The show cuts backstage as Smoke Dawg and B-Pac are both walking backstage having just arrived at the arena, gear in hand. The two walk towards their locker room when Smoke Dawg sees Ann Angel walking towards them. Smoke Dawg steps in front of B-Pac as the two stop walking for a moment.

Smoke Dawg - "Dude, I'll catch up with you in a bit."

B-Pac - "What for man? Dont bail on me now!"

Smoke Dawg sides steps a bit, allowing B-Pac to see Ann Angel.

Smoke Dawg - "Im gonna go talk to her man!"

B-Pac - "You....are gonna go talk to her?....Shes gonna turn you down man, just look at her! Shes!"

Smoke Dawg - "Shut up! I'll catch up in a second, we have all night to rip into Wicked D and Chandra."

B-Pac shakes his head laughing to himself as he walks towards the locker room area. Smoke Dawg makes his way to Ann Angel, as she notices Smoke Dawg walking toward her, she smiles.

*****James, the camera cuts away leaving it all up in the air as to what took place. If at all possible, add her to my intro, her walking out ofter the fireworks went off, me waiting on her, as we walk to the ring together and all. Thats the only thing you gotta say about her in this match, as no interference on her part in my match.*****

Backstage, the match between Max Voltage and Adam Lax already seem to be going on. Max having attacked Adam from behind apparently on his way about to be ready for the match, the DCW World Title around his waist.

Hank - "Look at that Michael! I dont think Max Voltage could wait just the few moments to get his hands on him, already starting the rumble backstage!"

Michael D - "Hank, what are you doing, forgetting this is a brutality match!?! Max was able to do this hands down. Lax is just facing up to the fact he didnt think about it first I bet."

Max, chair in hand, starts to slam it repeaditly over the back of Lax, as Lax sits on his knees. Max rares back, going to hit Lax in the face with the steel chair, as Lax ducks leaving Max to hit the edge of a nearby table. Lax quickly rolls out of the way, getting to his feet as Max charges at him with the steel chair. Lax quickly sidestep, clotheslining Max to the ground, as the chair is sent flying in the air. Lax drops to his knees, as he delivers a series of punches to Max before attempting a cover. 1....2 kick out by Max.

Hank - "If this is like all the other Brutality Matches....this is gonna take something extreme to win."

Lax picks Max up to his feet, as he irish whips him into the concrete wall. Max slaps against it loudly, falling straight back to the ground. Lax goes for a trash can nearby only to be tripped up by Max as Lax falls headfirst into the edge of the trash can denting it even. Lax begins to bleed from his forehead as Max gets to his feet, taking the trash can and putting it over Lax's head before drop kicking the trash can sending Lax flying backwards. Max attempts a cover. 1......2. kick out by Lax.

Michael D - "I hope these two have doctors standing by, I feel we are gonna need some blood transfusions!"

Max picks Lax up as he walks with his towards a set of doors before tossing him headfirst into the doors. Hitting one of the doors, it just swings open as Max just curses at it, thinking it'd be locked. Max goes for a stack of steel poles sitting nearby, as he pushes them all over Lax who yells in pain. Max takes one of the bars and jams it into Lax's ribs a couple of times before going for a cover. 1.....2.....kick out by Lax.

Michael D - "Who knew this British sissy boy knew how to fight?"

Hank - "Apparently Prez Darren, its him that brought him back it seems."

Max just shakes his head, as he sees a cow prod just a few feet away.

Hank - "What the hell is a cow prod doing here?"

Michael D - "Well you know what they say about Seattle..."

Hank - "No...I dont."

Max goes to get the cow prod, but instead slips on the steel poles all about him and falls hard on one on the back of his head, busting it open. Both men lay on the ground in pain for a moment, when they both seem to start to get to their feet. The two men begin to battle it out with a series of punches. Max seems to get the advantage until Lax lunges at Max, tossing him towards the other door. This one, though, doesnt get away as Max slams up against it as he slowly seems to peel away. Lax falls on his back, going for a cover inadvertantly. 1.....2.....kick out by Max!

Hank - "These two are gonna kill each other. Lax didnt even look to wanna cover, he just fell down!"

Lax gets to his feet a few seconds before Max can, as Lax picks him up, as he starts to punch Max back down. Max charges at Lax, as Lax just continues to pound on Max's back, as the two smash through a doorway. Max finally falls down with Lax, as the two hit the ground hard crashing into a set of lockers..

Michael D - "I know that area! They are in the womens shower area! This is grrrreat!"

Hank - "You would easily recognize that area, woudlnt you?"

