*Ruffhouse is currently taking place, as Jecht stands victorious in the ring over Chad HarZy, his second triumph over Forsaken in less than a week. Jecht looks around, waiting, looking for another attack from Ichabod, something that has seemingly become a regular occurance between the two of them for the past few weeks. Moments pass, nothing. No roar of the monster truck, no WoWtron turning on showing Ichabod, nothing. Jecht gives up the waiting, as he climbs out of the ring, making his way backstage, as he walks through the curtains, Jecht is tapped on the shoulder. Jecht turns around to meet a fist to the face from Ichabod.*

*The two battle back and forth, exchanging punches until Jecht gets the advantage with a knee to the gut. Jecht then takes Ichabod by the head and tosses him into a table that has a Gatorade cooler set on top of it, spilling the remaining liquid over the two of them. Ichabod trips Jecht up, as they fist fight along the floor until officials come to break up the scuffle.*

*The two reach for each other, both enraged. Jecht gets turned around, being escorted away as Ichabod grabs a steel chair, nailing Jecht in the back of the head. Jecht falls to the ground, as Ichabod is able to hit Jecht once more before the officials get the chair away from Ichabod, and Ichabod under control.....*

^*^Snow falls down from the sky as Jecht begins to wake up. Looking around, Jecht notices that he is standing atop of Zill Towers, which is the offices of the Worldwide Online Wrestling federation, otherwise known as the WoW. Jecht gets off the ground, as he looks hisself over, still in his wrestling attire, but he has something else on, the WoW World Title. Jecht looks around, even opens the door to see if anyone is nearby, not understanding how he ended up with the title belt.^*^

^*^Jecht takes the title off, taking a look at it as it gleems off the light behind him over the door. Jecht shakes his head, trying to remember how he got up there, and how he got the World Title, only remembering being attacked by Ichabod.^*^

^*^Jecht closes his eyes, trying even harder to visualize how he got himself into this predicament. Instead, Jecht sees himself wrestling for the title, only to be nailed from behind with it when distracted by outside interference and pinned for the victory. Jecht then sees himself at King Karnage, not the tournament itself, but the Pay Per View, holding the World Title up high standing on the turnbuckles looking at the screaming fans. Jecht opens his eyes, the visions stopping, as he does not understand what it all means, who the people were that he was wrestling unable to recognize them, and still not able to figure out who he is.^*^

^*^The skies begin to clear, the snow stops falling, as Jecht hears his name called out to him from above. Jecht gives the World title one last look, as he lays it on the ground, turning away and walks through the doorway.....^*^

Doctor - "Jecht!....Jecht wake up!....Jecht are you ok?!?......"

*Jecht's eyes begin to flutter open, his vision blurry for a moment, corrects itself after a few seconds as Jecht sees the doctor looking down on him, smelling salts in hand. The doctor pulls the salts away, as he as well disappears out of view, as Jecht sees the ceiling of the backstage area above him. The doctor takes grasp of his hand, as Jecht is helped to his feet, his head aching from the two well placed chair shots. Jecht looks around, Ichabod no where in sight, only himself, the doctor, and a WoW official.*

Jecht - "Ichabod....where is he? Where is the son of a bitch?"

WoW Official - "He has been escorted from the arena for his actions."

Jecht - "Nice job on that one....its not enough I have Prez Darren, Ichabod, and the rest of Forsaken against me....but now you officials helped Ichabod succeed. Shit..."

*Jecht shakes his head, turns to walk away when he grabs the cooler from earlier, throwing it against the wall sending it bouncing down the hallway as Jecht walks away in pure disgust of what happened...*

*A day has passed since Ruffhouse, Jecht has made it back to Zill Towers, walking through the double doors of the massive office of the WoW, hoping to shed light on what his dream meant. Instead, though, Jecht is bothered by the front door receptionist*

Receptionist - "Excuse me, Jecht, sir, I have some news that you may want to know of."

