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Jason Gory on

BabyFace Fire gets an IWC Tag Team Title Shot at November Pain!

The brand new 2-time IWC Tag Team Champions, the Gambino Brothers Moving Company of Mickey & Marshall Gambino, will be defending their titles! This will be the first defense in their second reign as champions as they take on the team of Shiima Xion & Jason Gory, BabyFace Fire! The Gambinos showed their true colors for the first time in IWC at Revengeance 3 as they finally joined up with their rulebreaking cousin, "DeeeeLicious" Jimmy DeMarco. The Gambinos were trying to prove they didn't need to use underhanded tactics to compete in IWC's red hot tag division, while DeMarco was trying to use any means necessary to help his cousins win. Finally, Marshall Gambino had a meltdown in September where he admitted to Mickey in the middle of the ring that he thought they DID need to use chairs and other things to win matches. Chairs weren't foreign objects at Revengeance 3 as anything went in a No DQ Tag Team Title match against the newly-fan-favorite team of J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe, the Cleveland Mafia. Early in the match, Marshall wheeled out a garbage can and pulled weapons out of it to use on the Mafia. Later on, Rowe went to retrieve more weapons from the can when out popped DeMarco, who laid Rowe out with a chain! J-Rocc pulled DeMarco out of the can, but the distraction proved to be enough as the Gambinos capitalized. Marshall went to use a chair on J-Rocc, but Mickey grabbed it out of his hands mid-swing... only to attack J-Rocc with the chair himself! The Gambinos captured the titles with a chair-assisted Curse of the Gambino, and all three embraced in the ring... until Rowe got his hands on DeMarco and planted him with a huge suplex. BabyFace Fire have had problems of their own as well, but the problem lies in Shiima's business manager, Chris Maverick. Maverick was completely against Xion's new team with Gory from the start, and has interfered in each match. The first time, he tried to help Shiima, only to be told not to help anymore. From then on, he hasn't helped... only hurt Jason Gory behind Xion's back. Finally, after BabyFace Fire defeated Sexual Harassment at Revengeance 3, Norm Connors showed Shiima footage of Maverick attacking Gory behind Shiima's back earlier in the match! Will Maverick still be at BFF's side during their tag match, or has Shiima finally left him behind?
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Super Indy Weekend And MORE!

Super Indy IV: Arguably the most physical & brutal athlete in professional wrestling today, Low-ki, made his return to IWC to face “The New Face” Jason Gory. This match was an example of one of IWC’s young lions persevering through intense pain and punishment to continue battling on. Low-ki’s main weapons in this match were his impactful chops and a series of double-foot stomps to the midsection, including a vertical version of the move that sends opponents flying back into the corner. Gory battled through the pain until his chest was red and bloodied, but in the end The Ghetto Stomp, a top-rope double-foot stomp to the midsection, finally ended the match. Low-ki advanced, but once again, it was one of IWC’s youngest and brightest proving how tough he really was, as Gory was helped to the back amidst a standing ovation.

The Aftermatch: Despite taking the beating of their lives just 24 hours before, Jason Gory and Shiima Xion were right back in the ring doing battle. This time it was tag team action, as Gory teamed with newfound partner Dean Radford to take on Xion and “Wonder Man” Glenn Spectre who in recent weeks has seemed he’d like to be more than just Xion’s tag partner. Both teams functioned well, providing even more of a resurgence to IWC’s tag team division in recent months, but in the end, Radford used his power to Radicate Xion for the victory. After the match, Spectre continued his attempts to get “closer” to Shiima, as his attempts to revive him after the match became quite inappropriate.
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Jason Gorys opponent in the First round of the Super Indy IV Tournament has been announced. It is non other than Low-Ki!

Jason Gory and Low-Ki will come face to face. April 29th at the Palicades in McKeesport , PA!

Night Of Legends 2!

Fast-paced 6-man tag team action also highlighted the show, as “The Prophet of Profit” Chris Maverick led “Balls Hot” Troy Lords, “Big Daddy of Destruction” J-Rocc and his main charge “Virgin Slayer” Shiima Xion to the ring to do battle with Dean Radford, Dirk Ciglar, and “The New Face” Jason Gory. It was further evidence as to how bright IWC’s future is, and after several minutes of high-speed action Gory scored the pinfall over Xion with the one-man standing Spanish fly, Masochistic Healing.

Jason Gory makes his first(and hopefully Not last) Appearence at KCW!

