*The day is beginning, as Smoke Dawg awakes to a new day. With so many things abound, he mulls over the things that have taken place over the past week or so. His struggle with Team IC against Team World. His seemingly secure victory that he had seen in that match twice slip away by idiotic mistakes. Smoke Dawg shutters at the thoughts as he sees the Undisputed Title wash away from his hands, so close yet so far.*

*With a wash of the face, and warm water on the eyes, Smoke Dawg knows what it is he needs to do.*

"Dammit....I need to get back on track here. All this allowing people to grab my attention, or get into my matches.....that shit is over. I know what I need....I need some advice!"

*Smoke Dawg grins ear to ear as he darts out of the bathroom, throwing on some clothes. The sun hits him like a ton of weights, striking him back into the room with the blinding light. Smoke Dawg shakes his head, as he slides on his shades, now ready to go face the day.*

*Sitting at a local McDonalds, Smoke Dawg sits outside, leaning on his car snacking on some McPhilly Steak Sandwich or whatever the hell its called again, as he thinks about where to go next.*

"I dont get McyDs, I mean, this is the shit sandwich, and its always some bullshit limited time only deal. I mean, come on, what the fuck? Reminds me of Wicked D and Chandra, they are good for a limited time only. Then they just fade away, and quit or something.....reminds me of Selena, sheesh."

*With those words, Smoke Dawg finishes his sandwich, as he knows just the right place to head towards. Jumping in the Saleen S7, as he pushes the peddle to the metal, flying out of the parking lot in a rush. Going down the road, Smoke Dawg seems to be driving like a bat outta hell, swerving around, going well above the speed limit. And we all know what comes with going over the speed limit it seem....and no I dont mean little mexicans ranting "C'mon essa, lets get it on"....I mean cops! Smoke Dawg takes a look in his rear view mirror, as he sees the blue lights flash up and the siren reering from behind. Smoke Dawg hits the steering wheel as he pulls over like the good citizen he can be.*

*The cop steps out of his patrol car, walking with a swagger towards Smoke Dawg's vehicle. Rolling the window down, Smoke Dawg sees the cop as he reaches his door, with his hat down so to not able to see his face.*

"Son, do you kow how fast you were going?"

"Not as fast as you were, officer. But Im pretty sure you know how fast....uhh sir."

"Boy, you trying to get smart with me?"

"Smart....no sir, officer. I didnt know I was teaching you anything."

"Im gonna need you to step out of the car, funny man." "Dude....you cant take a joke? C'mon!"

*The cop just stands there, not laughing or anything as Smoke Dawg shakes his head. Stepping out of the car, Smoke Dawg takes the hat off of the cop to show that it is B-Pac.*

"Dude...what the hell are you doing? Dont you know you are gonna get arrested for this shit? Impressonating a cop...."

"What?? Are you serious? Oh shit....I didnt know that. I thought it was ok to impersonate people. Look at Wicked D and Chandra....they impersonate people that think they are gonna win, why dont they get arrested or some shit?"

"For the same fact that they luckily got to see me toss the only promo I've seen from them away.....they suck. Why worry about two people that think they are good or something? I mean...didnt I just beat one of them for the straight three count? Who knows."

"Where the hell are you heading to so fast anyways man? I mean shit....you were going well over 150...the speedometer was clicking on that piece of shit car."

"Oh yeah....you sorry fuck.