STAND BACK! Theres a Hurricane BelowTHE BIO
Name:The Hurricane

Height:6 Foot

Weight:191 Pounds

Hometown:Raleigh, NC

Achievements:Fighting for Truth and Justice since 2001

Fight Record:0 Wins - 0 Losses

Truth and Justice
~Scene One~
Stand Back
The WWFX Camera Crew zoom in on a green figure about 50 meters away.As it gets closer we can make out the 'H' on The Hurricanes Cape.The Coach runs after him as The Hurricane gets his Coke from the vending machine.

~The Coach~
Hurricane! Hey!

The Hurricane Turns around to face Coachman

~The Coach~
Hurricane i was wondering..

~The Hurricane~
And what was it that you were wondering about Jonathan Coachman?

~The Coach~
Can i get a word with you?

~The Hurricane~
Usually id give you one, but today and today only if you pay three easy installments of $39.95 by credit card ill give you a whole interview Mr Coachman

~The Coach~
Haha okay Hurricane.Well weve just seen Adam Norton announce the Raw Card for this week, you face a real veteran in X-Pac, and then if you win you have to face Rey Mysterio or Jeff Hardy for the Cruiserweight Title next week on Raw.How do you feel about that Hurricane?

~The Hurricane~
If theres one thing i strive to do more than be succesful in the WWFX, it is fight against Evil.This X-Pac, hes evil. Do you know why Mr Coach?

~The Coach~
Uhh..No..i dont.

~The Hurricane~
Well Coach ill tell you.That X-Pac he thinks hes good, because he got into two stables, in which he got popular.But really, he killed them, he really did, that evil son of a gun.

~The Coach~
How did X-Pac kill two stables Hurricane?

~The Hurricane~
Well i ask you this Mr Coach, how far did D-Generation X get with X-Pac on their side? Not very.Acutally, he killed it off, he really did.DX was not the same when Triple H introduced X-Pac into the gang.And the nWo, that lasted a little over two weeks, with X-Pac in it.It lasted 4 or 5 years in 'Dubbya Seee Dubbya' but once X-Pac got in on it, two Weeks Coachman! Well im here in WWFX as Their personal superhero. Im going to make sure that X-Pac cant destroy anything in WWFX, in any Promotion, that he works in, when im done with him next Monday Night! You know what Coach? the fans need to hear this, Not you

A loud SWOOSH can be heard and when the camera turns to the Hurricane he is gone.The Coach has a confused look on his face as WWFX Take a Commercial Break

~Commercial Break~
WWFX Raw May 12 LIVE

Coca Cola

WWFX Shopzone

Theres A Hurricane Comin' Through
The Fans go up as one in cheers for the WWFX Superhero, The Hurricane.

~Lillian Garcia~
Making his debut, standing 6 foot tall weighing in at 191 pounds, from Raleigh North Carolina, The Hurricane!

The cameras go around the Arena showing fans holding their home made signs the Hurricane.He poses as he walks down the aisle, slapping high fives with the fans.He slides into the ring and poses on all four turn buckles.Just as he gets a mic to speak from, his Hurri-Phone rings.He answers and talks for about a minute.

~The Hurricane~
Sorry Hurri-Fans, that was 1998.They want X-Pacs gimmick back.

~Jim Ross~
Ohh, thats gonna leave a mark.

~Jerry Lawler~
Ohh Hurricane dont go there! X-Pac is very sensitive to people talking to him about his gimmicks.

~The Hurricane~
But seriously X-Pac, Pac Man, if i may, what the heck are you doing in WWFX? I mean i dont see any D-X, and i dont see any nWo..And Albert or A-Trains hasnt come into the station, and from what i can see, theres no Justin Credible here, What kind of X-Pac goes to a federation where he doesnt have a stable or at least a tag partner? Hurri-Fans, i think Hes up to no good, and by golly gosh im here to foil his evil plans and make sure no one tries anything by making him an example, of what happens to those who do no good in the WWFX.And X-Pac, if your not down with that? i got two words for ya..SUCK IT!

The Hurricane does some Crotch Chops and poses normally to the crowd, getting some huge pops, before exiting the arena up the ramp and out the curtain.