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R/P Title

<Jealousy Can get the Best Of Us>

People Used

<Cameron,Madison & Dom>

People Mentioned





<???, Maybe Bradley>


<None Yet>


<I forgot the interviewers name so in her,
his name is Guy>



Part One: The Good Side Of Jay

[- The scene begins in somebodyís house, this house is a little bit above the average house and the camera man seems to be upstairs. He looks downstairs where there is a room with a door. The door opens and Jay Frost walks into the room. He walks right through the room and walks right into the next room. The crowd and the camera man now know that this is Jay Frostís house. The camera man starts to walk downstairs to get more shots of Jay. He reaches the bottom of the stairs and starts to walk the way that he saw Jay walking. The camera man walks into a room that is probably the living room considering there is a couch, a television, and all that other crap. It doesnít look like Jay is in this room so the camera man turns the corner to come across a little hallway. There is a door at the end of the small hallway and that must be where Jay is. The camera man walks down the small hallway to the door and walks in. This room is a room that is almost entirely filled up by a wrestling ring. Jay Frost is sitting on one of the turnbuckles of the ring and looking extremely depressed. The camera man looks around with the camera and there is nothing else in the room except a telephone on the wall. The camera man focuses in on Jay but as soon as he does that the phone rings. Jay jumps off the turnbuckle and climbs out of the ring. He walks towards the telephone on the wall and picks it up -]

[--Jay--] Hello?

[--Cameron--] Hello, Jay is that you?

[--Jay--] Yeah, this is Jay. But who are you?

[--Cameron--] Oh, itís Cameron Hunter. You know, the co-owner of IWF

[--Jay--] I know who you are man, who doesnít know who you are?

[--Cameron--] Probably nobody

[--Jay--] Yeah, so whatís up man?

[--Cameron--] Oh yeah, Iíve made room for you on the Insomnia Card

[--Jay--] Alright, thanks man

[--Cameron--] No problem, itís what I do

[--Jay--] So whoís my opponent?

[--Cameron--] Bradley

[--Jay--] Bradley? Alright, isnít he the Television Champion?

[--Cameron--] Yeah, and good luck on trying to win it

[--Jay--] You mean my match against Bradley is for the Television Championship?

[--Cameron--] Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you

[--Jay--] Are you sure you should give me a title shot on my first match?

[--Cameron--] Sure, why not?

[--Jay--] Well thanks Cameron

[--Cameron--] Your welcome and good luck

[--Jay--] Thanks

[--Cameron--] Ok, Iím gonna have to let you go, I have a lot of things to do

[--Jay--] Ok, see ya later

[- Both Cameron and Jay hang up the phones. Instead of the depressing look Jay had on his face when the camera man came in, he now has a big smile on his face. Jay jumps into the ring again. Runs to the other side and does a back flip out of the ring. The camera man must be thinking "Damn this guy gets way too excited". Jay then picks up his bag and puts it across his shoulder. He is excited so he starts walking fast too the door and walks out. The camera man is straining to keep up with him because he has to power walk with a humungous camera on his shoulder. Jay keeps power walking until he reaches the door of the house, he opens the door and then shuts it right before the camera man can go out causing the camera man to crash into the door and drop the camera. The titian tron goes all blurry as the scene comes back to the commentators at ringside -]

[--Xclusive--] Wow, Jay Frost can be dangerous when he gets excited

[--Jerry Rice--] If heís this excited in the match, he just might win

[--Xclusive--] What was he so excited about a Television title shot anyway?

[--Jerry Rice--] Well some people wouldnít get that excited, but theyíd still get excited

[--Xclusive--] Yeah I know, but come on, he just broke like a 5,000 dollar camera

[--Jerry Rice--] Well you could get that excited too if your first match you got a title shot

[--Xclusive--] Probably, but stillÖ

[--Jerry Rice--] Well I wonder how the rest of Aerial Assault will take this news

[--Xclusive--] Well theyíll probably be happy for him

[--Jerry Rice--] Probably, but they also might be jealous

[--Xclusive--] Why would they be jealous?

[--Jerry Rice--] Because he got a match and they didnít

[--Xclusive--] Oh, and if Jay wins the title it could make it even worse

[--Jerry Rice--] Yes, but maybe Madison and Dom arenít like that

[--Xclusive--] Maybe, for Jayís sake we better hope so

[--Jerry Rice--] And for the future of Aerial Assault

[--Xclusive--] Only time will tell

[--Jerry Rice--] Iím gonna get a camera man to look after him when he gets here


Part Two: Doesnít This Guy Get Tired Of Interviews?

