*Sparks fly as Jecht watches his surrounding while still locked inside the cage being dragged behind by Ichabod's Monster Truck. The truck heads into a corner, as the cage is set loose sending the cage flying over an embankment, Jecht still inside.*

*The cage begins tumbling down a hillside when it crashes into a large rock, shattering open as Jecht spills out unto the ground. Jecht begins to move around, throwing the broken cage off him as the roar of the Monster Truck is heard coming back. Ichabod is heard yelling something, only it isnt audible. After a few moments, the Monster Truck roars off, leaving Jecht miles away from the arena. Jecht tries to make his way up the embankment as he suddenly blacks out and falls to the ground.*

*Jecht awakens as he is walking through the double doors of the First Union Arena once again. Malice is just ending, as Jecht watches first hand as Richard 'Dick' Gazinya and Death eat Gummie Bears as the crowd cheered them on. Jecht looks around, wondering how in the hell he made it back before the show actually ended, recalling only that he blacked out.*

Jecht - "How.....how in the world did I make it back?"

Jecht - ^Thank me later....right now, lets see about finding two spineless bastards.^

*Jecht nods his head in agreement with himself as he takes off backstage, through the locker room area, and outside only to hear the roar of the engine as the Monster Truck takes off, as Jecht watches the redness of the tail lights fade into the distance. Jecht shakes his head, as he wipes the sweat from his eyes, only to look at his hand to see blood. Jecht turns around only to see Ralph Lillard, recorder, pad, and pen in hand.*

Jecht - "What?"

Lillard - "Just wanted comments on a few things. Is that too much to ask?"

Jecht - "Ask."

Lillard - "Ichabod and Tim Gorder, working together they took you out tonight, though too late to help Tim Gorder score the win over you and put another Forsaken member into the King Karnage Tournament...."

Jecht - "First things first. The number was two. I handled Gorder when it was one on one. And Im where I want to be, and where Gorder thought he was going to be. Maybe when the date he thought the match was on, he'll realize he lost. And Ichabod....well, if hes lucky have won his match tonight, then we'll see whos better than who soon enough."

Lillard - "Actually, he did win.....Tim Gorder helped him advance."

Jecht - "What is this? Neither can get anything done without the other? Oh well, at least hes in the tournament, now time will only tell the tale between the two of us. Ichabod says he knows who I am, well then he should know what I can do in the ring, the place we will meet soon enough. Because Im already ready for the tournament to begin, I want to know whos the first to get eliminated by my hands, whos the lucky one!"

Lillard - "Well thats actually what I wanted to talk to you about. This Friday, Prez Darren has decided to schedule a last minute Random Ruffhouse to decide the last two participants. You have been scheduled to face off against Chad HarZy, another King Karnage participant, though this will be just a regular match..."

Jecht - "So Prez Darren thinks its some kind of joke to have me face Chad HarZy, the second time in the last three weeks, and this has no influence on King Karnage? What is up with that man anyways? Sure, I dont remember much of anything, but the man helped make me this way, put me into a mental hospital, and even got brave enough to step into the ring with me. I mean come on, if you are gonna run a federation, run it with some brains and not just open space between your ears."

"And Chad HarZy....I lost to him last go around. This time its different. I have far more to fight for. I have a position in King Karnage, as does HarZy, and I want to be sure by the end of the match, he has a good taste of what is to come. As for now, though, Ichabod needs to pay for what he did, before he gets too far away...."

*Jecht takes off running in the general direction in which Ichabod left, though he knows in reality he will never catch up to him running, but the hope of it drives him to. Ralph Lillard shakes his head, as he looks on goes to write down some notes on his pad, only to see drops of Jecht' blood on the paper. Lillard gets infuriated and throws the pad against the wall as he walks back inside.*