Jason Gory Faced off not against one man, but 4 other men for a chance to become the KCW Cruiserweight Champion! In his first appearence at KCW Jason Gory gave it all but came up unsucessful. After Battling Justin Idol, Jason Cage, Chris Lerusso, AND Bobby Shields, Jason along with Justin Idol got taken out from a high cross body to the floor. Each of them(And Lerusso) made a sickening thud on the floor as Bobby Shields Picked up the win by a DVD off the Top rope on Jason Cage.

Jason Gory Cements his spot in Super Indy IV!

With Jason Gorys win against Dean Radford he has cemented his spot in The Super Indy IV Tournament. The First Round has not been announced yet but his opponents can be one of the following: "Notoriouse 187" Homicide, Petey Williams, Low Ki, Shiima Xion, Glenn Spectre, or "Fabulouse" John MaChesney!

Jason Gory Upsets Dean Radford!
(Results from IWC Color Commentator and Media Correspondent Joe Dombrowski)

“The New Face” Jason Gory faced his biggest test to date in the form of 260 lb. former IWC Champion Dean Radford. Radford was able to go back to the offense that propelled him to the main event in the first place: total overpowering domination of smaller opponents. However, the thing Gory possesses that many of Radford’s past victims have lacked is that unbelievable quickness and undeniable heart that kept Gory in the match the entire time, surprising Radford several times after finally being able to adjust his style to a larger opposition. One such instance saw Gory take advantage of a Radford mistiming to hit that rapid-fire sunset flip, the QAS, followed by a breathtaking 450 splash to score the biggest win of his career and qualifty for Super Indy 4. For Full Results head over to the IWC website or Click Here

Jason Gory And Shiima Xion Tie for IWC's "Newcomer of the year Award!

Jason Gory Voted Rookie of the Year on!

Jason commented on the news earlier this week

"I want to thank eveyrone for there support and votes. If it wasnt for the fans i would not be wrestling. I try my hardest in every match and im happy people appreciate it. So again Thank you. and always

Jason and Shiima tear up Wilmerding!
(Results from IWC Color Commentator and Media Correspondent Joe Dombrowski)

The series between two of the most impressive newcomers in recent memory continued as Chris Maverick led his charge, The First Filipino Male Supermodel in Professional Wrestling, Shiima Xion, against wrestling’s new face Jason Gory. It was another example of a match a lot better than it should’ve been when you factor in both men’s age and experience level. It was another example of the bright future that lies ahead for IWC if both athletes stay on this pace. It was another example of two young stars giving absolutely everything they have to impress IWC fans & officials. And it was another example of the never-ending arrogance of Shiima Xion. Oftentimes, seeming more focused on a good photo opportunity than finishing off Gory. It was also an example of interference backfiring, as Gory was able to sidestep a Chris Maverick super kick, leaving Maverick’s foot colliding directly into Xion’s jaw. Shortly thereafter, it was Gorys Masochistic Healing for the 1-2-3, as Jason Gory pulls slightly ahead in a competitive impressive series that is likely far from over. For Full Results head over to the IWC website or Click Here

6 man action!

The Action was faced paced and the crowd was hot at the Wilmberding YMCA November 13th! Six Man action was in affect as Jason Gory Teamed up with The Gambino Brothers Moving Company to take on Shiima Xion and The Wildcards. The match started out with Marshall Gambino and Eddie Kingston. After Kingston got the upper hand he taged in Black Jack Marciano who got overpowered and Marshall was able to make the tag to Mickey. Mickey took control then taged in Jason. The Gambino Brothers went to whip Marciano into the corner for a closeline which was ducked but Jason Flew off the top rope with a crossbody. This led to Jack Tagging in Shiima. Shiima with a grim look on his face and Jason with an anxiouse smile. Both men went back and forth before shiima took advantage. This led to a beating by all 3 members until Jason hit the Q.A.S. on Shiima out of knowhere! Jason Got to tag to Marshall who took out Kingston with a viciouse Spinebuster! Black Jack broke up the pin and hit Marshall with a swinging Bulldog Variation. Mickey was able to stop the 3 count and hit Black Jack with a Fisherman Buster. Just as the ref was about to make th 3 count Shiima broke up the pin and hit Mickey with a signature Reverse DDT. Jason made the save with a dropkick to the head. This aggrivated Shiima who went for a closeline, but Jason telegraphed it and nailed Shiima with a Gory Bomb! To his surprise Shiima Kicked out on 2! With everyone but Jason and Shiima on the outside Jason Took flight and pulled off a Tope Con Hilo onto everyone on the outside! While everyone was down Shiima ascended the Top Turnbuckle. As Everyone was brawling on the outside Shiima Dove off with a Spyral Tap sending everyone back to to ground. Eddie Kingston Managed to stumble into the ring and told the crowd he was diving next! But the Referee Brice Stoped him, Ran off the ropes and Kingston threw him to the outside onto of everyone! The Gambinos Took control of Kingston and Hit the Curse of the Gambino for the 1..2..THEN Marciano pulled the ref out. Shiima and Jason were back in the ring, Shiima Whiped Jason off the ropes and Maverick Snuck in the ring and hit him with Sweet Ghetto Music which led to From Lust 2 Dust From Shiima Xion that laid Jason out for the 1-2-3. Afterwards The Gambinos and Norm Conners rushed to the ring to see if Jason was alright. The Doctor on site also slid into the ring. After Jason not moving for several mintues, was able to stumble up on his own to the back. We here at "" would like to report that Jason is in fact alright but has suffered a severe amount of Pressure to his Spine and Neck. Jason has also stated that the next time Jason Gory and Shiima Xion Face off there will be No Mercy towards Shiima!