[- This time the camera man is in the hallways of the IWF locker rooms. He starts walking around and evidentially looking for something. He keeps walking until he looks at a door and tries to open it. It seems like it is locked but it is really jammed and he finally gets it open to find out it leads to the janitors closet. He closes the door obviously because that is not what he is looking for. He walks for a little while longer until he comes upon another door. He opens it and it looks like the IWF Superstar parking lot. He walks out into the parking lot obviously because thatís what he was looking for. He focuses the camera on the opening of the parking lot where all of the cars pull into the parking lot. There are no cars pulling into the parking lot right now except a blue 2004 Lamborghini. The camera man follows the car with his camera until it parks. The door opens and none other than Jay Frost steps out. Jay opens the back door with the front door still open, garbs his bag and swings in over his shoulder again. He shuts the back door and then shuts the front door. He starts walking towards the arena door when he stops in the middle of the road and starts feeling his pockets. He reaches into one and pulls out his keys. He clicks a button on it twice and his car beeps twice, making sure it is locked. He puts his keys back in his pocket and starts walking to the arena door again. He reaches the door and walks in feeling as great as heís ever felt before. He walks through the halls until he comes to the Aerial Assault locker room. He opens the door and only Madison is sitting in there. She looks bored and Jay thinks he can cheer her up -]

[--Jay--] Oh I Madison *Trying Not to sound to excited*

[--Madison--] Hey Jay, where have you been? Dom and I have been waiting for you for half an hour

[--Jay--] Oh sorry, I decided to stop at my house real quick

[--Madison--] Well next time you should tell us so we arenít wondering what happened to you

[--Jay--] Ok, ok, next time Iíll call you and let you know, I promise

[--Madison--] You better!

[--Jay--] Have you checked the card for Insomnia yet?

[--Madison--] Why bother? Iím not gonna be on itÖ

[--Jay--] Anyway, while I was sitting in my ring my phone rang

[--Madison--] You mean the phone you should have used to call me?

[--Jay--] I said I was sorryÖ

[--Madison--] Ok, ok I was just trying to make a point, please continue

[--Jay--] Ok, so as I was saying, I answered the phone and it was Cameron Hunter himself

[--Madison--] You mean the IWF Co-owner?

[--Jay--] What other Cameron Hunter do you know?

[--Madison--] I was just checking

[--Jay--] Anyway, you said he had made room for me on the Insomnia CardÖ

[--Madison--] You have a debut match? Wow, thatís great news!

[- Madison jumps up and hugs Jay -]

[--Madison--] Whoís your opponent?

[--Jay--]Bradley, the Television Champion

[--Madison--] Well thatís great! Youíre on your way

[--Jay--] Oh yeah, did I forget to mention itís for the IWF Television Championship?

[--Madison--]ÖNo wayÖ

[--Jay--]ÖYes wayÖ

[--Madison--] Oh my god! Oooooooh!

[- Madison jumps on Jay and Jay catches her. Madison then gives him a kiss on the cheek -]

[--Madison--] This is soooo perfect!

[--Jay--] Yeah I know, now whereís Dom, I want to tell him the good news

[--Madison--] He said he went to go get some food

[- Just then Dom walks through the door with a McDonaldís bag in his hand -]

[--Dom--] There you are Jay; weíve been waiting for you

[--Madison--] Dom, guess what!?!?

[--Dom--] What?

[--Madison--]ÖYou tell him Jay, itís your good news!

[--Jay--] I got a Television Title shot on Insomnia

[--Dom--]ÖOh thatís great

[- Dom doesnít say this too enthusiastically but Jay thinks he means it so doesnít think much of it -]

[--Jay--] Well, Iím gonna go get something to drink from the soda machine, Iíll be right back

[--Madison--] Ok

[- Jay walks out of the Aerial Assault locker room with the same big smile on his face. He walks to the soda machine down the hall and looks at what sodas they have first. He thin reaches into his pocket and pulls out some change. He counts it and then puts it into the soda machine. He pushes the button that is marked Dr. Pepper and a bottle drops into the bottom of the machine. He grabs it, opens it and takes a drink of it. He screws the cap back on and starts to walk back to the locker room. As soon as he starts walking he passes by Guy. Guy doesnít notice that this is Jay until they bump into each other -]

[--Guy--] Oh Iím sorryÖHey, your Jay Frost right?

