<XMP><body></xmp> PWR John 'Bradshaw' Layfield w/Amy Weber                   Your Ultimate Experience <XMP></body></xmp>

' Millionaire In The Big City '

Scene: On a busy street
 1:09 pm

The scene opens up on a busy street where crowds of people are walking on the side walk and through the street. The sound of horns from cars can be heard loud and clear trying to get to their destination. Buildings near by are thousands of feet high, it looks like the downtown of a huge city. The visual zooms toward two walking individuals, who are identified as John Bradshaw Layfield and Amy Weber!

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : So here we are in in the big apple...New York CITAY!

' Miss Amy Weber ' : This place is huge..look at all these people.

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : You think this is impressive Ms. Weber, lets keep moving and I'll show you impressive.

' Miss Amy Weber ' : Where are we headed again?

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : There.

JBL points up at a building and Amy looks to see what it is. The building is huge lined with tainted glass windows with a logo reading 'CNBC'.

' Miss Amy Weber ' : You're kidding me, we're going to the CNBC tower? Weren't you fired from there?

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : You got that right, don't worry Ms.Weber, I know exactly what i'm doing.

' Miss Amy Weber ' : I hope you do.

With that Amy and Bradshaw walk past the camera and continues toward the CNBC building. The scene fades to black.

Scene: Inside the CNBC building
 1:20 pm

The visual opens up now inside the CNBC Center, where it looks to be just as busy as outside in the streets. The camera pans over to the front desk where JBL and Amy Weber are passing. The front desk clerk looks up at the two and immediately jumps from her chair.

' Front Desk Clerk ' : Mr. Layfield you are no longer permitted here!

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : You shut your mouth and mind your business you little cum guzzler. I re-built the financial newsline in this place and you should be bowing down on your knees before me.

' Front Desk Clerk ' : I'm sorry Mr. Layfield but I was told that you are banned from this building.

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : Listen to me, I have a point to get across and i'm sure as hell won't let some nimrod stop me from doing it. You look like a scarecrow why don't you go to the Wizard Of Oz and ask for a brain. Now get out of my way!

' Front Desk Clerk ' : I'm going to have to call security if you don't remove yourself from the building!

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : Why don't you remove that matress strapped on your back?

' Front Desk Clerk ' : Excuse me?

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : You've been with just about everybody in this place except for me. I would never bring home a wombatrapist slut monkey like you.

Amy and JBL begins to walk toward the nearest elevator, leaving the desk clerk in absolute shock. The scene fades as the two enter the elevator.

Scene: 2nd floor of the CNBC building
 1:32 pm

The scene opens up toward a closed elevator door. Moments past by until the door slides open and out comes JBL and Amy Weber. The camera follows them as they head down the hallway and stops infront of two glass doors. Inside of the room there is a on-going live CNBC news show with anchor Dylan Ratigan. JBL and Amy peaks in on whats going on, Amy glances toward JBL and speaks.

' Miss Amy Weber ' : You're not going to do what I think you're going to do are you?

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : You stay here, I have some business to attend to.

Right after those words, JBL bursts through the glass doors. The TV crew and camera men turn their attention to the loud interruption. Layfield snatches a microphone piece from a nearby crewman and walks up onto the set. Every jaw in the room has dropped.

' CNBC Anchor ' Dylan Ratigan : I'm sorry folks we're going to have to go to a commercial brea-

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : You go to a commercial break and you'll know what the end of a sledgehammer up your ass feels like you stupid moron.

' CNBC Anchor ' Dylan Ratigan : Why are you here?

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : I'm here because I am John Bradshaw Layfield. JAY-BEE-ELL. This use to be my spot so why don't you run like the dickens before I throw you off my set twat chops.

' CNBC Anchor ' Dylan Ratigan : You were fired due to offensive behavior and inappr-

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : You have THREE seconds to get out of that chair!

Layfield begins to count from three to two and before he can say one, Ratigan finally gets out of the chair and out of the camera's position. Layfield cockily sits in the chair that he once occupied as a CNBC financial analyst.

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : You're watching CNBC and i'm your financial analyst, the true king of kings, JAY-BEE-ELL.

JBL picks up a stack of papers laying on the desk and shuffles them.

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : Today's top story is biggest news this network has ever annouced. The one and only John Bradshaw Layfield has signed with one of the greatest wrestling organizations there is, Pro Wrestling Redefined.

' I Think I'm So Big ' Camera Crewman : This is our financial section, what does this have to do with finance?

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : Are you a pot smoker? Do you not get that my name is JAY-BEE-ELL? There is a reason why I AM who I AM and there is a reason why YOU are who YOU are. While your father was drinking your mother's pusjuice my parents were grooming me for harvard level education. Don't interrupt me again jackass.

' I Think I'm So Big ' Camera Crewman : Do you even know about finance?

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : I was hired here for a reason, and you want to know how this has something to do with finance? The PWR roster should be heading over to the junkyard of wrestling in the indies because they'll get paid more there than here, that's how many cuts PWR will have to make in order to pay me the money that I rightfully deserve. And I thought I said never to interrupt me didn't I? You're nothing but a zebra looking bastard with your striped shirt and deformed mouth, do your job and shut your mouth while i'm talking.

The camera man places his camera down and leaves the room. The other camera crewmen are still rolling on live CNBC television.

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : Now, like I was saying. Your's truly will be back in wrestling action next Sunday against a fella' named Kurt Angle.

Layfield looks down at the stacks of papers and reads over them. He shakes his head and tosses them in the air.

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : Kurt Angle, the prized olympic gold medalist. I'll say this, and you people watching at home are all witnessess. Kurt Angle, somebody ought to stick a urinal down your mouth because I couldn't give a burning herpes piss about your accomplishments at the Olympics in Nineteen Ninety Six. Atlanta must have been high on something when you were annouced a winner. But hey atleast they liked you, which leads me to the next topic of the show.

JBL sports a sly grin on his face.

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : You want to go head-to-head with accomplishments son? Lets take a look, Pittsburg Steelers, Nineteen Ninety Five. What happened Kurt? Wasn't so lucky as you were in Atlanta? No, not by a long shot. You couldn't make the cut then and you won't make the cut on Conflict. Now take a look at me, collegiate football All-American offensive lineman. You are no where near my league nor will you be invited into it. Inviting you into my league would be like Michael Jackson inviting a two year old kid over for a Barney marathon, you're way too premature, maybe in a year or so.

JBL looks over at the glass door where security are waiting for him.

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : Angle, here's some words of advice. Don't show up on Conflict, your face will be more bloodied than your mother's tampon during her period. Kurt Angle, this match wasn't meant to be, just like you weren't meant to be. Your mother, who most likely washes her back with her breasts, probably shook you out of a condom, and what do ya' know, an Olympic gold medalist popped out.

JBL stands up from the desk and points straight at the camera.

' American Made ' John Bradshaw Layfield : Kurt, you're stepping in the ring with the baddest of the bad here in Pro Wrestling Redefined, you're going head to head with JAY-BEE-ELL. On Conflict, it's not going to be about football or who won what in the past. PWR has yet to see a SUPERstar and that SUPERstar will be unveiled when you fall at my feet. I AM who I say that I AM, and I AM

JBL leaves the set and out of the glass doors, where security wooshes both Layfield and Amy Weber out of the building. The scene fades to black.