( Results from IWC Color Commentator and Media Correspondent Joe Dombrowski)

Two men that made “Youth Gone Wild” what it was were our debuting stars: the first Filipino male supermodel in wrestling history, Shiima Xion, accompanied and introduced by his personal business advisor, photographer, and manager Chris Maverick, and the very mysterious Jason Gory, originally residing in Hell’s Canyon, Idaho, but now calls the location of this show, Munhall, home. This was both men’s debuts and they were determined to make the most of it. The fact that these men have trained together at IWC’s Coalition of Competition for over a year together meant these guys know each other very well, which made for a very competitive contest. Both men showed a great amount of technical skill, as well as plenty of high-impact moves as well. Gory amazed fans and peers alike with his already-impressive list of aerial assaults, including a sunset flip-powerbomb called the Q.A.S (Quick As Shit) and an absolutely breathtaking tope con hilo over the top rope onto Shiima & Maverick who attempted to regroup on the outside. Xion made the most of things as well, just in a different way. Shiima also wrestled very very well for someone of his inexperience, but seemed more focused on showing off his body and creating great photo opportunities than putting Gory away. But if this was Shiima distracted, its scary to think how good he can be if he’s totally focused. A miscommunication between Xion & Maverick, coupled with Gory’s counter to Shiima’s From Lust To Dust, a snap mare driver, allowed Jason Gory to hit a standing one-man Spanish Fly he calls “Masochistic Healing” to score the win. Jason Gory, no matter how inexperienced, and Shiima Xion, no matter how conceited, stepped up and showed they truly belong on the roster of one of the biggest independent wrestling promotions around: IWC. And to think, it’s only the tip of the icebergs of their careers.

Shiima Xion Sneaks the Win..
Jason Gory and Shiima Xion faced off for the 2nd time this past saturday for BDW. Jason had the upper hand at first until Shiima raked the eyes and wore Jason down. After kicking Gory in the stomach Shiima looked he was going for his twisting neckbreaker when Jason hit him with a dropkick to the face! Xion went tumbling to the outside and was soon hit with a plancha from Gory. Shiima soon took control after throating his opponent on the ropes. After a couple of devistating moves Shiima went to send Jason off the ropes when Jason hit the Q.A.S.(Quick as Shit) Out of knowwhere! But only for a 2 count. Jason fired back with some shots but was on the receiving end of a sunset flip which he countered into a dropkick. This led to Jason whiping Shiima off the ropes but Shiima reversed it, went to closeling Jason's head off but instead jason hit a crusifix sunset for a 2, After multiple pin Reversals Shiima hit the Midnight Panda Seizure and got his feet on the ropes. The ref counted the 3 without knowing of Shiimas cheating! Another Misfortunate Lose for Jason Gory..

Wheeling WarFare!
Jason Gory and Shiima Xion opened up the Wrestling show for the fans of the MEAE community center just this past Friday. Jason Gory picked up his first win. Shiima Xion countered Jasons Trademark Wheelbarrel sunset, and tried to cheat Jason out of yet another win by holding the ropes on the pin. But the referee Steve Colter caught him in the act and kicked his hands off of the ropes. This led to Jason rolling Shiima up and getting the 1-2-3! For The Full results head over to the BDW website or Click Here