[--Jay--] Well yeah, why?

[--Guy--] Well can I interview you. Amy always seems to take you at the right moment

[--Jay--] Well Iíve had a lot of interviews latelyÖ

[--Guy--] *??? Inturupts* Great, letís start

[--Jay--] *Deciding to take it anyways* Ok, whatís your first question

[--Guy--] Ok, how do you feel now that you have heard your debut match will be for the IWF Television Championship?

[--Jay--] Well I feel pretty good. Iím really excited about this whole thing and I hope I win. With an opponent like Bradley this match will be kinda tough. I mean he isnít the current champ for nothing right? But somehow I think Iíll pull it off

[--Guy--] So you think youíre going to win the match?

[--Jay--] Well, Iím sure as hell gonna try

[--Guy--] If you win this championship, which one will you win next?

[--Jay--] Whoa, whoa youíre moving to fast. If I win Iím gonna try and keep it for as long as I can first and foremost

[--Guy--] Ok, Iím sorry. Who do you think you will defend the title against first?

[--Jay--] There you go again, going to fast. I havenít even won the title yet

[--Guy--] Ok, I was just wondering. If you winÖ

[--Jay--] Well I think Bradley will probably get a re-match, so probably him

[--Guy--] Ok, enough about your match. What about your teammates?

[--Jay--] What about them?

[--Guy--] When do you think theyíll get their debut match?

[--Jay--] Soon enough

[--Guy--] Ok, one second, Iím gonna get a drink

[- Guy goes to the back of the room and pours something into a cup. Jay thinks of how Madison got mad at him because she and Dom were waiting a long time for him. He didnít want to keep them waiting again and thought this to be the best time to slip out. He slowly walks away and Guy didnít even notice -]


Part Three: All Good Things Have A Downside/The Bad Side Of Jay

[- Jay has crept away from the interview by ??? to come back to Dom and Madison. He begins walking to the Aerial Assault locker again and can now see the door. He begins to hear some yelling coming from one of the rooms. As he gets closer and closer to the Aerial Assault locker room, the yelling gets louder and louder. He soon figures out that the yelling his coming from the Aerial Assault locker room done by Dom and Madison. He doesnít want to interrupt without having all the information so he presses his ear against the door to find out what theyíre arguing about -]

[--Madison--] Why are you so jealous of him? You always were and you always will be!

[--Dom--] Jealous? You think of jealous of Jay? I have never been jealous of him!

[--Madison--] Then why are whining because he got a title shot and you didnít?

[--Dom--] Because I think he talked to Cameron and I think he bribed him! I donít trust Jay!

[--Madison--] You were there with him when he talked to Cameron, so you would have known if you bribed him

[--Dom--] He was probably talking to him while we were sitting here, bored as hell, waiting for him!

[--Madison--] You need to learn to trust your teammates!

[--Dom--] Maybe you should take your own advice!

[--Madison--] Whatís that suppose to mean?!?!

[- Jay canít take it anymore and opens the door, his eyes with rage -]


[--Dom--] Whatís wrong with me? Thereís nothing wrong with me, I just know what youíre all about now!

[--Jay--] Have you lost your mind? I think you need to see a doctor!

[--Dom--] Ha, youíre the one that needs to see a doctor; your symptoms are being a selfish bastard!

[--Jay--] Oh so Iím a selfish bastard?!

[--Dom--] Hell yeah you are!

[--Jay--] Why did I come down here in the first place? To help you and Madison!

[--Dom--] That was probably part of your plan! Madison was probably in it also!

[--Madison--] What are you talking about?! Jay was a last resort!

[--Jay--] I was a last resort?

[--Dom--] Yeah because nobody wanted you too come here!

[--Jay--] Iím surprised somebody wanted you here!

[--Dom--] Well they did so you can just leave!

[--Jay--] You know what? Iím gonna win that title. Then Iím gonna laugh in your face

[- With that Dom runs at him and tries to attack him but Jay hits him with a drop toe hold into the wall causing Domís nose to bleed -]

[--Jay--] Your world as frozen over!

[- Jay storms out of the room and slams the door behind him. He walks down the halls knocking everything over in sight. Destroying coffee tables and spilling the coffee everywhere. He turns the corner and runs into Amy Whitaker. Just what he needs right now, NOT! -]

[--Amy Whitaker--] I just saw what happened Jay, do you need some comforting?

