Alright fellas, Embassy is perhaps the most played map on Ghost Recon, and dammit we are going to be the best at the map no matter what! So, without further delay, lets get to the strategies....

*Main Map*

We will start with respawn point number one. (Refer to main map.) Below is the set up we will use....

Player 1's job is to cover the alleyways south of the respawn point. He should always be a rifleman, and it'd be best if he was equipped with the OICW combo. His pivot point is just behind the bus adjacent to the alleyways. Moving into the alleyways is allowed, only to keep the jump on any enemies that may go through. Crouching/Laying (though crouching is the more prefered shooting position, laying makes you almost impossible to be seen) in the dip near the doorway that sits in the middle point of the three alleyways, standing/kneeling in the alleyway that lets out to the front entrance of the Embassy, and behind the dumpsters in the alleyway that lets out to the bank are great spots to get the jump on anyone that decides to venture through there. Player 1 can also look out towards the Embassy while in the alleyway that lets out to the Embassy, though leaving the alleyways shouldnt happen. Player 1 also covers Player 2's spot when Player 2 goes down as well as his own until Player 2 can return. Below are pictures that show where Player 1's pivot point is.

Player 2's job is to cover the street that both Player 1 and Player 2 are usually located on. Player two can be either a rifleman, support, or sniper. As the arrows represent, Player two for the most part watches all available areas infront of the hotel and Embassy along with the two alleyways just infront of him. As with Player 1, Player 2 watches the alleyway if Player 1 happens to go down until he is able to return. Below are screenshots of Player 2 in action.

Player 3's job is to basically cover the northern part of the map. Player 3 will most likely either be a rifleman or a demolitionist. Being a demolitionist, he should get the kit with four sensors so as to set them up before taking his place.
Player 3 can take two ways of doing his job. One, is using the hotel for alot of cover and watching the streets from afar. Player 3 should never stand too close to the windows unless he is shooting or spots someone. Standing too close gives the person away more and stealth is a must. Doors must be closed when opened. Below is a picture of the hotel encampment.

The second position Player 3 can take is behind the walls of the building across from the hotel. Staying crouched is a much here, and moving after a kill to another spot around there or even to the hotel is a must. From this position, Player 3 can keep a closer eye on the road coming around the hotel (the broken highway) and also down towards the garage and all area in between. An example picture is shown below.

Player 3 stays in his positions until otherwise directed. If both Player 1 and Player 2 go down, Player 3 should ready to advance to help, but not run head in unless a spawn killer is present. If both players go down 2 times in short succession, Player 1 and 2 are to stay dead until Player 3 can either rid the area of enemy, or at least distract them from the area. Player 3 with sensors should place his sensors in the middle of the 3 alleyways Player 1 is guarding, in front of the rubble Player 2 is looking towards, the edge of the hotel near the entrance, and a forth position of later naming.

*****End Of Respawn Area 1*****

Next up, respawn area numero 2. (Again, see main map for location.)

Before you read down, Player 2 is out of place so the arrow can be seen.

Player 1 takes cover behind the bushes that are just behind the parking lot of the bank. It is best that he be either a rifleman or sniper. From this, he can angle out at either end of the bushes. The idea is to stay kneeled as much as possible (standing to go for a kill is ok) and not letting much of your body be visable or shootable. Player 1 should try to have himself behind the bushes, and lean out to view and shoot. Player 1's main purpose is to watch the alleyway that lets out at the bank, and only switch to the other side of the bushes when needed. Pictures, as usual, are below.

Player 2 is to set up behind the walling of the building that is infront of the bank's front entrance. It is suggested he be a rifleman. As with Player 1, Player 2 is to get as far back to not be seen as possible, and lean out to view and shoot. Laying down is also a good idea as well, though kneeling is acceptable. Player 2's main objective is to cover the area behind the garage that can be seen. Pictures are below.

Player 3 plays the same role as he did in Respawn area 1. It is best that he either be a rifleman or a demolitionist (again preferably with 4 sensors). His two main spots will be in the corner that just east of the alleyway that lets out at the bank or behind the buses and/or the building just south of the bank. (I know thats hard to understand, just ask if you need better clarification.) Basically, Player 3 is to support Player 1 and Player 2 in case either die or dont see the enemy. Pictures are below.

Sensor wise.....Player 3 should set them up as follows. One in the middle of the three alleyways, one near the back entrance of the garage, one near the front entrance of the garage, and one in the middle of the street that faces the south side of the Embassy.

*****End of Respawn Area 2*****

Last, but not least, is Respawn Area Number 3. (Again, refer to the main map at top.

Player 1 sets up behind the red car infront of the alleyway up north. This player should be either a rifleman or a demolitionist (for the sensors as usual). Setting up here, he can make sure to position himself where the red car gives ample cover yet allows him to still see down the alleyway. Pictures are as follows.

Player 2 job is to cover the road area infront of the Embassy as best as he can. It'd be best if he was a sniper, though a rifleman would be acceptable. Not much else is to be said of him, so pictures are included below.

Sensor placement should be where the steps of the broken highway are sensored. Also, the alleyway that Player 1 is guarding. Setting one in the middle of the street a ways from Player 2 would be good, but isnt totally necessary.

*****End of Respawn Area 3*****