*Banging noises echo throughout the darkened hallways of the insane assylum. Every so often a scream will echo as well, its exact meaning unable to be understood. Moments pass by, with the same repetition taking place, as drawing closer to Jecht's cell. Inside his cell, barely able to be seen Jecht is laying on his bed. The noises continuing as Jecht, seemingly tired of it all jumps out of his bed.*

Jecht - "Shut the fuck up dammit!"

*A door opens up at the end of the hallway as one of the guards begins to walk down the hallway. The lights begins to flicker on as the guard stops in front of the Jecht's door. The light shines through the grating, Jecht still standing there, his eyes red from everything that has taken place. The guard, hand in full bandages, opens the door and steps aside.*

Guard - "Your free to go for now. Your boss said you have someplace you need to be."

*Jecht walks out of the room, looking at the guard, down at his hand, then back at his face and laughs for a moment before stopping. Jecht walks down the hallway, as others that stay there rush to their doors and begin to yell things here and there, Jecht shaking his head.*

Jecht - "You know....you need to make sure they keep wackos in here for good, they never change."

Jecht - ^That'd mean we would be kept here, right?^

*Jecht looks down, covering his mouth as he walks out. In the waiting room, a television sits in the corner. Jecht looks around, seeing noone else in the room, as he flips the channels around as apparently his ride isnt there yet. WoW Television is on as Jecht decides to take a look at what all has happened while he was locked away.....*

*The show goes off the air, Jecht still waiting on his ride. WoW Staff have a way of being late about things, dont they? In any case, Jecht looks around for something to do when Ralph Lillard walks through the doorway, covered in grease. Jecht shakes his head as he gets up and walks out of the room, and finally out of the facility that has held such a bind on him for so long.*

*Outside, a limo sits running, smoke coming from the back tail pipe. Jecht looks back at Lillard, who has a sort of disheartened look on his face. Jecht slings the door open, as he climbs inside followed by Ralph Lillard as the limo starts to spudder and studder down the road.*

Jecht - "Just wondering, having limo trouble?"

Ralph Lillard - "Unfortunately.....Im sorry for the lenghty delay."

Jecht - "Its ok. Why did they send you, let me guess.....comments on my match?"

*Lillard nods as Jecht just sighs*

Jecht - "Ask away."

Lillard - "Well, after you're week of solitude, you've seemingly been making waves in the WoW waters with your actions and words expressed while in confinement, most notably with your opponent Thomas Lawrence. Where do you see things going with him?"

Jecht - "Thomas Lawrence......well.....Thomas is like a car. His mouth runs good, but sooner or later you get tired of it and need something newer, something better. Dont get me wrong, he has confidence, skill, talent, and heart. And I know I dont know alot of things, but I know someone who isnt being serious when I see one. With an agent that pays more attention to his hand than whats going on and a fruit picker running around causing havoc, what can that say about anything?"

"And he has an eery familarness to me, almost like he reminds me of someone, maybe from my past. I wish....I wish I knew things, what is going on, who I am, why things went the way they did. Thomas has an advantage over me, he knows where he stands in the world, he knows who he is, where he is going. But, Lillard, that can be a disadvantage. Myself, I only know what I see, what I've done, what Im told. I make my own history as I go, make my own future, my own destiny. Im not bound by the limits that I've known for so long. This is my true advantage. Thomas will help me come to a realization of it."

Lillard - "Also, you face Tim Gorder, who feels he hasnt been given his just dues from you. That you've over looked the fact that hes here to prove himself too."

Jecht - "Tim Gorder is also a match of skill and wits. But he lays that certain something. Tim underestimates me, using past to his advantage, his leverage. What does the past mean to me? Sure, I want to know who I really am, I yearn for it with an unyeilding passion, so Tim needs to ask himself one thing. What does last week truly mean to me? Nothing. Last week was last week. My life is in shambles because of Prez Darren, Ichabod, and Cheapshots. Who all knows who collaborated the junction, or why they did."

"Tim Gorder needs to not look at the little picture, but more at the big picture. He is going into a match against me, where I want to attrach any and all attention to show everyone that did this to me, that they failed miserably. Tim will be only one thing, an example to the unyeilding passion I have, and to that which he truly lacks."

*Lillard continues asking questions, questions of what Jecht can remember about his past, of what he thought about while in the assylum, various questions of that sort as the limo continues spuddering and studdering smoke all about hurling down the dark road towards Monday Malice.....*

*Meanwhile.....at Zill Towers, Prez Darren sits inside his dark office, late at night, as Malice creeps slowly towards him. Prez Darren turns around in his chair, revealing he is on the phone with someone, as the last moments of his conversation are taking place.*

Prez Darren - "I know, I know....things arent totally going to plan, but dont worry. The solitary confinement was a sure bet in making things worse on him. Reports are he is beginning to talk to himself, now that is funny.............I know, we've had our differences, and what you did to me in the middle of that ring was horrible, dispicable even, but what we did was done out of the necessity for the WoW, you know that as well as I know that. If things continue as they do, I'll be sure to throw that wicked curve ball towards him, and Jecht will surely not know what hit him, I guarantee that dammit!"

*Prez Darren hangs the phone up, as he grins evilishly, rubbing his hands together as he conspires more devilish plans to put Jecht through.......*