[--Jay--] Amy, I know youíre trying to be nice but can you just leave me alone!

[--Amy Whitaker--] Ok, Iíll comfort you when youíre in a better mood

[--Jay--] Yeah, you do that

[- Jay begins his reign of terror begins again as he smashes everything in sight to bits and pieces. As he continues to break everything in sight, he begins to say things -]

[--Jay--] Fucking Dom! GOD! I canít deal with this right now! BradleyÖWait! Braaaaadley! Thatís it, thatís it! Bradley will pay!

[- Jay turns the corner and runs into Guy again -]

[--Guy--] Whoa Jay, come down

[--Jay--] I fucking canít!

[--Guy--] Why did you walk out on my interview?

[- Jay just snaps and grabs Guyís head with both hands. He shoves his face into the hard concrete and then picks him up again. He shoves his head into the wall and then picks up a pipe. Guy gets up and tries to defend himself by punching Jay. As he is trying to punch Jay, Jay hitís his hand with the pipe. Guy holds his hand in pain as Jay hits him in the stomach with the pipe. Guy crouches over and Jay hits him in the back of the head causing Guy to fall to the ground. Jay looks around and sees a table leaning up against the wall. Jay takes it and sets it up close to him and Guy. Jay picks him up and brings Guy up onto his shoulders. He screams as he Frostbytes Guy through the table with tremendous force. Guy is knocked out cold, lying in the ruble of the broken table. The EMTs are called as Jay walks away with a sadistic smile on his face -]


Part Four: Some Time Alone

[- The backstage area, the staff, and the commentators of the IWF are in total wonder as they take a look one more time at what Jay just did to the interviewer Guy. The next scene is Jay walking through the parking lot. He doesnít get in his car he just keeps walking out of the parking lot and onto the streets. He walks throughout the streets, it is dark and only the street lights are lighting the streets. Heís making an attempt to calm himself down by taking a walk in the cold night. He walks into a basketball court and there is a basketball. He picks up the basketball and shoots. It swishes right in and he starts feeling a little bit better. He takes out a cigarette and a lighter. He lights it and takes a puff He sits down on a bench, still in the basketball court and his phone rings -]

[--Jay--] Hello?

[--Madison--] Jay? Where are you? Iíve been looking all over the arena for you

[--Jay--] Well you wonít find me there

[--Madison--] What do you mean I wonít find you there?

[--Jay--] I walked out of the arena. Iím in some basketball court

[--Madison--] YOU WHAT? Jay, your match is like in an hour

[--Jay--] Iím sorry Mady, I needed to get away. Dom really pissed me off

[--Madison--] Well, Iím trying to cool things down for him

[--Jay--] You know Mady, I just donít think this thing will work

[--Madison--] What thing wonít work?

[--Jay---] Me and Dom, as a tag team. I donít think it will work

[--Madison--] Of coarse it will

[--Jay--] No Mady it wonít. Iíve always been an individual and I always will be. I know you tried to change that, but itís just the way I am

[--Madison--] Ok, but Jay, come back soon

[--Jay--] Ok, Iím just gonna take a drive before I come back. I need to visit someone

[--Madison--] The hell you do! You need to come down here. Your match starts in like an hour

[--Jay--] Madison, I just need a little more time to cool down

[--Madison--] Alright, but Jay, donít screw this up. It could be your only hope

[--Jay--] Donít worry Mady, I wonít

[--Madison--] Ok

[--Jay--] Ok, Iím gonna go now

[--Madison--] Ok bye

[- Jay is about to hang up when Madison starts to speak again -]

[--Madison--] Oh and Jay

[--Jay--] yeah

[--Madison--] Win it for meÖ

[--Jay--] I will

[- They both hang up on the phone and Jay gets up again. Jay flicks his cigarette and starts to walk back to the arena. When he gets there the camera is across the street from Jayís car. Jay takes out his keys as he approaches the car. He clicks the button, it unlocks and beeps to insure Jay that it is unlocked. He opens the front door and gets into his car. He backs up and drives his front door up to the camera -]

[--Jay--] I am pissed off, yeah! But that will help me in the match because all my frustration will come out on Bradley. I promise you, Bradley, your world will freeze over!

[- One that note Jay Frost speeds off into the night -]

Another OOC: Part 3 and 4 are kinda small but...

This layout was made by Missy @ M'sD! The idea was thought up after seeing one of Kitty's layouts from Total Divas. It was not, I repeat NOT stolen!