^*^A limo rides by with a person hanging halfway out of the sunroof, as they yell and hollar as they go along. Inside the limo, another person sits, talking to an interviewer and camera man, as Jecht sits beside the camera man unable to truly be seen. The words they all speak are distorted a great deal still, but they faces and bodies are becoming less darkened and a tad bit recognizable. Even still, though, Jecht cannot figure out who each of the people are.^*^

^*^The limo comes to a stop, as the group gets out to go into a store of some kind. The person that was hanging out of the sunroof has the camera following him as he walks to grab something while the other stands near the doorway, signing autographs apparently. Jechtlooks around to see if he remembers this place when he sees the shadow man from before. His voice only a tad less distorted, along with his face and body. Still, far too much to be able to make out who he may be. Jecht stares at the man for some moments at a time when the group starts to come back. Jecht, not paying attention, stands in the groups way as they walk through him, though seemingly waking him up.....^*^

*The sun is raising up over the horizon as a limo pulls into the parking lot of a Pennesylvania hotel. The driver gets out, walking to the back of the limo, opens the door to find Jecht sound asleep with magazine still in hand.*

"Jecht.....Jecht we're at the hotel Ichabod reserved for you....Jecht wake up!"

*The limo driver tries to wake Jecht up, though unsuccessful. Jecht starts to stir after a while, before waking up from what seems more like a trance, as he notices someone trying to mess with him and punches the driver directly in the nose. The driver falls on the ground holding his bleeding, broken nose as Jecht's eyes widen from the realization of what he had done. Jecht tries to help the man, only to be pushed away.*

"Oh man....Im sorry! Let me help, please, I didnt mean to hit you. You just...surprised me thats all."

"No....no its ok. The key to your room is laying over there on the ground. Just go ahead and check in....you have a match to prep for tomorrow."

*Jecht tries to help the man one last time, still to be pushed away. Jecht just sighs, picking up his gear and room key, as he makes his way to his room. The driver gets up off the ground, bloody nose and all, and into the limo as he squeels the tires in a hurry leaving Jecht alone in the parking lot.*

^You really fucked him up didnt you? What about your match, are you even worried about it?^

*Jecht stops suddenly, hearing the voice again and looks around. Looking around, Jecht sees noone in sight. In the near distance, though, the office door opens as a man walks out. Jecht assumes that it has to be him, as he runs up on the man, pulling him by the collar of his shirt, and throws him against the wall.*

"What did you say, dammit!?! Why are you following me anyways! Answer me!"

"What man? Have you flipped your damn lid? Let me go before I call the cops!"

"Dont question me! You cant exactly call the cops if you dont make it there, can you? Now answer me, why have you been following me!"

*The guy looks around with worried eyes, seeing noone else to help him in his desperate time. Jecht starts to laugh a bit, as the guy just starts to cry a bit.*

"Oh man....please dont hurt me. I havent been following you, I swear. Im here for my mother's funeral, please man. I promise I didnt do anything, just please dont hurt me!"

*After hearing what the guy had to say, Jecht kinda of mellows out totally suddenly, seemingly zoned out completely lost in thought. Jecht lets go of the guy, who runs away in total fear. Jecht shakes his head, grabs his things again, as he makes his way to his room again.*

*Jecht slide the card key into the door lock, pulling it back out as the door unlocks. Jecht opens the door, throwing his gear into the corner, as he walks into the bathroom. Jecht stares into the mirror as his blue and black mask stares right back. Jecht just shakes his head, turning the water faucet on to wash his hands. Drying them off, Jecht walks back into the main room, turning the television on which just happens to be turned to a station doing a report on the Worldwide Online Wrestling, otherwise known as the WoW. Jecht takes full notice, throwing the controller across the room and lays on the bed, watching the show.*

"This week's Malice looks to be an interesting one at that. After what happened last week, the main event practically falling apart, Ichabod felt the need to lay the law down. Coming off a win and humiliating Ichabod, Desiree was one in particular to have the law laid on her, being forced to go one on one with new comer Jecht. Many speculate that this superstar really does have a past in the WoW, as hes created a lot of buzz lately from his opponent this week, Desiree, to who he defeated last week, Konner Kingdom, to even being recognized by the owner of the WoW, Ichabod. One thing is certain, Jecht didnt forget how to fight in the squared circle, as demonstrated last week. Even so, Desiree isnt taking this challenge laying down, shes had her say on this match, take a look at these clips."

*The show cuts to the latest promo by Desiree. After showing the whole promo, the show goes to a break. Jecht, meanwhile, is nearly nodding off to sleep until the commercials start to play, apparently waking him up. Jecht just shakes his head and turns the television off.*

"That had to be the most boring thing I've ever seen, and this Desiree, whoever, believes she stands a chance? Im no NoVa, and Im no Ichabod, so running over me isnt going to be so easy, not that they were. She is on some high mountain, and Im willing to take her down from that mountain. The woman talks about how can someone who can bleed for seven days and still survive be dealt with.....what did she forget what I went through? How do you deal with someone that has come back from being beaten down, someone that was bleeding for practically two weeks and still came back to prove his skills, his determination, his worth."

"Though I give her credit, she recognizes my skills. She went from what to wear mode to worried about saving my own ass mode. What, did I scare Desiree? Did I make her fear what she must face? In one word, yes. Going from dildo maker to wrestler is a big move, and she'll see theres a big difference in the two worlds. My past means something to me, I can sense it, taste it, feel it. I wanna live my life again, and right now, Desiree stands in the way of achieving that goal. Whoever did this to me will be watching, as always. I just know it. Desiree will learn, somehow or another. She may bleed between her legs, but she'll experience what I did for two weeks, and thats a total battering of the whole body, compliments of Jecht!"

^Thats my line, dammit!^

*Jecht's eyes open as he wakes up totally from hearing the voice again. Obviously, noone else can be in the room, leaving Jecht to wonder if he is actually some sort of schitzophrenic....*