The two get back to their feet as they begin to battle it out again. Lax goes for a DDT, but Max reverses into a german suplex through a wooden bench. Max goes for a cover. 1.....2.....kick out by Lax. Max gets furious, throwing the broken bench out of the way, picking Lax up, tossing him into the shower area. Max picks Lax back up, doing a running bulldog into the ground, as he starts to nod his head. Max goes to Lax's feet, as he locks in the 'Volt-O-Lock' on Lax, as Lax screams out in pain.

Hank - "Looks like its all over now....Max has his finisher on Lax, and it doesnt seem to be going well for him."

Lax continues to hold out in pain. From behind though, Deidre has other plans. Deidre nails Max with a part of the broken wood in the back of his skull, as Max flies forward nailing a nearby sink. Lax, unaware to it all, crawls over for the cover. 1......2......3!!!!!

Michael D - "Oh man Hank! If it wasnt for Deidre, I think this match may possibly be ending on a different tune!"

Lax slowly gets to his feet, as the referee holds his arm in the air. Lax finally sees Deidre, as she is walking away back peddling, as she eyes him down, smiling a bit as the show goes back to Hank and Michael D.

*****James, theres the match. One last segment or so to go lol. I think Im gonna have this interview take place backstage just before the main event.*****

Ralph Lillard can be seen standing as Smoke Dawg and B-Pac along with Ann Angel are walking by after their match. Ralph attempts to get a word with Smoke Dawg, as B-Pac shoots him a stare. Smoke Dawg coughs to get B-Pac's attention, signalling for him to go on ahead. B-Pac walks off leaving Ralph Lillard, Ann Angel, and Smoke Dawg.


Smoke Dawg pulls the mic away from Ralph Lillard's mouth, as Lillard just hands him the mic, walking away. The fans begin to chant Smoke Dawg!! Smoke Dawg!! Smoke Dawg!! as he starts to speak.

Smoke Dawg - "Tonight is tonight, but Im not going to talk about tonight Im going to talk about Ring Wars, something that is still fresh in the minds of the millions and millions of fans that saw the events that unfolded. Ichabod became the first Undisputed Champion, and I congradulate him on that, a new feat noone has done thus far....but, I ask how tainted it is, how bad that winning feeling tastes. Not once, but twice I had the match in hand, in the palm of my hand. Team IC, no no, Team ORS was doing exactly what it has set out to do since day one! Dominating all the competition. Triple X, Sweet Cheapshots, Ichabod, all three men were down and out, plain and simple twice! But.....the night, the night wasnt my night."

The fans begin to boo as they remember what all took place. Prez Darren and his brief interference along with Max Voltage ending the moment and the night for Smoke Dawg and Team ORS. Smoke Dawg shakes his head, looking down at the ground for a moment. Ann Angel pats Smoke Dawg on the shoulder, giving him a quick hug. Smoke Dawg looks up with a smile on his face.

Smoke Dawg - "Prez Darren isnt around anymore though. I have Prof. Zandor to thank for that. He screws up alot, but dammit he done something great for once!

The fans cheer loudly for this when Prez James appears in the picture to a mixed response. Smoke Dawg looks at Prez James, staring him down for a moment before Prez James himself pulls out a mic and begins to speak.

Prez James - "You know something, it does seem a bit different around here without Prez Darren, just a little. You like that, dont you? But theres just one problem. Max Voltage....yes, before Prez Darren left, Max Voltage was added to the roster for one purpose and one purpose take you out!"

The fans begin to boo loudly when hearing Max Voltage's name. Smoke Dawg looks at Prez James, seemingly trying to figure him out.

Smoke Dawg - "Are you going to attempt to take his place, to take over what he was trying so hard to do? I can be sure you take his place on my list, put you through so much pain you'll wish Prez Darren was still around only to free you from it!"

Prez James moves closer to Smoke Dawg, to where they are practically eye to eye.

Prez James - "So confident aren't you? You shouldnt be.....its when you are weakest the most."

Smoke Dawg shakes his head, as he goes to hit Prez James. Max Voltage, on the other hand, has other plans as he catches Smoke Dawg's arm. Smoke Dawg turns around as he ducks a punch from Max Voltage. Smoke Dawg turns around again and is met with a steel chair to the face from Prez James. Max Voltage takes the chair from Prez James and starts to wail away on Smoke Dawg, working it edge into his knees as Prez James holds Ann Angel back from helping out. After a minute or so goes by, B-Pac comes in with a steel chair as both Prez James and Max Voltage high tail it out of there. B-Pac and Ann Angel check on Smoke Dawg who grabs his knee in sheer pain as B-Pac begins to yell for EMS.

Hank - "Now that, folks, is just plain wrong. Apparently Smoke Dawg didnt get rid of any enemies, only found more. And now you gotta wonder how bad Smoke Dawg's knee is injured."

Michael D - "That was beautiful! Prez James called it on the dot! Smoke Dawg never knew what hit him!"