^*^Lights shine down brightly on a wrestling ring, the infamous squared circle as any pro wrestler calls it, as 'Thugz Cry' by Bizzie Bone plays over the speakers inside the massive arena. The crowd cheers loudly as they wave signs in the air, none really able to be understandably read, but for the most part three letters can be seen across most of them. The ring, with red skirting, white mat, black turnbuckles and turnpost, has the federation's logo printed all across it though it is also blurred out. But, it is easily able to be foreseen that it could not be the WoW, as four letters can be somewhat distinguished.^*^

^*^In any case, the match gets underway, as the two wrestlers begin fighting each other. Jecht, as usual, is merely an illusion outside of the ring area as he watches the bout progress. One wrestler seems to have the match in total control when another wrestler runs from the backarea, brass knuckles in hand. Jecht, forgetting that it is all but a dream, tries to stop the guy only to pass right through him. The third wrestler goes to hit the wrestler winning at the time, as Jecht turns away not wanting to see it take place, only to become the wrestler that was winning as he gets knocked out cold. Blood trickles down his forehead as he is pinned for an easy three count, leaving Jecht wondering what it all means.^*^

"The past always comes back to haunt, you know. I'll never understand why somethings just had to happen."

^*^Jecht wakes up laying on cold cement floor with a lone light shining down on him. A man stands in the shadows, unable to be seen, but obviously the same guy that seemingly haunts Jecht since his amnesic awakening. Jecht wipes his forehead to find no blood. Jecht shakes his head as he gets to his feet^*^

"What is your problem with me man? Im not a fuckin' skitzo, or some looney! Can't you take a hint?"

"So much hostility, and that temper.....can you not see Im tryng to help you. Help us."

"Help me? No wait, better question, what is this us you are getting. There is no us. There is me, and then there is a pigment of my imagination that I cannot shake out of my head, that being you! I may not know alot, maybe not even anything for that matter. But I know that I am not CRAZY!"

^*^Jecht charges at the man, going to punch his lights out, only to connect with a brick wall. The light disappears, as everything returns to as it really is....^*^

*Jecht falls to the ground in pain as one of the guards happens to be walking down the hallway, pushing something that is causing a squeeky noise to echo about. As they did with Prez Darren, the lights in the hallway light up as he goes down the hallway, eventually lighting up the room Jecht is in. Jecht looks at his hand, as it is bleeding pretty badly already. The guard peers in through the window grating and begins to laugh.*

"Looney Tune, bricks hurt ya know? Anyways, your boss told me to let you see these. Something about, even though your crazy, you still need to see what is being said about you, whatever that shit is supposed to me."

"Fuck you buddy, come in here and say that shit!"

*The guard laughs more, as he cracks the door open just a bit to allow a television and vcr on a little cart roll in that is attatched to a long drop cable. The guard slams the door shut on the cable causing it to clamp off a bit, though still enough for it to work correctly. Jecht pushes the video tape in as it begins to play....*

*The tape ends, as it rewinds and ejects. The video, being comprised of recent promos cut by Ichabod as well as one of his opponents, Thomas Lawrence. The guard, in hearing the video end, comes back to collect the cart, forgetting about the hostility between himself and Jecht. As soon as the guard puts his hand through the doorway, Jecht kicks the door shut on the guard's hand, causing him to scream out in pain. Jecht begins to laugh loudly, peering through to mock the guard.*

"Look whos fucking laughing now, stupid fucker!"

*The guard grabs the drop cord with his other hand and pulls it towards him quickly, as he leaves still yelling out at Jecht in pain, only it is undistinguishable jibberish. Jecht begins to look around, with a blank stare on his face, as if not understanding what just happened. The lights in the hallway, for some reason, have stayed on this go round as Jecht sits on his miserable excuse for a bed as he begins to look around aimlessly.*

"What to do.....what to do.....what to do....."

^What do you think about what good ol' Ichabod and Thomas Lawrence had to say? Load of crap, huh?^

"Ichabod is a fuckin' choad. Believing it was his graceful savings that helped me back to 100%. Bull crap, I fought my way back to civilization, back to condition as we know it. I dont recall needing his help at all. It was thoughtful to give me some info on people, and I appreciate it. Other than that, hes a fuckin' choad. Better question though, why the fuck am I entertaining this talking to myself idea anyways!?!?"

^Heres a thought though......Ichabod didnt take responsibility for the mask and card did he? Makes you wonder huh?^

"Shut the hell up, whatever you are!"

^What about Thomas Lawrence? One cocky son of a bitch.^

"Thomas Lawrence is a joke. What does this two bit guy have going for him? People that suck doing research and a line that sounds like it came from a Cracker Jack box. I am awesome. I am awesome. I am awesome. Beats me how that makes him.....awesome. Just shows me how many brain cells it takes to think up something like that. Apparently not many."

"What does height have to do with anything, anyways? Does this guy base his beliefs on sheer size and his cunning technique of crafty lines alone? If so, maybe breaking the sound barrier would be somethng he seriously considers an applicable move."

^Want a cookie?^

"What the fuck? Go to hell, shut the fuck up will ya! Im starting to believe I really am a skitzophrenic....."

*A long silence falls after Jecht says that. Laying down, Jecht decides to try to catch a good rest in, as he apparently isnt going anywhere anytime soon. The lights finally cut off, as Jecht shuts his eyes.*

^Well not exactly.....^