*Jecht walks through an airport terminal, having arrived in Los Angeles. Jecht gets mobbed by reporters. The questions come flying out at Jecht left and right fast and furiously. Jecht ignores the questions and keeps walking.*

*The reports are persistant, following him still popping off questions left and right, Jecht still ignoring them. Jecht sees just past the sea of reporters a little kid, wearing a Jecht look alike mask, holding a piece of paper, about to be trampled by the massive blob known as the Los Angeles media. Jecht stops, just so the kid doesnt get trampled, as the reporters surround Jecht again.*

Jecht - "Yeah, uh huh, sure, no comment, hey can one of you ask the kid to come over here please?"

*The reporters get a sort of pissed off look on their face by Jecht blantently overlooking their questions. The kid walks over, a huge smile on his face, as Jecht must obviously be one of his favorite wrestler's.*

Jecht - "So is wearing that mask another way of saying you're a fan of me?"

Little Boy - "Yeah! You rock!"

Jecht - "I rock? Well thanks man. You want me to sign that for ya?"

*The kid nods his head as Jecht takes the piece of paper, looking at it for a minute, before balling it up. The kid looks down, disappointed, until Jecht takes the mask off the kid and signs it. With a face full of joy, the kid smiles as Jecht hands the mask back to him.*

Little Boy - "Wow! Gee, thanks Jecht!"

Jecht - "Its cool. Going to Ruffhouse tomorrow night?"

Little Boy - "You bet! You have to fight Chad HarZy again....should be a nice match!"

Jecht - "Speaking of which....has he actually said anything about me yet? With what happened at Malice and all, I havent been able to find out."

Little Boy - "Nope!"

Jecht - "Strange, for a guy that got the luck victory over me not even a month ago, Chad HarZy has gotten rather quiet lately. And in my opinion, thats not a good thing. Because, who know man, he could be scheming up some kind of plan to try and take me out of King Karnage now that Im qualified for it. Or collaborating closely with Ichabod and Gorder on extracting more revenge on me, as if Malice wasnt enough. But thats ok, because you should know me pretty well, lil man, that Im just gonna worry about doing my thing and continue on to next week's Malice. HarZy can be quiet, and scheme a plan, or he can just hide in the shadows for his ever loving life. When Ruffhouse hits, he'll be in the squared circle, where none of the talking matters, only action does. And action is all I'll be about!"

*The little boy starts to laugh as he puts his mask back on. Jecht shakes his head as the two continue to joke around while walking through the airport, the press still persuing Jecht in hopes of getting answers from him.*