up, and being knocked about isnt exactly helping it. And for that reason, this match will be something I will be working my hardest to win. Strap Match from Hell.....explosives are at each of the corners while me and Ichabod will be strapped together. Make the explosives go off in the face of the other more than they can do to yourself and you win. Piece of cake right? Wrong. Both me and Ichabod going for the turnbuclkes to put the other through massive amounts of pain, not a good thing. Bottom line is Ichabod will do all he can to put my face through a turnbuckle, blow the mask off my face, maybe actually see what everyone else sees, a fucked up face. But Im not about to let that happen."

"Just like calling me a joke, what is that supposed to prove? His stubbornness? Sure, the magazines helped me, but its hard to remember things when you have amnesia. Whats so hard about getting that logged into your memory? Apparently Ichabod has selective amnesia, and just selects not to remember common sense things. Bitching and moaning about wanting to face me for two years....sorry that he hasnt had the luxury of facing me before, but dont ask me why he hasnt. Must be he isnt as great as he claims! Ichabod doesnt have to worry though, whether he is truly great or blowing more steam than an old western choo choo train out his ass, I'm going to be treating him like he is great, that way no under estimating the man."

Jecht - ^Choo Choo train? Where the hell did that come from?^

*Jecht gets a confused look on his face, looks around for a moment, then shakes his head.*

Jecht - "I dont know....my bad. The point is Ichabod seems to have been wanting to settle somethings with me, whether it be me, or the me I dont know about. This fued....this rivalry wont end this Friday on Malice, as I plan on putting Ichabod through the turnbuckles and into the explosives, advancing to the next round in King Karnage, and taking one step closer to the barbed wire crown and the one thing bigger than glory or bragging rights.....repsect!"

Jecht - ^If I have anything to do with it, respect is something that we will earn....and Ichabod is just one of three left standing in our way.^

*Jecht nods to himself. Jecht looks down at the piece of paper again, then at the clock and back at the piece of paper.*

Jecht - "Sorry to disappoint Ichabod though, again. But Atlanta calls, not Spartanburg. He'll have to come there if he wants to prove something before Malice."

*Jecht puts the piece of paper in his pocket, grabs his bags, and exits the room, as well as the hotel. Waving a taxi down, Jecht gets in, his destination being the airport. Atlanta seems to hold some kind of memory, some kind of answer for Jecht, but what is not certain. Only time will tell...*