*Jecht stops, thinks for a moment, before deciding to find out what sort of news she could have for him.*

Jecht - "Im all ears, what news?"

Receptionist - "Well, Prez Darren has decided who fights who for the first round of the King Karnage thats scheduled for this coming Malice."

Jecht - "Oh really? That is some news I'd like to hear. Who and what match? Thats all I want to know."

Receptionist - "For who? Thomas Lawrence, B-Pac, Mason, Max, Triple X, Ichabod, or Death?"

Jecht - "Thomas Lawrence.....what kind of question is that? Who do you think? Me!"

Receptionist - "Pushy pushy.....well, you are in a Strap Match From Hell.....against Ichabod."

Jecht - "Ichabod, eh? Very nice.....not only another Forsaken member, but the bastard thorn in my side. Thanks for the news"

*Jecht walks away from the desk, going back to business as he walks to the elevator, presses the button, waits for the elevator to come down, gets on and rides up to the tip top of Zill Towers.*

*The elevator opens to show a door mere feet away from Jecht, in which he opens to reveal the same platform in Jecht's dream twice before. Jecht shakes his head, not understanding how he could remember it so vividly, especially as hes never been up there, to his knowledge that is.*

*Jecht closes his eyes, as he tries to get a visual of how the dream went, only as last time, he sees something totally different. Jecht sees someone totally different standing where he was, holding the title in his hand, shining it with the other. The person looks out over the railing, his mouth moving but nothing can be heard. Jecht opens his eyes, giving way to his thoughts, realizing that person looked remarkably like the person he had seen on top of the Skydome in another dream he has had.*

*Jecht shakes his head of those thoughts, as nothing is coming from them. Remembering that the first round of King Karnage has been signed, Jecht remembers who it is exactly he has to face.....Ichabod.*

Jecht - "Strap Match From Hell......just me and Ichabod. After weeks of his constant interfering, his constant rambling, his constant everything, I finally luck up and get the chance to face him, the chance to put an end to his enduring harrassment. But it makes me wonder, why does Ichabod do this?"

"Is it because he envy's me? Being able to return from whatever travesty had befallen me? Being able to remember how to handle myself in the ring, even if that is the only remote thing that can be remembered? Being able to qualify for King Karnage and defeat two members of Forsaken back to back?"

"B-Pac may have taken Chad HarZy out of action and King Karnage, but Im the one that left him defeated in the middle of the ring, as well as with Tim Gorder. I am the one that took Prez Darren from pillar to post, ripped the mask off, and ended his in ring fighting appearances. The only logical step that can be taken is to beat Ichabod. Defeat yet another member of Forsaken, taking another's shot at winning King Karnage and throwing it in the garbage can where Ichabod himself belongs."

"Ichabod claims to know my past, to know who I am. What does he know, if anything? It could very well be a mind game trick, meant to decieve me from concentrating at the task at hand. Ichabod says nothing about my past, only saying he knows. What Ichabod needs to do is prove he knows something, anything. Whether it be my name, my past, or shoe size for that matter. Until he does....all that he says about knowing something will be total bullshit."

Jecht - ^I wouldnt exactly underestimate Ichabod. He knows what he is doing. Yeah, we know what we're doing, but he also knows who he is, something we dont know.^

Jecht - "That plays to our advantage, though. Sure, he may possibly know what my strengths and weaknesses are, but the problem is I dont. Who even knows the way things are carried out in the ring are 'actually' the way I had carried them out? So, whatever Ichabod may possibly know, in that aspect, is really null invoid."

Jecht - ^Well, keep your guard up. Ichabod has gotten the best of us for weeks now, he cannot do that the week he is important to our winning needs most.^

*Jecht nods to himself as he over looks the city below. Zill Towers towers over everything, so much in fact that the wind whips by fast enough to carry away someone who isnt paying enough attention to it. Jecht turns, openning the door to leave, looking back again still perplexed by what it all means, as he walks through the doorway, as the door shuts behind him.*