*A darkened room is illuminated lightly by the throbbing, strobe-like florecent halogen light. The room is quiet with only a light breathing pant that can be heard, barely audible. Inside the darkened room sits Jecht in a bare, wooden chair, with his hands on his head, elbows resting on his knees. Jecht shakes his head feverishly as he tries to convince himself of something, but what?*

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up damn you shut up!!!"

^Why wont you even hear out what Im saying? Hear me out!^

*Only Jecht is heard talking, though the thing in question is to who, or what for that matter. Jecht just sits there, having an apparent breakdown of some sort, as he continues conversing with himself.*

"There isnt anyone else in here, you arent real! You arent real!"

^Look at yourself, you cannot even handle whats taking place around you. People revealing themselves to know you in your matches. It obviously cannot be handled yet, too soon!^

"Smoke Dawg is behind it, hes behind it all. Prez Darren, Ichabod, Cheapshots, they are all in on it too. What have I done to deserve this? What have I done to go from forgetful to insane!"

*From outside the room, footsteps are heard against the cold pavement in the hallway, as Jecht continues to rant and rave to himself. The lights in the hallway turn on as the footsteps grow even closer to the room, allowing it to be seen that it is Prez Darren. The light shines down through the grating on the doorway and unto the floor, alerting Jecht to someone's presense as he shuts up. Prez Darren stops at the door before beating on it and laughing outloud.*

Prez Darren - "Look at you, look at you! You've let yourself go havent you? You at least looked like you were holding it together for a while, now you've totally flipped your lid! Talking to yourself, skitzophrenic written all over your forehead apparently. And you STILL dont know who you are!!"

"Where is he? Smoke Dawg did this to me, didnt he? You helped him! You and everyone else!"

"You'll remember sooner or later, if insanity doesnt get you first crazy man!"

*Prez Darren begins to laugh again, even louder, Jecht shaking his head in total distraught. The light in the room blows out, as Jecht jumps to his feet and bangs against the door loudly, grabbing Prez Darren by his collar through the grating. Jecht's eyes red with pure hatred*

^I promise you, you will pay dearly for what you did Darren! Learn to count you spoiled brat, your days are fucking numbered!"

*Prez Darren's eyes grow wide with pure white, as he gets pulled into the door as Jecht stares Prez Darren through the grating. The butt of a gun is thrusted squarely on Jecht's forehead, causing his mask to tear a bit as he falls to the concrete floor. Prez Darren fixes his collar, and clears his throat.*

"Enjoy your time in here, you'll be spending alot of it here, trust me! See you in Toronto!"

*Prez Darren walks off laughing as the lights turn back out, leaving Jecht laying on the concrete floor bleeding from the new cut in his forehead. Jecht picks up the chair, as he smashes the chair over the metal door.*

"I get screwed out of everything, and this is what I get? Solitary confinement? Total bullshit! What do these people have against me? What is it that I have done for them to torture me so? Ichabod chooses to give fast counts, stand in my way, and just overall try to put me in a place he sees fit for me. Screw that, I make my place, even if I have no fucking idea who I am. If Ichabod gets himself off by trying to push someone around, he'll get his place shown soon enough, and this King Karnage will be the place to do it. Ichabod is somehow synonymous with King Karnage, so its only natural to put someone like him in his place, I'll have to go into his environment and put him there....."

"And this Cheapshots, where does he come off attacking me out of nowhere at Target Locked. Comes back, from who knows where, and helps Prez Darren attack me after I've beaten him fair and square. It can easily be seen how to place this one back into his place, where ever in the hell it may be. Returning with Darren one week and Selena the next week. I dont know much about any of you, but apparently someone cant do anything himself from what I see....."

^Dont forget your match. Thomas Lawrence and Tim Gorder wont be forgetting, thats for sure.^

"Shut up! I dont hear you, you arent real!!!"

*The room grows quiet for a few moments, enough to where noises from other rooms much further away are even evident, if in the slightest. Jecht lays on the concrete floor, in total darkness thinking a bit before breaking the cold silence.*

"They havent even spoken about me, what worries would I have of them doing anything to me anyways?"

^Learn the hard way then, learn the hard way.....^