^*^Night has fallen and the wind is the only audible thing it seems. Jecht stands there, eyeing the massive building in front of him down. The lights surrounding the building seem to want to spark life into it, but only dimly illuminate the building as a whole. Jecht begins to survey the area, as the parking lots surrounding the area are filled with cars plenty, but still no noise can be heard of any kind. Jecht keeps looking around until seeing Him, the shadowy figure from before. Even in the more illuminated area, the man seems to be shrouded and unable to be seen.^*^

"Who are you, and why in the hell can I not really see you? Whats going on here?"

^*^The man turns and seemingly looks at Jecht for a moment, as Jecht stares back. Then breaking then concentration, the man points at the building, as he begins to speak as his voice is easily able to be heard as being muffled and distorted beyond belief.^*^

^Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, your first step and finding out who you truly are. Do not let your guard down.^

"What.....what the hell is that supposed to mean? Who am I supposed to watch out for? And if you know who I am and this place will help me find the answers, why not just tell me and save us all this trouble dammit!"

^*^Jecht's face, what visble part of it that can be seen where the mask does not cover, turns bright red from his agitation. Growing angry so much, that blood starts to trickle down his eyebrows and over his eyes as he wipes them clean. The mysterious man shakes his head as a bright light begins to radiate in Jecht's eyes, blinding him once more as the sound of a horn blares loudly.^*^

"Hey Mister, we're here. Wake up Mister!?!"

*Jecht's eyes fludder open once again, as the lady that was attempting to wake him wipes her brow as she signals for the driver to quit blowing the horn. Jecht wipes his eyes clearing it of the trickling amount of blood as he begins to look around finding himself on a bus. Jecht stands up, having regained more of his lost strength due to his injuries showing that he is at least healing somewhat, as he is wearing newer clothes that one can only speculate that he stole before leaving the confinements of the hospital he was taken to.*

"We're in Charlotte, sir. Isnt this where you wanted to go?"

"Oh we are? Did we make it on time? Tell me we did, I have somewhere i must be."

*The lady and bus driver both nod in conjunction as Jecht looks outside to see that night is beginning to slowly fall. Jecht takes off running out of the bus and down the road, having the pure luck that the bus station just happened to be nearby the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. As he gets closer to the arena, more noise is made from the crowds that surround the area. Cars are lined up everwhere as the lights on the arena shine brightly into the area. Jecht makes it to the arena, as he overlooks the whole place which so oddly resembles his dream. Has Jecht been here before? And will he find any answers on who he is, what happened to him? Jecht doesnt know, but he knows it never hurts to find out, as he makes his way into the arena.*