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Danger Zone




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[The scene opens in a small studio screening room. Michael Cole is sitting in on eof the chairs and next to him is none other than Jeff Jarrett. Cole begins to conduct his interview with "The King Of The Mountain".]

Michael Cole - Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to IWF's Inside The Squared Circle segment. I am Michael Cole and sitting here next to me is the self-proclaimed "King Of The Mountain" Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett - Self-proclaimed? Self-proclaimed?! You listen-up, slapass. I didn't self-proclaim crap! You look at the list of titles I have held. You look at the people I have defeated. You look at everything I have achieved over my 16 years of wrestlling, and you have the nerve to say that my surname is self-proclaimed?

Michael Cole - Well, you did name yourself....

Jeff Jarrett - You know what Cole, just do your damn interview before I hit your ignorant ass with The Stroke.

Michael Cole - Ok, next week on Danger Zone, you will be tagging with Steve Austin to face the teams of Randy Orton and Batista, and AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. Do you feel you will come out ontop in that match, or do you feel your heat with Steve Austin will come into play?

Jeff Jarrett - Let me make one thing clear about Steve Austin. I didn't ask to be tagged up with Austin, nor did I want him as a partner to begin with. All I know is this, he better not get in my way in that match-up, or he wil suffer a severe stroke at the hands of Jeff Jarrett. Now, as far as those other slapnuts in the match, they all don't matter. Batista is a Brock Lesnar wannabe. He walks around looking all big and bad, but he must realize once he steps between those ropes, it doesn't matter how big you are. In my world, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and Batista is going fall real hard and real fast. Orton, I'll give you credit, kid, you got skills, but you are no King of the Mountain. Your little R-K-O? It ain't got nuthin on my stroke and I guarantee, you will fall to the mat before I do.

Michael Cole - Now what about Styles and Hardy? You have a past with both of those competitors in TNA?

Jeff Jarrett - Ah yes, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles. Two more too-bit jobbers who got their asses handed to them by "The King Of The Mountain". Both of those boys fail to realize that Jeff Jarrett is unbeatble, he is unstoppable, and no one is on his level. Jeff, you tried many times to defeat me back in TNA and your efforts got you nowhere! Now you crawl here to the IWF, hoping and praying that Jeff Jarrett to set foot here. Well guess what, slapunut? I am here and prepared to kick your neon green painted ass from pillar to post. You walk around here with your little "Swanton Bomb", that don't scare me son! You see Jeff, unlike you, I am not a glorified stuntman. I don't need to do big spots to get the crowd behind me, because I could give two shits about what the crowd thinks! My stats speak for themself. Now, onto "The Phenominal One" AJ Styles. AJ, me and you, we go way back. We go back before TNA, we go back to WCW, the Power Plant. I remember standing in the corner, next to Paul Orndorff, watching you do your moves and training with Fit Finlay, and I remember thinking that you would be something big. I must admit, you have done some incredible things, and that you are one of the best wrestlers around today. But there is one difference between you and I, Styles, and that's that you are ONE of the greatest wrestlers around today, and I AM the greatest wrestler around today.

Michael Cole - You are the greatest wrestler around today?

Jeff Jarrett - You damn right I am! And deep down, every wrestler in that lockerroom knows it. AJ, I know you know it from battles we had in TNA, and in everyone I came out ontop. It will be no different here in the IWF and I guarantee you, Styles, in that match next week, I will leave victorious. It doesn't matter if Austin decides to show, or if I walk out there by myself, I will overcome the odds, just like a King would. You all can sit back and doubt me if you want to, but the fact remains that somehow, someway, I will persevere, and I will leave the ring as The King Of The Mountain. Now all of you can choke on that!

Michael Cole - You heard it here from Inside The Squared Circle! For Jeff Jarrett, I am Michael Cole. See you guys next time.

[The screen fades to black with the IWF logo appearing on the screen.]

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